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Ministry teams minutes 09-11-13

  1. 1. Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes: 11 September 2013 Ministry Team: Adult Formation Members Present: Did not meet in August The Adult Formation Team did not meet in August as the programs were planned through September- November already. I have attached the plans for this time period. Stephanie also said that we could use the the Calendar from Google Docs. It has the plans through November and early December. Adult formation programs for August. Jane Vella and George Douglas will lead the Bible Study on Sunday mornings. Adult Formation for September “But why do you not know how to interpret the present time?” Luke 12:56 Pete Crow and Carl Sigel On September 8, as part of the Faith & Ecology Forum, Marvin Maddox, a retired meteorologist, will offer a Conversation on Weather & Climate. Marvin will briefly relate how he became a meteorologist, explain climate change in a way that he thinks is easy to understand, but he mainly wants to address any questions that you may have on this complex subject. On September 15, in response to requests that Carl received to learn more about How the legislative process works in NC, Chris Heagarty, a parishioner, a lawyer, and former member of the NC Legislature, will outline the legislative process and discuss how if we choice to do so, we can all be more involved. Again there will be plenty of time for conversation. On September 22, Pete will facilitate a conversation on Homelessness in Raleigh, particularly how Nativity as a church family might address the problem. After some preliminary insights into homelessness in our area, a representative from Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network (WIHN) will suggest some ways the Nativity congregation might engage the problem both through parish teamwork and personal involvement. WIHN partners with faith groups throughout the county to move families from homelessness to employment and a home. This session will end by trying to gauge the interest level at Nativity in this kind of ministry. So if you are interested, don’t miss it. The September 29 class will follow up the homelessness session with considerations of Relationship building across power disparity—relationships between affluent people involved in outreach and financially stressed people to whom they are reaching out. The class will begin with Pete Crow’s grant-supported video-essay, “Confessions of a 21 st Century Conquistador,” about relationship building in Honduras. What kind of relationships can or should be formed when well- provided people are trying to help needy people? Members of the Lainez family featured in the video will join this provocative discussion. On October 6, Carl Terry will welcome Angelo Maker, one of “The Lost Boys of Sudan”, who will speak about his ministry to develop an educational and vocational training center for the Village of Rumbeck in Southern Sudan. Angelo is one of the 3,000 orphans called “The Lost Boys of Sudan” who were brought to this country by the United States government in 1999-2001. Now Angelo has developed a non-profit organization, named “Abukloi” (ah-Boo-kloy) – which is Sudanese for "We Can!" – Together we CAN make a difference in South Sudan. The mission of “Abukloi” is to build an educational and vocational training facility in Rumbek, South Sudan that will provide essential skills and training for regional Southern Sudanese. You can read more about “Abukloi”, at
  2. 2. Ministry Team: Youth Members Present: Jane Weinberger, Fran Kenney, Jon Showalter, Sally Bloom Agenda/Items Discussed: Old Business Update on Youth Program Start--Fran, Jane, Sally Updates re first Sunday; Discussed communication issues, plans to handle Diocesan events. Discussed Youth Group. Plan to do an icebreaker, then pizza dinner. After that we’ll separate for games and discussion. High School and Middle School groups will switch space as needed. New Business Stewardship--Jon, Sally Sally will work with some youth on a presentation for October. Jon will touch base with Lucy Maloney about YMT helping with Stewardship. Assessment Discussion:-where are we? and what’s next? After general review of where we are on the Assessment timeline of actions, there was discussion about where we were concerning the Youth Ministry Mission Statement. We recognized that there had been lack of consensus with the one developed during a 1-day retreat earlier. We discussed aspects of a good mission statement, and agreed that a strong mission statement is very concise--even a few words or a single sentence.. For example, NPR’s race card project requires essays of six words. Similarly, one version of the class covenant suggested in the Rite 13 materials consists of a series of 3-5 single words, such as “Respect. Honor. God.” While this may not be where our mission statement ends up, it seems that we need a fresh start on this issue, especially when seen in the light of using this statement as guidance in hiring a Youth Minister. The Assessment goals are more understandable when seen as preparing us for a parish that has a Youth Minister and strong youth program. There was discussion about the hiring of a youth minister. It seems likely that Nativity would hire in the spring for a mid- summer start for this position. There was discussion about the benefits of hiring through a head-hunting firm. The benefit of using a head hunting firm is that (1) they do the first round of gathering from extensive, yet qualified applicants. (2) They do first round of qualifying and verifying. (3) It saves lots of time and energy in responding to many useless resumes. (4) They will do phone interviews and discern background information re salary and potential commitment and quality of candidate. (5) They help manage interviews and hosting duties. While it comes at a cost, the benefit they offer may be worth it. The YMT should research if Diocesan House offers this service, and the fee involved. Research should be done for other firms which specialize in Christian placement. Ideally, we would talk to a couple of firms and analyze what works best for us. With this information we can talk with Stephanie and Vestry and get more input. Action Items: Each Team Member: Write a Youth Ministry Mission Statement for discussion for next meeting: Deadline: October 9, 2013. Current statement as created by one-day retreat: The Church of the Nativity will provide for our teenagers an accepting, welcoming community in which to experience the love of God and the Good News of Jesus so they can express their faith through worship, prayer, and service. Beth: Research and report on Diocesan House recruitment of youth ministers, and if possible, locate other firms who recruit for churches for this position. Deadline: October 9, 2013. Jon: Contact Lucy about YMT helping with stewardship beyond what Sally is doing with youth. Deadline: ASAP. Mike’s Thoughts: Outsource the hiring of the youth pastor? Really!? I couldn’t disagree more, and for so many foundational reasons. Unless there was some part of the conversation that is not recorded in these minutes I have no reason to see why doing the work for our kids, for our church and for our ministry ourselves is even worth the cost of hiring a firm to do. I think desperate churches do things like that. I am going to save, my rather lengthy, response for another time and place.
  3. 3. Ministry Team: Pastoral Care Members Present: Jane Wehland, Tammy Jenkins, Carolyn Kerr, Charley Kerr, Janet Alford, Sheila Knapp, Barbara Kamya, Janet Alford Agenda Items Discussed: • Current pastoral needs – there was only one call for request for help this month • Card ministry has kept current with needs • Communication process for additional needs for pastoral care and for new committee members and volunteers • Needs and potential training for providing visitation and care giver respite • Opportunities for shut-in visitation at Rex Rehab Center • Welcome to two new members, Sheila Knapp and Barbara Kamya who bring new energy and ideas to the team Action Items Assigned Action Item Assigned To Due Date Determine if there is still a Super Sunday Sign Up program Janet Alford Oct 9 Determine if Rex would like volunteer visitors for those in rehab David Lynch Oct 9 Plan to make follow up calls to parish members who are shut ins Tammy Jenkins Dec 1 Pending determination of need, solicit training for volunteers from Center for Volunteer Caregivig Caroline Kerr Nov 1
  4. 4. Ministry Team: Children’s Formation Members Present: Becky Showalter, Kellam Gaddy, Judy Garces, Megan Douglas Agenda/Items Discussed: 1. Sunday School - First Sunday was well attended – 32 kids in classes, 7 in Nursery. It was busy and a little hectic, but I think teachers and kids will get into the swing of things. Action Item: Working on getting class lists with allergies into every classroom. (Becky) Also will email known families missing from the registration list (Becky). 2. Need to get Attendance Charts for the classrooms. Trying to get file from Lori now so I can have them printed at Office Depot. If I get the file, would someone be willing to get them printed? Action Item: Ask Stephanie/Jennie if Jennie could work to update Lori’s files. Will have the printed outside & Judy Garces or Kellam Gaddy will pick them up. (Becky) 3. Spark Online Sunday School curriculum. - We have purchased learner leaflets through the beginning of November – will have to touch base with how they are working out before purchasing the next set for winter. - We are currently purchasing Grade 1-2 leaflets for the K-1 st class. If that is too advanced for them, for the winter we can move down to PreK/K leaflets (less reading). We need to work with the teachers on that. Will touch base with teachers in October. (Becky) - There were A LOT of kids on Sunday. If there continue to be that many, I need to buy more Learner Leaflets for all classes now. Wait to see where we even out or purchase more now? Order enough so each class has 12 sets of leaflets. (Becky) - Do we need to purchase more NRSV Bibles for the 2 nd -4 th Graders? Order 4-5 more NRSV Bibles. (Becky) 4. March for the Planet, Saturday, Sept 28, 3:30pm, Halifax Mall. Organize older class to go? Action Item: Talk to the Teachers to see if anyone wants to organize. Could one or two parents work as “Outreach Coordinators”? Becky will ask Stephanie Sumner and Lisa Avery. (Becky) 5. Nursery - 6 or 7 little ones in the nursery for the last three Sundays! Was getting ready to schedule a youth for there, but I’m starting to think it may need to be an adult. - Do we need pagers for parents when the kids are inconsolable? Stephanie’s Idea. Not yet. - Is it time to start up Manger Minders again? A group that works with the nursery exclusively. Do we think that we could get enough volunteers? Action Items: Trying to get adult volunteers for the Nursery so there could be a 2 nd adult during the 10:30 service. Becky will prepare info for Glad Tidings and the bulletin. 6. Develop packet of information to go out to new members visitors with young children? Touched base with Newcomers members, but no decision was made. Megan to ask again? Action Item: Still thinking.
  5. 5. Ministry Team: Newcomer Members Present: Sue Young, Heather Rook, Athena Hahn, Nancy Stoller, Barbara Kamya Agenda Items Discussed: 1. Shared ideas for further updates to the Narthex. Will set up sub-committee to work on phase II of narthex facelift. 2. Heather shared drafts of new Membership form and pew cards. Proposed doing away with “visitor registration form” in the narthex – and making pew cards available there as well. Too confusing to have multiple forms for same purpose. 3. Discussed additional ways to make newcomers feel more a part of the community once they have visited a few times and even after they have “joined”. Women’s group was offered as one idea, as well as info/check in table set up at church events like church picnic or Fat Tuesday. 4. Welcome Sundays - the day of a welcome litany, ask newcomers to stay after the service to get their picture taken (for the bulletin board), have Stephanie ask them or announce at announcements. Consider article for GT to introduce newcomers. Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item Assigned To Due Date Invite to parishioners to join narthex furnishings/facelift subcommittee Sue ongoing Share draft of new Membership form with Comm. team and SA Sue ongoing 3rd visitor contact letter sent out working with Jennie Sue done Follow up with new visitors from August and September Kari September Streamline nametag ordering process – check with Carl Terry Kari September Mentoring of newest members – ministry teams offered, etc team ongoing Survey newcomer breakfast attendees for feedback tbd after 9/22 Host newcomer check in/info tables at church events team ongoing Visitor pkts created team ongoing