Ministry Teams Meetings Minutes Dec. 12, 2013


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Ministry Teams Meetings Minutes Dec. 12, 2013

  1. 1. Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes: 11 December 2013 Ministry Team: Children’s Formation Members Present: Becky Showalter, Megan Douglas Agenda Items Discussed: 1. New Service Schedule – starts 1/12/2014. 8am, 9am, and 11am services with Sunday School hour at 10am. Sunday School Ramifications General consensus is to TEACH ALL CLASSES AT THE 10AM HOUR and provide childcare during the services. Yes. We will go with this plan. Is it possible that when we get a youth minister that they could do a 10 minute children’s chapel at the beginning of the service time, and then the kids would have free play? Becky will mention it to Stephanie. (Mentioned, but not sure what his/her responsibilities would be right now.) nd th If so, teachers will need to be notified and 2 -4 grade class will need to revise lessons since they will have less time. Becky will do this. st nd th If so, we will need to decorate and provide with supplies the third classroom for the K-1 or 2 -4 th grade class before January 12 since all three classes will now be meeting at the same time. Will decorate th on Jan 5 after church. Ask Chris Chiavacci if he would be willing to decorate an extra blank banner that we have. Nursery Ramifications We need two caregivers every Sunday. One for infant-3 yr old. One for 4-6 yr olds. The 4-6 year olds will be in the large preschool classroom with free play! That room has a lot on The Garden Preschool’s nice stuff in it. How do we make sure things don’t get damaged? Nina is willing to work every Sunday in the Nursery. I think Kristen would like to stay half time. Need to find another every other Sunday childcare person. Kristen is willing to work most Sundays until we can find a second person. Will need to post an ad on Craigslist. Becky will work with Stephanie to do this. Will we need to have more volunteers to cover both 9am and 11am services? If the infant/toddlers are split up between the services, it may work out that we don’t need the volunteers, but who knows? Becky will work up a new SignUp Genius and ask current volunteers to just indicate which service they want to volunteer that day. Put Pictures of kids with allergies on the wall. Take pictures and do it. Becky will do this. 2. Tentative Teachers Meeting – February 9 after Church A mid-year Teacher’s Meeting to get feedback and swap ideas at the end of January. Include in Glad Tidings. Send out email. Becky will include in Glad Tidings and have Jenny add to calendar. 3. Family Ministry Bobbi Feraco may start a family ministry by sending out the family pages to families each week. Check in with Bobbi. Perhaps at the beginning of the new year. 4. Community Service Project Leaders Stephanie Sumner and Lisa Avery – Plan Food Shuttle volunteer opportunity for late January or February Lisa is working on it. nd 5. Christmas Pageant – December 22 during the 10:30 Service. Simple acting out (no lines) while narrators or Stephanie reads the story. Catherine Shearin has assigned speaking parts to older kids. Will practice pageant during class Dec 15. Christie Ebert is willing to work with youth to sing a song as part of this pageant. Also sing this song at the 4:30pm Christmas Eve service. Will practice in class and at 12pm Dec 15. 6. Newcomers Packet: Did we get information to Sue Young for the packet? Is it still right? Need to reflect the current extra service. Megan will modify email to Sue with the new times and room numbers. 7. Children’s Communion Class Interest has been expressed by several parents. Schedule for early spring? Becky will talk to Stephanie. She has scheduled it for the afternoon of Sunday, January 26.
  2. 2. Ministry Team: Buildings and Grounds Members Present: Randy, Ken T, Riley, Alfred Agenda Items: • Follow-up on last meeting’s action list. Action Item Can old well head in the Memorial garden be removed? Assigned To Alfred Due Date 12/11/2013 What is the status of the Memorial garden landscaping design activity? Complete gutter cleaning Alfred 12/11/2013 Ken T and Alfred Alfred 12/11/2013 David Ken T 12/11/2013 12/11/2013 Fix door in cabinet over the coffee maker Check water fountains for leaks Nave audio system reinforcement system user guide 11/20/2013 Comment It might have to be filled in before we can cover it up. See below for more details on the research of this item. There is no news on the status of this activity. Not done. We will wait for warmer days! Done – installed magnets to hold the doors closed. ? Work-in-progress. • HVAC system over-icing o One of the heat pumps outside the choir room was completely iced over Sunday morning. o All American has been called in and should look at it today (Tuesday December 10). o Most likely the coolant pressure is too low. o A control board in the heat pump had failed. The board was replaced Thursday December 12 for a cost of $1,072. • Our furry friends (squirrels) are back in the attic of Estill House. o A trap has been put up above the lobby area. o If anyone has any ideas about how to find out where they come in – please share those ideas with us. Removing the old well in the Memorial Garden. o Here is some information from the Water Systems Council (WSC) about how to remove an old well: • o o o So it seems it may be an activity for which we need an estimate from a professional. I assume such a professional would be a well drilling company of which there are quite a few in the Raleigh area. After some discussion, it was decided to table the activity for now. It will likely be an expensive endeavor. We may one day be required to seal the old well, but until then we will plant some shrubs around the concrete structure above the well.
  3. 3. • Any other topics for our meeting this month? o A leaking toilet fountain in the women’s restroom in Estill House was repaired by Ken Tessier. o The old trailer is so moldy and “unpleasant” that it is unlikely we would ever use it again even if we needed the space in it. Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item Put up trap for squirrels in the attic Come up with ideas for how to get rid of the old trailer without spending a lot of money. Assigned To Alfred All Due Date 12/16/2013 01/08/2014 Comment
  4. 4. Ministry Team: Newcomer Members Present: Sue Young, Barbara Kamya, Jack Holmes, Cheryl Waechter Agenda Items Discussed: 1. Discussed ways to get word out about opportunity for existing members to welcome newcomers by acting as a “shepherd” to new members. 2. Developed a set of guidelines for participants in the Shepherding Ministry. th 3. Next Newcomer Breakfast – January 12th with welcome liturgy on January 19 (at both 9am and 11am services?) 4. Advent Sundays – discussed ways to identify and welcome visitors or returning members. Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item th Short item about Shepherding Ministry for Jan. 5 Sunday Tidings Assigned To Cheryl Due Date January Ask Stephanie to ask newcomers to stay after the Jan.19th (welcome liturgy) service to get their picture taken for the bulletin board Sue January Circulate draft of Shepherd Ministry guidelines to team/SA for approval Sue December Newcomers team rep to be stationed in Narthex after worship to welcome visitors (let Stephanie and Deacon David know so they can send them over after greeting) team December Follow up contact with new visitors who leave contact information Kari ongoing Host newcomer check in/info tables at church events team ongoing Publish new edition of the pew cards and the membership forms Heather January
  5. 5. Ministry Team: Outreach Members Present: Annette Hughes, Carl Sigel, René Garces, Pete Crow Agenda Items Discussed: 1. Assessment of Day of Giving--what we liked, what we would do differently. Thanks for the summary of proceeds, René.: we like the way we do the check writing for a number of reasons; Chatty Yarns will give most of the money to Stephanie’s and David’s discretionary fund; Carl and Pete experienced more conversation at their tables this year; kudos on slide show 2. Plans for working with the homeless through the Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network. Idea was suggested of looking into including WIHN folks in arts and music programs at Nativity or even NCMA Nativity event. 3. Update on Nativity Community Garden: Carl presented handout on garden operations, focusing on use by parishioners; Eagle Scout project will be involved, along with pre-school 4. Screening of “A Place at the Table”: IFFS and WRAL will sponsor screenings of this movie about solving the hunger problem, which apparently had been solved in 70s but now lost 5. Farm Workers MInistry (Youth Event): Patti thinks we can make a learning experience for our youth, maybe overnight or weekend; [Chris DeBeers does farmworker work with NC Council of Churches] 6. Update Environmental Ministry: invite environmentalist Hallie Turner (12 years old) to adult formation class, also inviting youth; Carl will be on Please Note with Bishop Curry; and then meeting w Senator Hagen on food and energy 7. Goals for new year (so far as possible without knowing the budget)—NOT DISCUSSED 8. Discussion of team coordination and note-taking now that I will be on Vestry. Call meetings and take notes: René agreed to do this. NOTE: Carl Sigel and Annette Hughes will be unavailable to meet January and February due to matters beyond their control. Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item 5. Patti will explore outreach possibilities in conjunction with the Youth Ministry Team [check w Patti] 6. Carl will promote with adult formation class and with Jane Weinburger, coordinator of young adults Assigned To Patti Due Date Jan. 8 ? Carl Jan. 8
  6. 6. Ministry Team: Pastoral Care Members Present: Caroline Kerr, Janet Alford, George Douglas-guest Agenda Items Discussed: • • • • Visitation to Rex Rehab – David provided contact information ( to confirm needs for visitation. This will be deferred until January and volunteers for visitation can be solicited and training scheduled for volunteers. Prayers for those listed in the bulletin discussed. Suggestion that full name be provided in the bulletin but just first name read aloud was suggested. Caroline and Janet will make calls to confirm those on long term list still request prayers. Jennie has provided us with a list. George gave a very thorough and informative presentation of what Stephen Ministry does, who it’s for, training requirements and the organization. This is an excellent source for those in need of someone to share their burdens with, and as members of the committee, we will keep this resource as a reference. Budget expenditures were confirmed for 2013, and budget request for $700, as recommended, was forwarded to for inclusion in 2014 budget. Action Items Assigned: Action Item Send budget request Call those on long term prayer list Follow up on training for visitation Assigned To J Alford J Alford/C Kerr J Alford/C Kerr Due Date Done 1/15/2014 1/15/14
  7. 7. Ministry Team: Communications Members Present: Ben Huckaby, Emilie Sigel, Gail Christensen, Sarah Bernart, Becky Christian Agenda/Items Discussed: 1. Brand Guidelines Discussion a. How important is having an official brand book and guidelines? b. Would it be easier to just have the Communications Team approve/advise on larger design initiatives? i. We feel it is important to have a consistent look to all Nativity's communications materials. ii. We would like the Communications Team to see all communications materials before publication, to impart a positive image of the church, assure consistency, and to proofread spelling (especially of names). c. Logo files are currently located here: Eventually this needs to live on a “brand” page or something similar on the site. i. Would this page be publicly viewable? Does it show up in the site navigation or do you have to have the link to know where the page is? d. Official font: Aller, available from Font Squirrel 2. Episcopal Street Sign The sign has to be on our property (city regulations) a. It will temporarily be put in the same place as the sign from Kreative. 3. Phone Directories Are available now! Alfred produced the final phone directory on November 21 and Jennie printed copies, which are available for pickup in the Narthex and the lobby of Estill House. a. We will be seeking permission from each family to publish their email addresses in the next directory 4. Sunday morning follow-up Mike Belmares posted on Facebook on December 4 a video of Stephanie. Can we do this on the website, too? Yes, this can be done as long as the video is posted to some site like YouTube or Vimeo. 5. Adding a third service to Nativity’s schedule--what needs to update to publicize this? a. Facebook b. Website c. Recorded phone message/answering machine d. Campus signage e. Posters for every door Ben will design f. Roadside banner g. Sidebar in Glad Tidings Action Items Discussed/Tracked: (covered in notes above) Action Item Assigned To Due Date Bring together all Nativity printed materials and compare them as a family Gail & Becky 1/8/14 New poster for advertising change in service times (with new official font) Ben 12/16/13 Update service time postings Communications Team 12/20/13 Speak with Mike Belmares about posting videos on Nativity website Communications Team 1/8/14