Analysing digital audiences for first world war digital content

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  • 1. ‘Analysing Digital Audiences for First World War digital content’ Workshop 6th September- 10.00am – 3.15pm JISC London Offices, Brettenham House 5, Lancaster Place, London WC2E 7EN This workshop has been convened to help public-sector bodies involved in thecommemoration of World War 1 (WW1) understand the drivers for digital audiences engagementand to consider ways in which organisations can work together to develop a framework forgathering audience data, both qualitative and quantitative. This workshop will provide thefoundations for scoping a ‘Framework for audience analysis’ to be shared more widely within theIWM First World War Centenary Partnership ( ), in order to provide seamlesslydigital content to enhance education, research and public understanding.AGENDAContext:10.00- 10.10: Introduction and welcome: Catherine Grout, Director of E-Content team, JISC10.10- 10.20: ‘First World War Commemoration in context: A background’, Gina Koutsika, ImperialWar Museum10.20- 10.40: ‘The Great War Archive: How to audiences engaged with WW1’, Kate Lindsey, OxfordUniversity Computing Services10.40-11.10: ‘Public perceptions of the First World War’: Rose Van Orden, Senior Planner, M&AAudio and Music BBC11.10- 11.30: BREAKTools for scoping metrics: qualitative and quantitative:11.30- 11.50: ‘An Introduction to the SCA Audience Analysis toolkit’, Max Hammond, Curtis andCartwright11.50- 12.10: ‘How to measure success: Understanding and monitoring impact’, Kathryn Eccles,Oxford Internet Institute12.10- 12.40: ‘Getting Real: How to evaluate Online Success’, Jane Finnis, Culture 2412.40- 13.20: LUNCHDiscussion:Towards a framework for analysing digital audiences to WW1 digital offerings13.20- 14.20: Attendees will be split into break-out groups to discuss and consider the followingquestions
  • 2. What audiences do we have in common (e.g. across public bodies such as academia, cultural heritage and public-service broadcasting)? Where are the most challenging audience groups to engage with? How can this be remedied? Are there examples of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ audience engagement? What information do we need to capture? i) What information do we need to capture from our audiences which will help target our offerings? Is a common methodology for measuring impact and audience engagement possible, achievable and/or desirable?14.20-14.40: Feedback from each group14.40- 15.00- Next Steps: Roles, Responsibilities and Actions15.00- 15.15- AOB15.15- Thanks and Close