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  • 1. Fashion Through
    the Ages
    By Phi Alpha Chapter
  • 2. 1920’s
  • 3. 1920 – 19th Amendment passed allowing women’s right to vote
    This began the important phase of feminism during that time.
    1923- Time Magazine first issue is published
  • 4. No more corset and constricting undergarments
    Flapper dresses that had no waist line
  • 5. 1930’s
  • 6. 1933- Hitler became chancellor of Germany and by 1939 World War II began. 
    1932- Duke Elligton brings swing invents the swing era with the hit song “it don’t mean a thing if it aint got that swin”
  • 7. Clothes were more feminine and glamorous
    evening gowns were often backless
    There became a very distinct difference between daywear and evening wear
    Big Band was popular
  • 8. 1940’s
  • 9. 1941- Attack on Pearl Harbor 1945- War ends, FDR dies and Harry Truman becomes president. 
    1945- Last time the Chicago Cubs appeared in the world series, only to lose to the Detroit Tigers…maybe next year cubbies
  • 10. They used eyeliner to paint a seam on the back of their legs
    Women used cellophane and pipe cleaners, to decorate shoes.
    Pin up girls influenced fashion
    Bikinis were introduced on Jul 5, 1946
    1947 Dior created the “New Look”
  • 11. 1950’s
  • 12. 1955- Rosa Parks refuses to sit at the back of the bus
    1956- Elvis Presley emerges as one of the greatest rock stars in the US
  • 13.
    • Poodle skirts were in
    • 14. cashmere sweaters
    • 15. Pedal pushers (capris)
    • 16. Small Scarf around the neck
    • 17. Black leather jacket with the collar up
  • 1960’s
  • 18. 1960- JFK beats Nixon to become the 35th president of the US
    1964- “Beatlemania” begins with the hit song- I wanna hold your hand
  • 19. Bell bottoms
    long hair
    Go go girl boots
    By 1966 Mary Quant was producing mini dresses and skirts
    Twiggy was a popular model of the time
    Jackie Kennedy influenced a lot of fashion
  • 20. 1970’s
  • 21. 1973- Nixon’s Watergate scandal becomes public
    1975- Saturday Night Live debuts on NBC
  • 22. Skirts came in three lengths in the 1970s, mini, midi, and maxi.
    Rock n roll and disco were popular
  • 23. Platform shoes
    Hot pants
    Bell Bottoms
  • 24. 1980’s
  • 25. 1982- Michael Jackson, an Indiana native, releases Thriller, later to become the biggest selling album in history
    1986-Spaceshuttle, The Challenger, explodes after lunch at Cape Canaveral, FL, killing all seven on board
    1986- Oprah Winfrey debuts on television, I was born  
  • 26. Leg warmers
    Bright colors
    Off the shoulder sweatshirt
    Princess Diana influenced a lot of fashions
    Brand names were popular
    Gel bracelets
  • 27. 1990’s
  • 28.
    • 1996- Madeline Albright is appointed by President Clinton as the first female US secretary of State
    • 29. 1997- Titanic hits theaters as the most expensive film of all time costing $300 million
  • 30.
    • Sometimes called the grunge period
    • 31. Spice Girls/Brittany Spears/Backstreet Boys/NSYNC influenced fashions
    • 32. Flannel shirts
    • 33. Overalls
  • 2000-Today!
  • 34. 2001- George W. Bush takes office
    September 11, 2001- Terrorists attacks on the world trade center
    2008- Sara Palin, First female VP nominee on the ticket, Barack Obama, First African American Presidential nominee on the ticket
  • 35. Scarves
    Skinny jeans
    Daisy Dukes
    Capri pants
    Low-rise jeans
    Pop punk fashion
    baggy jeans,
    full-zip hoodies
  • 36. THE END