Banking in the philippines (Sarah Olivarez-Cruz)


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Banking in the philippines (Sarah Olivarez-Cruz)

  1. 1. videoexercise1Dr. Jean’s Banana Dance
  2. 2. Banking In the Philippines A close up look
  3. 3. Banking In the Philippines• How many banks are • 38 Universal & there in the Philippines? Commercial Banks • 73 Thrift BanksSOURCE:• BangkoSentral • 647 Rural & Ng Pilipinas Cooperative banks
  4. 4. Banking In the Philippines• Who supervises banks • BSP(Bangko Sentral ng in the Philippines? Pilipinas) • PDIC(Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation)
  5. 5. VIDEO PRESENTATION1About Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
  6. 6. Banking In the Philippines• Which banks are put to close • Export and Industry Bank or “under receivership” • First Provincial bank, Inc recently? • Rural bank of Giugacuit(Surigao del Norte)Inc• SOURCE: GMA Newstv/BSP • Rural bank of nasugbu, Inc(January-April2012) • Cooperative bank of Iloilo. Inc • Rural bank of Luna(La Union) Inc
  7. 7. What technologies do banks utilize today?MICROFINANCE• offers financial services to SMEs to launch their projects• The Philippines is recognized worldwide as one of the leaders in the development of the microfinance industry.• First in Asia-Pacific to adopt microfinance in its central bankingSOURCE: Fiscal Policy and Planning OfficeDepartment of FinanceDOF /
  8. 8. What technologies do banks utilize today?MOBILE BANKING• Access your checking, savings, credit card, mortgage, line of credit, loan, and other accounts Pay bills and use ATM• From 9,847 units of Atmin 2010, 474 new ATMs are put up every year.• There were 63 banks offering electronic wallet, 27 banks with cash/remittance card products, 39 banks with internet banking, 17 banks offering phone banking (computer-based, non-mobile), 23 banks engaged in mobile banking, 12 banks with proprietary services and 21 banks with hybrid mobile/internet via BancNet- MegaLink switch banking services.SOURCE: policy-236.php
  9. 9. What technologies do banks utilize today?BANCASSURANCE• The selling of insurance products(Life to non- life) by a bank to its customers• Accounts 65% of the total products sold by banks
  10. 10. What technologies do banks utilize today?RETAIL WEALTH MANAGEMENT• Advisor ship on retaining wealth, business, clients, and/or acquiring new ones.• Targets young investors showing interest on mutual funds and retail investment products
  11. 11. Banking System Developments(2011)1.HIGH BANK EARNINGS. Banks remain profitable on the back of cost-efficient operations. Net profit stood at P51.9 billion, 28.0 percent higher than the P40.6 billion posted same period in 2010. This is nearly three-fifths of the full year 2010 net profit of P91.2 billion.
  12. 12. Banking System Developments(20112.STEADY ASSET EXPANSION. Total resources reached P7,018.0 billion and were 11.5 percent higher than the P6,295.5 billion recorded a year ago. Total resources remained principally funded by deposit liabilities (73.5 percent) and owner’s capital (12.0 percent).
  13. 13. Banking System Developments(20113.STRONG CREDIT GROWTH. Core lending (total loan portfolio net of interbank loans or IBL and reverse repurchase or RRP with BSP and other banks) posted a double-digit growth of 17.1 percent to P3,043.5 billion from P2,599.6 billion a year ago. The growth was almost twice the recorded expansion of 8.5 percent a year ago
  14. 14. Banking System Developments(20114.IMPROVING LOAN AND ASSET QUALITY. Key ratios were back on their pre-crisis levels with banks’ NPL ratio further easing to 3.1 percent from year ago’s 3.9 percent while NPA ratio similarly improved to 3.6 percent from 4.4 percent a year ago. This was backed by adequate loan loss provisioning
  15. 15. Banking System Developments(20115.GROWING DEPOSIT BASE. Deposit liabilities grew by 8.5 percent year-on-year, an indication of continued confidence in the banking system.
  16. 16. Banking System Developments(20116.AMPLE LIQUIDITY. Liquid assets-to-deposits ratio rose to 57.1 percent from 54.9 percent a year ago.
  17. 17. Banking System Developments(20117.SOUND CAPITALIZATION. Banks enhanced their solvency as capital adequacy ratio (CAR) remained above regulatory and international standards at 17.4 percent on a consolidated basis and at 16.5 percent on a solo basis as of end- March 2011.
  18. 18. Video Presentation2Philippine Money Museum
  19. 19. References• BangkoSentral Ng Pilipinas• MGANEWSTV/SONA• lippines-monetary-policy-236.php• Fiscal Policy and Planning OfficeDepartment of FinanceDOF /•
  20. 20. VideoexcerciseDr. Jean’s Macarena dance