Ministry teams minutes 2013-03-march


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Minutes from the ministry teams meetings on March 13, 2013

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Ministry teams minutes 2013-03-march

  1. 1. Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes: 13 March 2013Ministry Team: Communications Ministry TeamMembers Present: No meeting held - updates completed by exchange of emailsVestry Liaison: Babs FreemanAgenda Items Discussed: • The new Web site was launched on February 27. It was enthusiastically approved by the Vestry at its February meeting. Ben Huckaby is the new Webmaster. The entire Communications Team spent many many months researching, designing and writing the more than 3 dozen pages and hundreds of photos that make up the new site. A Web site is never "finished", so there will be many additions and updates made over the next few weeks and over the lifetime of the site. The new Web site has been received very positively by parishioners. • Stationery with the new logo has been designed by Jason Pace, ordered and delivered in February; feedback is positive. • Copies of the 2013 Pictorial Directory were delivered last week and first distributed at Sunday services on March 10. Many more await pickup. • A new Easter banner has been created and printed (free except for mailing cost of $11.30) and will be put at the roadside this week, 2 weeks before Easter. • Graphics guidelines for all communications are still in progress - report due at next Ministry Team meeting. • Constant Contact - replacement for Yahoo eGroups was not assigned to Communications Team but the Team members have stated they wish to be consulted on the design, adherence to guidelines, etc. • Episcopal street sign - At the request of the Senior Warden, Gail is researching purchase and placement of a standard Episcopal street sign, probably on Strickland or Ray roads, directing people to Nativity. Since this is not in Raleigh, the City of Raleigh has no jurisdiction. If we put it within 9 feet of the road, the NC Department of Transportation is in charge. If we put the sign on private property, Wake County must get involved. First, the Team must decide where we want to place the sign, then we need to get permission of the homeowner or business owner if it would be on private property.Action Items Assigned/Tracked:Action Items Assigned To Due DateWrite guidelines for all communications Becky+Jason April 10Complete Web site Ben March 1 - DONERevise new Nativity stationery Jason Feb 28 - DONEResearch Episcopal street sign Gail et al May 1New Easter banner Gail Mar 1 - DONE
  2. 2. Ministry Team: Children’s FormationMembers Present: Chris Chiavacci, Becky Showalter, Kellam Gaddy, Judy GarcesVestry Liaison: Judy GarcesAgenda Items Discussed: • Holy Week Nursery Schedule. Kristen will be there on Palm Sunday, Wednesday evening and Thursday evening. Nina will come early and stay for both Easter services. Kellam Gaddy will volunteer in the Nursery at the noon Good Friday service. Becky will be out of town 3/23-4/7, so Judy Garces will be their contact person during that time. • Palm Sunday • Preschool/Kindergarten class will process into the church with palms with their parents and then the Sunday School teachers will meet them in the back of the church to take them to the Education Building st rd • 1 – 3 Graders will process into the church with their parents and then head over to Estill House for a children’s reading/acting out of the Passion at 10:30 • Sarah Gordon and Jane Oldham are handling the Easter Egg Hunts. So far, so good! Judy Garces will be their contact person if they need help. st rd • 1 -3 grade class is seeing higher attendance due mostly to new families. Right now, they are working through classes on the days of Holy Week. • Stephanie is fine with the young ones coming in at 11:15. We’ll do that for now and reassess. • Pictures of the kids for the hallway wall or doors. Aiden Special has volunteered to do that. He’ll start this Sunday. th • Chose April 28 for an after church washing of the nursery toys. Hope to get the Sunday School classes to help as a way of giving back to our community. This also coincides with Stop Hunger Now so could be something for the younger ones to do. st rd • Youth Sunday, May 19. Christie will work with PreK/K and 1 -3 grade class on a song to sing as intro. Chris Chiavacci offered to help with props if needed. nd • Sunday School End of Year cookout, June 2 . Baileywick Park. Kellam to try and reserve the shelter for 11am- 3pm. • Took out the extra toys from the big classroom as they tend to be a distraction. • Vacation Bible School – Catherine Shearin, Kellam Gaddy and Becky Showalter organizing. Michelle McElrath can help in July. July 26-28 possible date.Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item Assigned To Due Date Give Nina and Kristen Judy Garces contact info and vice versa Becky 3/22 Give Sarah Gordon and Jane Oldham Judy Garces info Becky 3/22 Taking pictures of SS children Aiden S. GT blurb on Washing the Toys after church 4/28 Becky 3/20 st rd Send email to 1 -3 grade teacher about learning song for Youth Sunday Becky 3/22 See if Christie Ebert would like help with props Chris 3/31 Check on availability of Baileywick Park for Sunday School Picnic, June Kellam 3/31 nd 2 Meet to look over VBS curriculum Kellam, 3/22 Catherine, Becky
  3. 3. Ministry Team: YouthMembers Present: Beth Crow, Jane Weinberger , Michael Belmares, John Showalter and Summerlee WalterVestry Liaison: Fran KenneyAgenda Items Discussed: • Background Checks • Youth Budget • Update on Paid Youth Minister • Youth Volunteer List • Youth Calendar and the parish website • Fundraising for youth events • Parent Meeting • Youth Volunteer Training • Christian Formation Retreat • Review ongoing projects: o Attendance record keeping o Youth Ministry Major Event Binder o Youth Group o Core Values ListAction Items Assigned/Tracked:Action Item Assigned To Due Date Meet with Stewardship Committee about Youth Minister Decide on date for Christian Formation Retreat Who will be invited to be a part of this retreat Complete 2013-2014 Youth Calendar Jane W. ?
  4. 4. Ministry Team: OutreachMembers Present: Carl Sigel, Rene Garces, Pete CrowVestry Liaison: Annette HughesAgenda Items Discussed: • Placement of bin for collecting clothes-type items for farmworkers—vestibule of sanctuary; vestibule of Estill house; combination of vestibule of sanctuary and longer storage location (talk with Susie Holmes) • Rene will follow up with Fellowship Team on pizza lunch with Stop Hunger Now packing • Promotion of Stop Hunger Now: Glad Tidings article (due Wed., March 20) • Finish up grant—in the pipeline with Carl and Pete • Next event: 1. Glean/eat/fiesta & soccer with farmworkers or El Buen Pastor; 2. Similar to last two times but with El Buen Pastor for sure (need something w can do with them of benefit); • Carl: Friday, May 10, movie night hosted at COTN with potluck supper; Leslie Troan will help with logisticsAction Items Assigned/Tracked:Action Item Assigned To Due Date Talk w Susie Holmes about bin for farmworker items Rene Mar. 20 Glad Tidings article; bulletin blurbs; talk w Stephanie; alert Jill Bullard Pete Mar. 20; about date and on Alert Sunday School teachers: Jane Weinberger Rene Mar. 20; and on Posters and numbers Jane April 15 Advice from Judy Rene April 9
  5. 5. Ministry Team: FinanceMembers present: Dave Mckinnon,Joel Kamya, Ken Jenkins, John OldhamVestry Liaison: Ken JenkinsDiscussion items • Reviewed budget- Feb to data • Reviewed Stewardship mini retreat • Discussed upcoming General Forum (April 14) where the parking lot plans will be discussed. Ken will cover the financials in that meeting • Discussed 2012 surplus (Estimated to be 15K) - Made recommendation to Ken on allocation • Discussed ongoing financial and budget reports - Ken to work with Mike Rhaney and Business ManagerAction items • Agreed to discuss in next meeting if Finance team " mission statement and a" Charter"- Dave to look at what other Churches do • Agreed to re-communicate 2013 budget to Ministry team leads • John will get detailed budgets from Mike Rhaney • John will send out to Finance members tasking them to reach out to their assigned teams
  6. 6. Ministry Team: Buildings and GroundsTeam members: Kenneth Special, Marc Marotta, Alfred Christensen, David Johnston, Chris Christiansen, Tom Phelps,Duff McAdams, Ken TessierMembers Present: Mac Marotta, David Johnson, KenTessierVestry Liaison: Ken TessierAgenda Items: • Estill House squirrel problem status o Listening for intruders • Walkway to the Memorial Garden. o Investigation and planning still in process. o A quick tour of the area revealed a need for removal of a high spot in the present drain area on the north side of Estill House and south of the proposed expansion area of the memorial garden. Marc suggested that this may be an inexpensive addition to the parking lot expansion task. o Also we found an existing row of mature decorative plantings where the north border would be. The rest of the expansion area would require extensive thinning o A hard surface pathway was suggested for this area to pass through the memorial garden. Bridging the existing drainage area in front of the memorial garden requires more thought. • Parking lot expansion. o Question of whether the proposed parking lot expansion includes lighting in the proposal was presented. o No further action taken. o Marc reported and demonstrated that the existing flood pole lamp in the north-east corner of Estill parking lot has been increased from 250- to 400-wattage. o Wallpack lighting for Estill parking lot and Education Building walkway still in process. • Fetsko activities in 2013: No news, no action. • New business: o Marc suggested that motion detector-timer switches be installed in the bathrooms/storage areas. Some discounts may be available from Progress Energy for this. o Marc also reported a dragging door in the church and a suspected nail hole in the roof of Estill House – southeast corner - that is staining a ceiling tile.Action Items Assigned/Tracked:Action Item Assigned To Due DateDragging Door Marc OpenRoof Hole Marc OpenMemorial Garden planning group Ken/R.Smith/ Susie Open
  7. 7. Ministry Team: Pastoral CareMembers Present: Randy Smith, Susie Holmes, Perry Suk, Jane Wehland, Susan Garrison, Peggy Wade, Carolyn KerrVestry Liaison: Susie HolmesAgenda Items: • research on memorial gardens and columbarium: Randy Smith o Proposed policy statement drafted with list of questions to consider re: intentions for the future of the memorial garden. o Suggest forming a separate subcommittee comprised of a broader representation from Nativity than just Pastoral Care. Stephanie & Wardens will do further study and make recommendations to the vestry. • Take Them a Meal website o Simplifies coordination of meals. o Common password? Does this violate confidentiality? o Pastoral requests/visits need to come through the monthly coordinator to avoid duplication or missing anyone, and so that we know Stephanie is also aware of parish needs. • Pastoral needs for seniors o Resuming brunches -- gatherings in Estill House after the 10:30 service for social visits? Which seniors would be interested? Jane Weyland and Susan Garrison o Pastoral care visits to seniors and how to address those needs? Carolyn Kerr will follow up with Stephanie. Peggy Wade also offered to start a list of potential visitors for seniors (a list of seniors at was provided). • Peggy is a welcomed addition to the committee and we look forward to Diane Thoman joining next month.Action Items Assigned/Tracked:Actions: Assigned to:Talk with Stephanie to start Memorial Garden meetings Randy SmithTalk with Stephanie regarding seniors needs Carolyn KerrBegin list of volunteers for senior visitations Peggy Wade
  8. 8. Ministry Team: WorshipMembers Present: Charles Wehland, Dan Laird, Evelyn Judson, Carol Smith, Stephanie AllenVestry Liaison: Fran KenneyAgenda Items Discussed: • Brainstormed a vision statement that articulates the atmosphere of the 10:30 am Sunday service. • Words that described the service such as: music, multi-generational, diverse, casual, lively, large community, comfortable, joyful, loose, free, vocal and instrumental, nursery, children’s sermon, extended peace, a “loose-leaf notebook” led to the statement: • The 10:30 am worship service: An inclusive, ever-changing family that joyfully sings to the Glory of God using a variety of gifts as we grow in relationship with God. • Items concerning accessiblity within the worship service were also discussed. • Ideas about large-print service bulletins, the audio-assistance devices, amplification in the church, and a railing on the side steps were discussed. Stephanie will talk with Alfred, the Junior Warden and the Buildings and Grounds Team about the railing. • Suggestion about offering different style of service or music on a monthly or quarterly basis. Further discussion needed.Action Items Assigned/Tracked:Action: Assigned to:Discuss worship space accessibility issues and what can Stephaniebe done with B&G
  9. 9. Ministry Team: NewcomersMembers Present: Tivey Clark, Sue Young, Cheryl Waechter, Brenda JohnstonVestry Liaison: Sue YoungAgenda Items Discussed: • Next newcomer liturgy scheduled for June. This past Sunday went great! We welcomed 11 families/couples/people. • Newcomer greeting process. o Be proactive w/ newcomers at service. o Jennie captures info from registry/pew cards. o Stephanie writes note. o Newcomers Team makes second contact. • Many questions in newcomers class from non-cradle-Episcopalians: we think we could handle some of that in a rd 3 follow-up (do we need to kneel? Why do we cross?). • Ideas for Estill House/narthex: unclutter narthex. Make lobby of Estill House an information center. We will work with parishioners Meredith Watson and Nancy Stoller to design the spaces. rd • 3 contact packet: Stephanie has drafted beginnings of cover letter; we will make it very substantive to include brief summary of church history/membership/please look at our website. What else? “Episcopal Church decoded” info, info on MTs (w/ contact info), schedule of upcoming big events. After people join, let’s send them info on “Finding Your Ministry” and pledge info.Action Items Assigned/Tracked:Action Item Assigned To Due Date rdCreate 3 contact packet team ASAPRedesign narthex and Estill HouseContact Jennie re: stations of the cross (put reassurance in ST that there Sue ASAPwill be a handout for the service)