Small Business Online Marketing Plan


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A marketing strategy that is laid out for a small business owner to get started today. Email me if I can be of assistance.

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Small Business Online Marketing Plan

  1. 1. For Small Businesses
  2. 2.  Create a customer base Advertise the location and/or services Gather positive reviews Advertise events, specials, and changes
  3. 3. .
  4. 4. The following pages are theplatforms you can choose from.
  5. 5. The most popular social networking site.750,000,000 monthly visitors. Great forgetting your brand out there and foradvertising your specials and events.Think of it like another website.
  6. 6. A must for businesses – big and small!! It’sgreat for helping people find you and iteffects your ranking with Google as it is aGoogle product. I recommend this as highlyas I do a Facebook page.
  7. 7. Second most popular social networking site.Twitter is like a real time chat room that isopen to the world. Great for getting yourmessages regarding specials, events, or justannouncements heard.
  8. 8. An excellent platform to advertise to otherbusiness owners and to collaborate withothers in your industry. A company pageand personal page would be a great idea.
  9. 9. This is like mobile yellow pages with reviewsfrom customers or clients. Great for whensomeone is searching from their mobiledevice or computer. Provide link to websiteto drive traffic.
  10. 10. Where customers check in and review yourservices and by doing so introduce yourbusiness to others. Also an online searchabledatabase for your small business like YELP.
  11. 11. Online replacement for the physical book ofyellow pages.
  12. 12. Programs used to offer coupons to the publicto drive them to your business and thenreturn with family and friends.
  13. 13. This is a single platform where you can manageyour service descriptions, calendar of events andsuch. It also syndicates to several places on theweb allowing you to keep up with the changes inone place.*There is a fee and I’m currently looking into it to find out howmuch it is.
  14. 14. A great program that makes your posts onFacebook really pop! Schedule them ahead orlet Post Rocket choose the time of day foryou. When you post on Facebook is veryimportant.
  15. 15. A wonderful CMS (contact management system)that makes keeping in touch with your clients asnap. Check them out!
  16. 16. A great place to design your flyers,brochures, signs . . . All marketing designcan be done from here. It’s wonderful!!
  17. 17. Sarah Cole VA on Demand2497 State Route 80Lafayette, NY