Global education activity template


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Template for an activity involving lesson design, peer review and synchronous dialogue for vocational educators in different international contexts.

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Global education activity template

  1. 1. 2014 Global education activity Lesson Plan and Peer Review Template Task 1 – Context Description (to be completed by students from Vocational Teacher Education (VTE) Programme 1) The first step of this activity is for students from VTE Programme 1 to supply information about a class they are currently teaching. Please add content under the following headings: Your name: 1. In what community and institution is the class taking place? 2. How many students are in the class? 3. What age are the students? 4. What is the cultural background of the students? 5. Are there any particular student needs or characteristics that should be considered? 6. What program and year of studies are the students in? 7. What is the content / subject area of the course? (be as specific as possible) 8. How much previous experience do the students have in this subject? 9. What is the curriculum document that covers this course’s subject content (provide an internet link of the curriculum document if available)? 10. What are the course objectives (provide text or internet link if possible)? 11. Insert an image of the classroom setting and add any comments on resources/equipment available. [copy image here] Deadline: <tutor to insert> Submission details: <tutor to insert>
  2. 2. 2014 Task 2 – Lesson Plan (to be completed by students from VTE Programme 2) A student from VTE Programme 2 designs a lesson plan for the class above. This should be based on a global education theme for the context outlined above. Information about the lesson plan is completed in the section below and should include the following information:  Lesson title / subject:  Global education theme:  Learning objectives (from a curriculum document if possible):  Prior knowledge of students necessary in order to properly complete the lesson:  Forms of assessment:  Lesson structure (table below) Your name: Activity Key outcome (e.g. students should... Class structure (e.g. students in groups, seated individually, etc.) Time (min.) Introduction Main section Conclusion Homework Deadline: <tutor to insert> Submission details: <tutor to insert>
  3. 3. 2014 Task 3 – Feedback (to be completed by students from VTE Programme 1) Students from VTE Programme 1 provide feedback on how effectively they think that the lesson plan would work in the context that they are familiar with. Please provide feedback under the following questions: Your name: 1. Is the global education theme for the lesson plan clear? Is the Global education theme appropriate for the course content? 2. Are the curriculum connections between the global education theme and the general subject of the course clear? 3. Do the plan activities appropriately cover the lesson objectives? 4. Are the levels of students’ prior knowledge recognized and addressed? 5. Does the plan demonstrate proper time management? (in other words: is the plan realistic for the time given) 6. Does the lesson plan include appropriate time teaching demonstrations / models? 7. Are students given opportunities within the plan to share and / or engage in a learning dialogue? 8. Any other comments/feedback? Deadline: <tutor to insert> Submission details: <tutor to insert>
  4. 4. 2014 Task 4: Online discussion A joint live online session for students from VTE Programmes 1 and 2 will take place. This session will involve discussion sessions in small groups based on the activity and cover topics such as: 1. Introductions – professional background and teaching experience 2. What is global education? 3. What are the challenges of bringing global education into your classes? 4. What lessons have your learnt from the activity? _____________________________________________________________________________________ Based on an original template used by students from the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland and the University of Aberdeen, UK. This template is freely available for re-use and adaptation. If you do use it for another context, or need any further information, please let us know. Blair Stevenson and Sarah Cornelius