House Hunting fun


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A look at a home I'm interested in

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House Hunting fun

  1. 1. After the last house deal fell through, I kept looking and found this little home in Waupaca, WI. It’s an older 3 bedroom/2 bath home just minutes away from where I work. I made an offer and we’ll see how it goes…
  2. 2. A nice inviting front porch has that old-fashioned feel. It’s just the right size for a rocking chair, and with some flowers planted out front it welcomes you right inside. The home’s exterior is painted wood, but perhaps I can have aluminum siding put on for lower maintenance.
  3. 3. There is good natural light in the home. The living room has two windows facing south, one facing west and another facing east so it is well lit. I am not wild at all about the ceiling tiles, but some drywall and crown molding would improve it instantly. And someday perhaps a gas fireplace in between those two windows would be nice.
  4. 4. The dining room is just beyond the living room. The remodeled kitchen is to the left and the the second bedroom/office is in the back. To the right there is a door to a nice little deck outside. I’d replace the dining room light with an old chandelier that came from my grandmother’s house.
  5. 5. Another view of the dining room, looking toward the front entrance.
  6. 6. This is the second downstairs bedroom/office. It is the only room on the main level that does not have hardwood floors (most original), so at some point I’d put carpeting in there.
  7. 7. The kitchen is located just off the dining room. Behind it is a laundry room. There is a nice open feel and good flow between the rooms.
  8. 8. This is one side of the laundry room on the main level. The door leads to a workshop/gardening room that is like a small garage.
  9. 9. A new energy efficient washer and dryer are included.
  10. 10. (Looking the other direction from the kitchen) To the left you see the entrance into the dining room. Just to the right of that is the entrance to the full downstairs bath. On the far right is the hallway leading to the master bedroom at the end, with closets on the left and the entrance to a three season porch on the right.
  11. 11. The downstairs bath has been remodeled. There is a full sized bath/shower.
  12. 12. I really like the little three-season porch. It has sort of a cottage feel and would be the perfect place to sit and enjoy cool morning or late evening breezes while sipping a cup of tea.
  13. 13. The master bedroom has three windows, two facing west and one north. Two small closets and a desk area are built in.
  14. 14. A door in the living room leads to steps upstairs. This is the little room at the top of the stairs. To the right is a bathroom and the door behind the open one here leads to a large attic storage space.
  15. 15. The upstairs bathroom has a shower and updated sink. They have cleverly painted white over what used to be knotty pine panels to give this that cottage look too. A southern window makes it bright and cheery.
  16. 16. The upstairs bedroom has room for a full sized bed and a couple small closets.
  17. 17. Windows to the west and north provide good light.
  18. 18. Outside, off of the dining room, there is a small deck area. The house has a metal roof and in some areas you can see that it needs a new coat of paint.
  19. 19. This view is looking east from the deck. The back yard is fenced in so, again, it is great for having a dog.
  20. 20. Looking west as the sun goes down, this view shows the back of the workshop/garden shed. A little TLC with that lawn and pruning some trees would help.
  21. 21. There’s even a little fire pit out in the back yard. The yard does need some work with landscaping, but that would be fun to do.
  22. 22. There is a two car detached garage with garage door openers. The driveway is not paved, so that is something else that would be nice to do in future years.
  23. 23. Found this photo online of the house last December during the first snow of the season.
  24. 24. So there it is. It is priced lower than the last so there is more room financially for improvements (and there are no major problems that we know of). It still combines some old house character with some new updates and it is a good size for me.
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