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Question 4: How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
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Question 4: How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?


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  • 1. Blogger is the website that I have used to document my research and my findings thathave helped me progress to the stage that I have got to now. At the start of the year Icreated a blog that would be dedicated to this project. By having this it means that Iam able to document everything I do and put it into a separate blog post. By creatingblog posts it shows that I am aware of how to do the tasks that I have been sent andmakes it obvious that it is me that has done all of the work. Blogger has allowed me tokeep me work all in order and this would only work if I saved everything is correcttiming and providing that I had good organisational skills. When I first started college Icreated a blog and because I wanted everything to be kept together I made sure thatmy new blog was created under it this means that I am now more aware of how tocreate blogs and how to use them to benefit my study. When using blogger I have alsocome to realise that I can make it a private account. I have also understood how tomake people authors and admins of my account and this is something that needs tobe done for me because my blog needs to be marked. Blogger is something that hasallowed me to bind all of my work together that I have deisgned on other programmesby me being able to use the HTML tab because this has made that I am able to copeand paste the other programmes code and then click enter in blogger and then itappears so blogger has allowed me to realise that all work can be documented andthat it is all dated meanign that everything has to be in order which is also easyenough to do.
  • 2. Prezi is a online tool that I used when my products were in the research stages ofproduction. Prezi is something that I am very aware of and something which is very easyto useful but is something that produces my work and makes it look really effective. Istarted to use Prezi when I was researching the genres and this was the format that Isaved my findings to. By putting it in presentation format it meant that I was able to viewit and make changes by simply changing the path that I have decided to use for thatpresentation. The thing that I find appropriate with prezi is that you can create as muchas you want and I also think that it is really effective that you can upload videos fromYouTube and upload images that are already in your file. Prezi is something that I alwaystend to use when it comes to analysing anything as when looking at my previous uploadsI have done market research on marketing campaigns and on the trailers that I havetaken influence from and this is initially where my interest from them came from. I wouldsay that Prezi has been very effective when it comes to my production stages of myproducts because I have been able to put down my thoughts and been able to mind mapmy findings. If I was to do a project like this again I wouldn’t hesitate to use thisprogramme because I know my way around the project and it means that I can easilysee everything that I have write and the benefit it that it looks very professional. In orderfor people to see the work that I have done on this programme I am able to share it andthen copy the embed code to my blog where a post will be made for that specificpresentation.
  • 3. Final Cut is the programme that I have used to create my actual trailer. Yet again this wassomething that I had only used briefly the year before so I wasn’t completely confident when itcame to using it. However I knew that I was going to be using it a lot so I had to get used to itand quickly. This is a programme that is designed for work to be created that is to be edited.Final Cut allowed me to make my shots last for certain amount of times, allowed me tochange the pace, allowed me to edit the transitions from shot to shot and this is somethingthat I took advantage of because I knew that I wanted it to flow with no real gaps that werereally noticeable because I felt as if this would have let me down and this is something that Ididn’t want to happen. Another useful thing that I was able to do on final cut was to create myintertitles here and I was able to do this on the middle screen by clicking the ‘T’ button andthis is something that allowed me to choose how the text would be displayed and so I decidedthat I wanted it to be consistent so I used the same effect of a typewriter on all of my intertitlesbecause I wanted it all to match each other. By creating the intertitles on here I meant that Iwas able to change the timing of them and also meant that I wasn’t having to transfer themfrom one programme to another and so this was a useful effect that I found. When I was stillin the construction stages of production I knew that I was wanting to create some voice oversand this meant that I was able to create them on this programme by clicking on a tab at thetop and it was on the drop down but when doing this to make it effective I had to make surethat there was no background noise as then I wouldn’t be able to get the full effect. To get thevoiceover in the correct place I has to place the arrow where I wanted it to start and when thevoice over was to start it had a countdown. The reason that I wanted voice overs wasbecause I felt as if my trailer wasn’t strong enough and was missing something before theywere added in. Final Cut is something that I couldn’t have avoided using but it has taught memany skills and has allowed my final trailer to come to order.
  • 4. Garage Band is something that I had heard of but had never had to use before the startof this coursework unit so all of the skills that I have acquired I have learnt about themwhen I was creating the soundtrack. Garage Band is the programme that has allowedme to make a soundtrack and this is the music that is in the background that you canclearly hear when my footage is being played. When it came to the editing process of mytrailer it meant that I also has to create a soundtrack and this took its time but I only feltas if I could create it and complete it when all of my footage/ intertitles/ voice overs werein etc. Because I needed it to match with what was on screen at all times. In order to dothis when the footage was completed I was able to save it and then add another track tomy Garage Band file where the music was being edited and this meant that I was able tosee shot by shot and then could decide on what tracks should go where and was able tochange the length of how long the track was on for. I was able to play it as if it was amovie and then the changes that I would make would be changed when it came toviewing it again. By doing it this way it meant that I was able to get the timing dead on. Iknew that I needed the soundtrack perfect because this would help people understandand connect with my trailer more. By using garage band it has opened up my eyes tosee how soundtracks are created and how much choice that there is for what to use. Icould have downloaded some sound effects on online websites but I decided againstthis because everything that I needed was available for my on garage band and this wasan advantage for me. At the start when it came to creating my soundtrack I didn’t reallyknow what I was looking for but when I kept looking at my trailer and then listeningcontinuously to the some beats I found what was correct for what I was needing.
  • 5. The benefit of using a iMac is that it comes fitted with Photo Booth and photo booth isthe programme that I have been using when I have been at college to record myselfand others when I have been given feedback and when I have been analysing myfindings. Photo Booth is a programme that has helped me document the changesthat I want as it means that I am able to keep it stored on my workplace and thenupload it to YouTube. One of the main reasons that I have used this is because it is away that I can speak about the ideas that I have and then whether or not I think thatthey would work and by simply talking to a camera it means that people are able tosee whether I am confident with that idea or not. Photo Booth also allows you to takephotos however for this purpose I didn’t use this feature because there were othertools that I thought were more effective for this.
  • 6. Photoshop is the software that I have used to edit my images that were taken thatwent towards my print products. If I didn’t use photo shop then there would be somuch critical analysis that I would have been given and my products wouldn’t havebeen finished and up to the standard that they are at now although they aren’t perfectbut without photo shop they would have been nothing. My skills that I used on photoshop weren’t very good but they were better than what I started off with as I had onlyused it minimal amounts before it came to this task. The thing that I found that I wasable to use well was with the tools that were provided on the software and these werethe things that allowed me to make my images be taken to the next level. These toolsthat were available for me to use were very simple to use when I got my head aroundthem and each simple tool had a major effect on my images and the final outcomes ofthem. Photoshop has allowed me to design layers for each item that was used in theimage and this has allowed me to just work on one part of the image if I didn’t want tofocus on the whole thing. By using layers it means that I was more able to add newitems to the whole image and this meant that there was more chance of meexperimenting with more ideas that could possibly work but if I thought that there wasroom for improvement then I was easily able to either hide the layer or delete it bysending it to the recycling bin.
  • 7. By using an SLR camera it meant that I was able to capture images at the highestand best quality that could be taken at that point depending on the quality of thelighting and other surrounding features. I used the still camera when it came to betaking the images that I needed when it came to the production stages of my printproducts however I also used this type of camera in the research and planning stagesbecause I needed to do test shots and needed to do images of props and costumesthat I was going to use and all of these were then recorded by taking an image anduploaded them to blogger. By using a camera of this standard it meant that I was ableto create great quality images and to the highest possible standard.The video camera was something that I couldn’t have completed my project withoutbecause it is essentially and obviously this that enables me to create my trailerbecause all of the footage was created by using it. The benefit of using a videocamera is that the initial ideas that I had were able to be put into order when it cameto filming them and it meant that in some cases that what I wanted something to looklike didn’t actually look correct so by renting out the video camera it meant that I wasable to capture moments that werent planned and I was also able to go off from myinitial idea and I found that these shots worked better.
  • 8. There are some things that have been used in all of the stages which are construction,design, production and evaluation and this is one of these things because my work inclass is always done on a MAC and the reasoning is because all of the classrooms arefitted with these and the benefit is that they come with software that are essential forme to use in this project. These programmes are things such as Photoshop, PhotoBooth, Final Cut etc. When it came to doing work outside of class this was the thingthat I didn’t have access to and this was something that I thought was going to be hardbut the thing that I have found is that it can be worked around as it has given me moredetermination to get all of the major work completed in college where I had hadcomplete access to these so at home I just finished off certain bits of work that a MACwasn’t the only thing it could be used on. Because MAC’s are such high andadvanced technology it means that they come fully equip and this is something that Ilike about them and the other thing that I like is getting used to knew equipmentbecause it is a guarantee that they will be more popular in the future and so I think thatI have an advantage if I get used to them now because I don’t want to be in the samesituation with MAC’s that I was in with software programmes such as Garage Band.
  • 9. Facebook is something that I have only just started to use. I think that the thing that Ihave found from using Facebook as a research tool is that there will always be peoplewho are willing to give feedback on this website if the products are posted becausethey are always able to see what other have posted. This programme was usedbecause of the recent rise in amounts of people using the social networking site, alsothis worked to my advantage because people on the website and the ones who arefriends with me online and the age group that I have targeted my product towards. Imainly used Facebook to get audience research in the evaluation stages of myprogress and this was the best programme that I could of used because the evaluationwas instant and meant that I could get the feedback done at any time. AlthoughFacebook isn’t a way that many people would gather research and evaluation I thinkthat it is very useful and also think that it will be something that will be done a lot morein the future. By having my models online on Facebook it meant that I was able toorganise with them when I was wanting them to do some more shooting and I used aprivate message with just the three actresses which then acted as a productionschedule and helped me when it came to writing a diary of when I did filming, who wasthere and what locations were used etc.
  • 10. YouTube is something that I have used in all stages of my development of myproducts as I have used it since day 1. The ways in which I have used it is mainly forthe purpose of research and this is because when it came to me researching myprofessional trailers that I was to take influence from I decided that the easiest way forme to get access to these would be in the format of YouTube. YouTube is the placethat all videos are uploaded to because the producers know that people are constantlyon this website and this is the main way that people find out about films along with theadvertisements on TV. I knew that if I was to stand any chance of getting my trailer outthere that people would find it on YouTube and this is why I decided to take the sameroute as the professional trailers and uploaded my final products to this website.YouTube is a website which allows anyone to find your products depending on itscontent and this is why I chose to upload many tags to it and this was done when itwas being uploaded. I feel as I YouTube is one of the programmes that needed to beused in order for me to be able to do my work to the standard that it was donebecause it allowed me to look at the work that people had done and that they hadpublished. There are also some advantages of me using this programme such as Iam able to upload videos of myself with me analysing my finding and recording mywork, this is also an advantage that it has to myself. YouTube is one of theprogrammes that I have constantly used through out all stages of production including,research, planning, construction, development and now in conclusions.
  • 11. DAFONT is the website that I used when it came to my print products. I decided that Iwould use this website because I knew that it was reliable because I had used it before.The benefit of this website is that all you have to do is to simply look for a font in thecategories that are provided and then when it comes to the one you want all you haveto do is to download the font and then install it so that it shows up on your drop down offonts. However the one thing that I think is a negative about this programme is that ifyour switch computers and need to work on the fonts then you have to re downloadthem and it becomes a bit tedious. The main time that I used this website was when Iwas in the research stage and I spent hours looking for the perfect fonts. This wasrecorded in my blog. I kept on narrowing it down as to what I thought would be the mosteffective. The main reason that I used this website was because I knew that it wouldhave many fonts that I could use and that a lot of them would fit my genre more thanthe original fonts that come fitted with the macs.