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Sarahfaria kcusd

  1. 1. KINGS CANYON UNIFIEDSCHOOL DISTRICT Sarah Faria California State University, Fresno Swrk 180 Tuesday Thursday 2:00-3:15, EspinosaReedley High School and Citrus MiddleSchool
  2. 2. Social justice Social workers at KCUSD… Demonstrate advocacy for students K-12 Challenge inequities within schools and communities Are committed to closing gaps in opportunity, achievement, and funding Ensure that ALL students have an equal chance at a higher education and career Are concerned with the academic, educational, personal, social, and developmental needs of each student Promote access, equity, and participation to eliminate injustice
  3. 3. Organizational structure… K-12 public school system District employs approximately 1,500 staff members Serves a diverse population of nearly 10,000 students Kings Canyon Unified is comprised of 19 school campuses Serves one of the largest geographic area districts in California
  4. 4. Community context KCUSD serves the cities of Reedley, Orange Cove, Navalencia, Squaw Valley, Dunlap, and Miramonte. Reedley has a population of approximately 24,000 people, 76.3% of which are Hispanic, 58.3% white, 32.4% from other races, 3.3% Asian, 0.7% African American (United States Census Bureau). Orange Cove has a population of approximately 10,000 people, 97.2% of which are Hispanic, 60.2% white, 1.6% African American, and 38.4% some other race (United
  5. 5. Populations at risk whose needsthe agency addresses Students who… Have physical, mental, or learning disabilities. Do not live with both parents. Are children of immigrants or immigrants themselves. Are below poverty line. Have English as a second language. Have been held back a grade. Are minorities. Have problems with drugs and alcohol. Have a history of behavioral issues. Are teen parents. Have been victims of abuse.
  6. 6. Agency mission and aims KCUSD Mission Statement: "KCUSDs mission is to provide a broad spectrum of educational programs and co-curricular activities for all students so that they may attain their highest potential.”
  7. 7. Agency mission and aims (from aschool social work perspective) Provide link among school, home, and community Enhance district’s ability to meet academic mission Advocate care and support for all students Remove barriers to academic success Decrease the number of dropouts Coordinate agency services Help students develop social, coping, and decision-making skills
  8. 8. Agency practices Develop and implement prevention programs and policies that address: -Bullying -Attendance -Violence -School safety -Child abuse & neglect
  9. 9. Agency practices cont. Facilitate education by: -Identifying barriers to learning -Understanding cultural, familial, and community factors that affect students -Assisting with special education needs -Designing and implementing behavioral interventions -Collaborating with & making referrals to outside agencies -Engaging families in student’s life and education
  10. 10. Social justice, social work valuesand human rights Goal is to pursue social change for vulnerable and oppressed Social change aims to promote student success and wellbeing through focusing on discrimination and other forms of social injustice Social workers within KCUSD endeavor to provide access to resources and information, equality in opportunity, and empowerment