Research into advertising ablums


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Research into advertising ablums

  1. 1. Album Cover Advertising
  2. 2. The lettering of Madonnais shown on the albumcover using newspaper The image ofimaging, this connotes the Madonna on the frontimage of her being the of the poster imitateheadline news and the pop art culture,showing how she is high this type of art is seenpriority performer. by the public as funMadonnas name is and expressive. Thisfollowed with the word art form was chosen‘Celebration’ also in the for the cover as itform of newspaper conveys that this songimagery. This second word is fun and veryis slightly different by expressive just as theusing the colour pink to well known form ofoutline the word, this art.highlights her girly sidedue to the stereotype ofgirls loving pink. The background imagery of this poster includes the advertisement of festivals and carnivals. This conveys the image of this song being included the same genre of fun as these certain events, Madonnas poster is on top of these advertisement pieces because it shows how the song rules the rest of these event due to her high status as a singer.
  3. 3. The image on the front of the poster gives a veryThe lettering which is formed violent representation of theshows the connation of the album, this is due to thegroup being rough and living connotation of the handlife to the full. This is because representing a killer. We getof the lettering being chipped this image from the albumthis makes the band look like because of connotation ofthey are showing the battle the item that is being held.wounds due to the way the The item is shaped in thelettering is not completely image of a heart whichrounded. The lettering in the symbolises the centrecolour white shows the person living. This image isinnocents within the bans switched to look like awhich helps highlight the black bomb, this is by the way itof the background. This has a pin positioned at therighting is continued by the top conveying the image ofname of the song, the colour playing between live andof this lettering is in red. This death due to the bombcolour is represented in a way being made to convey the image of blood,this helps the audience create The colour black is used in the poster due to it fitting inan image of the feelings with the image of the rock band, this because of theexpressed in the song. black representing the image of be dark and expressing true emotion .
  4. 4. The name of the album ‘Circus’is represented in the poster, The writing on the albumthis is by the way the artists is continues the vibe of beingdressed up and in a tent. This in the show business worldsymbolizes the life of being in due to it connoting thethe circus and the feeling of her image of it being in the stylealbum. The shining lights in the of a headline act. Thetent and the sparkle on the righting on this is alsodress creates a image of the included with stars, this alsoalbum creating a show, it sells helps with the theme of thethe album to the audience by album due to stars beingthe way is tells a story of show connected with the image ofbusiness. putting on a show. The album cover is shown in the poster to show the audience what the album looks like and how it relates to the advertising posters. The stars dotted around the outside of the album and the poster helps connote the sense of the album being highly recommended and rated due to the more stars added the better the item.