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  • What does a student centered classroom look like? Focused less on end product. This is where we truly excel as art educators.
  • 10 minutes Break after this slide
  • Share some examples of your interdisciplinary interactions.

MoStep One Presentation, By Sarah Cress MoStep One Presentation, By Sarah Cress Presentation Transcript

  • Making Meaningful Connections in the Art Classroom Graduate Teaching Assistant, Sarah Cress Art Ed 4273
  • MoStep Madness Agenda… • Xtranormal Wrap-Up/Exploration of Curriculum Examples • Xtranormal Video Share • MoStep Xtranormal Expectations • Dream Curriculum Peer Share • Sketchbook Prompt • Sketchbook Discussion • Break • MoStep One, Can I Have a Volunteer? • Review of Inquiry Based Learning • Inquiry Based Brainstorm • Break • Review of Interdisciplinary Learning • Interdisciplinary Lesson Activity • MoStep Writing Examples • Artifact Brainstorm Session
  • Sketchbook Prompt… Using the MoStep One Sketchbook Prompt handout free write your thoughts regarding teaching and learning. Be prepared to share your thoughts with the broader group.
  • MoStep One…1.2.1 The preservice teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry and structures of the discipline(s) within the context of a global society and creates learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful for students.• Performance Indicators: The preservice teacher – knows the discipline applicable to the certification area(s) as defined by Subject Competencies for Beginning Teachers in Missouri; – presents the subject matter in multiple ways; – uses students prior knowledge when identifying learning objectives and choosing instructional strategies; – engages students in the methods of inquiry used in the discipline; – creates interdisciplinary learning.
  • MoStep One Rubric… The pre-service teacher demonstrates strong knowledge of relevant central concepts, tools of inquiry and structures of the discipline(s) as evidenced by performance in college content course work as well as lesson preparation, instruction and ability to make connections among the content, other disciplines, and student background and life experiences.
  • Inquiry Based Learning… • Seeking through questioning • Placing information into the context of a conceptual framework • Focused on how things are organized, how things change, how they interrelate and how we communicate about these elements
  • Inquiry Based Learning…• More student centered with the teacher as a facilitator of learning• More emphasis on “how we come to know” and less on “what we know”• Students are more involved in the construction of knowledge through active involvement
  • Inquiry Based Learning Assessment… • Focused on determining the progression of skill development in addition to content understanding • Concerned with in-school success, but also concerned with the preparation for life- long learning
  • Inquiry Based Learning Activity… Create a wish list of characteristics for the “life-long learner.” Add these characteristics to our online forum via cell phone. Simply text “186383 and the characteristic” to the phone number 22333.
  • Inquiry Based Learning Activity… Once you have read everyone’s contributions, consider how you would teach these skills in the art classroom space.
  • Interdisciplinary Learning…“Interdisciplinary: a knowledge view and curriculum approach that consciously applies methodology and language from more than one discipline to examine a central theme, topic, issue, problem, or work.” - Heidi Hayes Jacobs
  • Interdisciplinary Learning… • Helps create meaningful links across the fields • Challenges students to engage in higher order thinking skills • Can create a sense of collegiality and enthusiasm among teaching peers • Naturally excites and motivates students by presenting material in a differentiated way
  • Interdisciplinary Based Learning Activity… Each group will be provided a specific age group to focus on. Using the UMSL Lesson Plan Template, map out a lesson that would be exciting and engaging for your future student clientele which also includes the additional subject arenas mentioned.
  • Artifact Brainstorm… Now, let’s brainstorm some ways we can demonstrate our newfound knowledge.