090624 Who Owns The Truth Discussion 24th June 3


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Workshop Programme of 'Who owns the truth' discussion held at ISS, The Hague, on 24 June 2009.

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090624 Who Owns The Truth Discussion 24th June 3

  1. 1. Invitation to a discussion of work-in-progress on the management of knowledge for development: Discussion: Who owns the truth? The role of different types of knowledge in development Location: Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague Date: Wednesday 24 June Time: 13.30-17.30 followed by drinks in the ISS bar Working Group 3 of the Information and Knowledge Management Emergent Research Programme (IKM Emergent) is critically examining the role of information and knowledge management practice within development organisations. The Working Group (Valerie A. Brown, Julie E. Ferguson, Simon Hearn, Ewen Le Borgne, Kingo Mchombu and Sarah Cummings) would like to present some of the research that we have undertaken to date and, with you, examine our plans for research and collaboration in the coming period. Programme 13.30 A short introduction to IKM Emergent (Mike Powell, IKM Emergent) and an overview of the afternoon’s programme (Sarah Cummings, IKM Emergent/Context, international cooperation) 13.45 Who knows? Who owns the truth? Different validations for personal, community, specialist, organisational and holistic knowledges (Prof. Valerie E. Brown, Australian National University) Translating the truth in ethnographic research: who knows? (Dr Martha Chinouya, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK) Discussion in groups 14.30 Recent research (3 presentations, 10 minutes each, with discussion in World cafe) The link between knowledge and policy (Simon Hearn, Research and Policy in Development (RAPID), Overseas Development Institute, UK) The state of the art of organisational knowledge management (Ewen Le Borgne, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre) Knowledge management & multiple knowledges: a multi-case study within the development sector (Paula Zirschky)
  2. 2. 15.15 World café… (with coffee and tea) 16.00 Fish bowl on the evaluation of knowledge management Complexity and the implications for evaluation of knowledge management: the case of the IKM Emergent Research Programme (Dr Chris Mowles, Red Kite Partners/Complexity and Management Centre, University of Hertfordshire, UK) Discussion in a fish bowl 16.30 IKM’s plans for the future Development of knowledge management activities in Namibia (Prof. Kingo Mchombu, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Namibia) An introduction to scientometrics and possible implications for development (Dr Iina Hellsten, Athena Institute, VU University and Sarah Cummings) Other developing plans on corporate epistemologies, informal organizations and networks, evaluation of knowledge management etc. Discussion in three groups 17.30 Close (and drinks in the ISS bar) IKM Emergent For more information about IKM Emergent, the website can be found at: www.ikmemergent.net The latest version of the newsletter can be consulted at: http://wiki.ikmemergent.net/files/090310- newsletter.pdf