MoSteps Nine and Ten


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MoSteps Nine and Ten

  1. 1. Reflection and Advocacy: CriticalComponents of Excellent Practice Graduate Teaching Assistant, Sarah Cress Art Ed 4273
  2. 2. MoStep Madness Agenda… • Xtranormal Video • Sketchbook Prompt • Sketchbook Discussion • Motivational Art Making • MoStep Nine, Can I Have a Volunteer? • Will it Never End??? No!! • Break • MoStep Ten, Can I Have a Volunteer? • It’s All About Relationships • Art Advocacy • Presentation Brainstorm • Artifact Brainstorm • Foliotek Review
  3. 3. Sketchbook Prompt… Reflecting upon our time together in Curriculum and Methods, what do you feel has been the most powerful element of this course? In other words, what have you learned this semester that will help propel your professional life as an art educator?
  4. 4. Motivational Activity…Considering the many lessonsyou have learned during thecourse of this class and thesemester at large, considersome words of wisdom thatyou would like to share withyour peers.Example: Remember to growyour third eye!
  5. 5. MoStep Nine…1.2.9 The preservice teacher is a reflective practitioner who applies the ethical practices of the profession and continually assesses the effects of his/her choices and actions on others. This reflective practitioner actively seeks out opportunities to grow professionally and utilizes the assessment and professional growth to generate more learning for more students.Performance Indicators: The preservice teacher – applies a variety of self-assessment and problem- solving strategies for reflecting on practice, their influences on students growth and learning, and the complex interactions between them; – uses resources available for professional development; – practices professional ethics.
  6. 6. MoStep Nine Rubric… The pre-service teacher is a reflective practitioner who demonstrates an exemplary capacity and the inclination to examine and assess the effects of his/her choices and actions on self and others; candidate reflections analyze the impact of actions on student learning (vs. merely describing what transpired). The candidate offers evidence that he or she consciously applies professional ethical standards within this reflective process. This reflective practitioner seeks out opportunities to grow professionally.
  7. 7. Will it Never End??? NO! Reflective practice is the most important step in becoming the strongest educator you can be. While it may seem a chore to you in the here and now, there will be continued expectations for reflective practice: • The Job Hunt • Semester Reviews • Yearly Reviews • Re-certification • National Board Certification
  8. 8. National Board Certification – Make it a Goal!• The highest certification a teacher can acquire• Certifies you to teach in any state in the country• Qualifies you as a strong and devoted educator
  9. 9. National Board Certification – Make it a Goal! Five Core Propositions • Teachers are committed to students and their learning. • Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students. • Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning. • Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience. • Teachers are members of learning communities.
  10. 10. MoStep Ten…1.2.10 The preservice teacher fosters relationships with school colleagues, parents, and educational partners in the larger community to support student learning and well-being.Performance Indicators: The preservice teacher – participates in collegial activities designed to make the entire school a productive learning environment; – talks with and listens to students, is sensitive and responsive to signs of distress, and seeks appropriate help as needed to solve students problems; – seeks opportunities to develop relationships with the parents and guardians of students, and seeks to develop cooperative partnerships in support of student learning and well- being; – identifies and uses the appropriate school personnel and community resources to help students reach their full potential.
  11. 11. MoStep Ten Rubric… The pre-service teacher seeks opportunities to develop exemplary caring, professional, and productive relationships with school colleagues, parents, and educational partners in the school and larger community to support student learning and well-being. The candidate demonstrates knowledge of when and how to access specialized services.
  12. 12. It’s All About Relationships… Peer Brainstorm – With a partner consider some of the ways in which you will help promote healthy, professional relationships with the following key participants: • Parents • Colleagues • Administrators • Special Services Staff • Community Members • Fellow art educators within your district • Fellow art educators at large
  13. 13. Fostering Strong Art Advocacy…• Define what art means to you and why it is critical• Document your own compelling stories and data• Join your state and national organizations• Reach out to other art educators within the area
  14. 14. Fostering Strong Art Advocacy… • House art shows and display works regularly • Create a plan of action in regard to HOW you will reach out to parents and other key players • Use technology-based media to reach further • Apply for grants • Start presenting your reflective ideas!
  15. 15. Plan Your First Spotlight Moment! Part of being a reflective practitioner, while also fostering a strong, professional relationship with a wider community of art educators is sharing your ideas. Let’s get our presentation feet wet and consider a possible topic to share based on our experiences thus far! Consider pursuing your presentation ideas at the spring MAEA conference!
  16. 16. Artifact Brainstorm… Now, let’s brainstorm some ways we can demonstrate our newfound knowledge.