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Ministry teams meeting minutes april 2013
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Ministry teams meeting minutes april 2013


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Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes: 10 April 2013Ministry Team: Children’s FormationMembers Present: Chris Chiavacci, Becky Showalter, Megan Douglas, Judy GarcesVestry Liaison: Judy GarcesAgenda Items Discussed:• Holy Week went well. Palm Sunday was well attended. Maundy Thursday kid’s service small but good. EasterEgg Hunt was moved inside but Sarah Gordon and Jane Oldham handled it fine.• Judy Garces will clean toys from the nursery this week.• Nina will cover childcare during Stop Hunger Now on April 28.• Youth Sunday – Christie and Chris are working together on song/props for preschool-3rdgraders to use during theservice.• Pictures of the kids for the hallway wall or doors. Aiden Special has volunteered to do that. He’s started takingpics – will work to get them up.• Sunday School End of Year cookout, June 2nd. Baileywick Park. We have reserved the shelter from 10:30 to2:30. Church will provide hamburgers and hotdogs, while everyone else brings sides and desserts. Needcoordinators.• Vacation Bible School – Catherine Shearin, Kellam Gaddy and Becky Showalter organizing. Michelle McElrathcan help in July. July 19-21.• Think it is time to purchase the online subscription to Spark Online so that we can begin getting comfortable with itand possibly use it for Summer Sunday School. ($300)• Need a coordinator for Summer Sunday School. Last year, Laura Cashion did a great job – will ask her again.• Time to start recruiting teachers again.Action Items Assigned/Tracked:Action Item Assigned To Due DateClean the nursery toys Judy 4/30Ask for coordinator for End of Year Picnic Becky 4/30Taking pictures of SS children Aiden S.GT article – VBS, Youth Sunday, End of Year Picnic, SS Teachers Becky 4/24Schedule VBS coordinator meeting and initial volunteer meeting Becky/Catherine/Kellam4/20Order Spark Online Becky 4/30Check to see if Laura Cashion would coordinate Summer SundaySchool againBecky 4/20
  • 2. Ministry Team: OutreachMembers Present: Carl Sigel, Pete Crow, Jane Heyward, Pat WatsonVestry Liaison: Annette HughesAgenda Items Discussed:• Some discussion of how coupon clipping relates to outreach and hunger theme; focus and beneficiary is IFFS• Stop Hunger Now event—see action items• Carl: Friday, May 10, movie night hosted at COTN with potluck supper; Leslie Troan will help with logistics• Brief discussion of next major event—we want a fiesta inclusive of Hispanics and mindful ofimmigration/farmworker issues currently under discussion within the diocese—see action itemAction Items Assigned/Tracked:Action Items Assigned To Due DatePromo: bulletins and email, Stephanie, poss. posters Jane Now+Sign-up sheet or email Pat Pat 14, 21 AprLink w Stop Hunger Pete Now+Food and setup Renee/Annette/Judy 28 AprNurseryInvite Patty to May meetingJudyPete28 Aprsoon
  • 3. Ministry Team: YouthMembers Present: Beth Crow, Jane Weinberger , Michael Belmares, John Showalter and Summerlee WalterVestry Liaison: Fran KenneyAgenda Items Discussed:• Background Checks• Youth Budget• Update on Paid Youth Minister• Youth Volunteer List• Youth Calendar and the parish website• Fundraising for youth events• Parent Meeting• Youth Volunteer Training• Christian Formation Retreat• Review ongoing projects:o Attendance record keepingo Youth Ministry Major Event Bindero Youth Groupo Core Values ListAction Items Assigned/Tracked:Action Item Assigned To Due DateMeet with Stewardship Committee about Youth MinisterDecide on date for Christian Formation RetreatWho will be invited to be a part of this retreatComplete 2013-2014 Youth Calendar Jane W. ?
  • 4. Ministry Team: Pastoral CareMembers Present; Tammy Jenkins, Randy Smith, David Lynch, Babs Freeman from Communications Team, SusieHolmesVestry Liaison: Susie Holmes• We reviewed the known pastoral care needs. Tammy Jenkins is the current pastoral care captain and will followup with specific concerns with Stephanie.• Babs Freeman visited from the Communications team to discuss confidentiality and privacy policies. The PastoralCare team always holds discussions in strictest privacy. Stephanie, the current pastoral care monthly captain andthe team leader Janet Alford are usually the only people involved in each month’s activities. Susie sent aconfidentiality agreement to Babs as a suggestion as to the importance of confidentiality, and the team agreedthat a short reminder of the importance of privacy would be beneficial to everyone.• Randy Smith reported on the progress in the memorial garden. He will continue his work in forming a committeeto work on the garden. The committee will include someone with a personal connection to the garden as well asrepresentatives from Buildings and Grounds and Pastoral Care. The committee will define the policy guidelinesfor the garden and raise awareness about it.• Susie will write an article for Glad Tidings to highlight the availability of the Pastoral Care captain to help in certaintimes (death in the family, birth, hospitalization, illness). Parishioners can call the office and Jennie will contact themonth’s captain and Stephanie.Action Items Person Responsible DateGlad Tidings article Susie Holmes April 30Current PC Captain Tammy Jenkins AprilNext PC Captain Fran Kenney MayMemorial Garden committee formation Randy Smith June
  • 5. Ministry Team: CommunicationsMembers Present: Gail Christensen, Ben Huckaby, Sarah Bernart, Emilie Siegel, Becky ChristianVestry Liaison: Babs FreemanAgenda/Items Discussed:• Episcopal Street Sign Placemento We need to get a new Episcopal street sign, and we need to determine where exactly to put it.o The leading suggestion is to put the sign at the corner of Ray and Strickland, on the corner where theclosed-down daycare is.o What permissions, if any, do we need to get from the DOT to do this?o If it is on private property, who do we need to contact to place the sign on that property?o Option B - right across the way from our driveway on the Food Lion lot• Website Concernso Media Gallery - how do we easily view images?o Best bet is to mouse over the image, click on the magnifying glass, and then the images show upas a sort of slideshowo Finding files to upload to a pageo Contact Us page - is using the Captcha too much? It is difficult for some people to use and may becausing frustration, but it is also an excellent defense against spam mail.o Privacy and Confidentialityo How much privacy protection do we need? Right now there are no phone numbers and noemails.o Concern is that we could/do have the full names of children in something like the liturgicalschedules. How can we get around having this issue?One solution: we can set up private directories in our webspace that require a passwordto access. When people sign up to lay read/acolyte/whatnot they get the link to thisprivate directory and the password to access it, but this link is not posted anywhere onthe website.We can do this for multiple forms or whatever else, there really isn’t much of a limit.Links would look something Another option we could try is to create a password-protected page (or set of pages) on theexisting website and have the confidential files placed there. This may or may not be the bestdecision and will require some testing as well before we decide which path to choose.o Linking to Mediao In monthly emails to members the current practice is to link to the home page and then givedirections for how to find content (such as a photo gallery, a Glad Tidings PDF, etc.). This isreally inconvenient--can we just link straight to the file or gallery page?Yes. You can link directly to a PDF and you can link directly to the gallery pages. Forexample, 2013’s Easter Egg Hunt gallery can be directly linked to as example link for a PDF: links should be safe for places like Facebooko Social MediaWe have a follower on Twitter that is a member of the church and tweets quotes fromStephanie’s sermons, Bible snippets, etc. during the service.• Can we do anything with this? Maybe re-tweet the best of them with the officialCotN Twitter?
  • 6. ••• Advertisingo Paying for advertising is not a great idea right now--the return on investment is just too low and it doesn’tmake sense.o What we can do is Public Relations, or essentially any publicity that is free.• Roadside Bannerso In addition to the Spirituality in the Arts banners and the Christmas and Easter banners, we agreed tocreate and erect banners about such events as Vacation Bible School, Pancake Supper, Parish Picnic,Ghoulish Gala, Outreach Fiesta, Sunday School startup, and Faith and Science Dialog-like discussions inthe future (new Environmental Stewardship grant). These remind parishioners about events, but also tellpassers-by that we are an active church.• Graphics Guidelineso Stuck in a place where we need to make templates for things like flyers, presentations, etc.o Ben & Jason can make these, we just need to kick the project offo Review Becky’s document to start developing specifications (Ben has printed copy)o Figure out how many templates and of what media we want to produce, what options there areo Figure out how these are developed and what software is needed to use these templateso Develop a first pass at a plan of action (Ben & Jason)Action Items Discussed/Tracked:Action Item Assigned To Due DateBen and Jason meet about Design Guidelines and production of media/templates Ben and Jason 4/30/13Gail will look into placement of Episcopal street sign Gail 5/8/13
  • 7. Ministry Team: WorshipMembers present: Carol Smith, Waltye Rasulala, Daniel LairdVestry Liaison: Fran KenneyAgenda/Items Discussed:• What is our next step?o Develop questions for a "survey monkey" process on line for congregational input: re:Additional ServicesWeekday - What dayAlternative - What kindSpecial Needs - What will be neededMusicShould the question of additional services be tied to the parking lot discussion?