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from Sept. 2012

from Sept. 2012

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  • 1. Let God LeadChurch of the NativitySeptember, 2012Ministry Team Review
  • 2. Nativity’s Mission: To inspire, nurture and expand Nativity’s spiritual growth through faith, worship and community
  • 3. Nativity’s 3 Year Objectives:Faith • Double percentage of parishioner participation in ministries • Ensure 100% accountability of ministries to Vestry Members • Provide transparent and regular communications in multiple formats • Achieve 80% pledging from households in good standingWorship • Expand the worship services to meet the needs and cultural make-up of the community • Provide alternative worship options, including style, music, service times, and programs outside of Sunday morning worship, to reflect the interests of members from all age groupsCommunity • Identify Key Communities to focus Outreach program participation for adults and youth • Increase membership 50% by being radically welcoming, reflecting the cultures and diversity of North Carolina, and reaching out to the community to spread God’s Word • Align parish resources to meet increased membership
  • 4. Ministry Team Structure:• Helps move us from a Pastoral church to a Program church• Provides a focus on the important ministries of Nativity• Facilitates communication about Nativity’s many activities• Develops leadership in the church• Promotes involvement of church membership• Creates a structure to manage new ministries, activities and funding• Supports the 3 Year Objectives through action plans• Drives program management from the ground up instead of from the top down
  • 5. Ministry Team Structure:• 11 Ministry Teams have been set up to represent all ministries, activities and administration areas of Nativity• These teams will consist of 5-8 team members, a team leader and a Vestry member to act as a ‘Steering Committee’ for the ministries they support• Each team will be responsible for managing its assigned ministries, determine budget, set calendar schedules and provide communications to the parish• The teams will meet the second Wednesday of each month at the church and all meetings will start and end with group prayer
  • 6. Current Ministry Teams:• Finance/Stewardship • Youth Formation• Buildings and • Children’s Formation Grounds • Parish Life• Communications • Newcomers• Outreach • Worship• Adult Formation • Pastoral Care
  • 7. 3 Year Objectives -What Have We Accomplished?Faith• Went from 44 to 76 members in Ministry Teams• Increased from 9 Vestry members to 12• Assigned Vestry members as Liaisons to Ministry Teams• Made significant improvements in Parish Communications – Sunday Tidings, Facebook, Twitter, new signage, A/V equipment, new branding, etc• 41% of households pledged in 2012
  • 8. 3 Year Objectives -What Have We Accomplished?Worship• Introduced a Children’s sermon during 10:30 service• Worship Team is discussing options for alternative services, music, etcCommunity• Hunger and Poverty selected as Outreach focus and program calendar is being developed• Parish membership has not increased ‘officially’• Newcomers Team has developed greeters team and Welcome event for new members• Youth Education consultant conducting an analysis of Nativity’s program
  • 9. 1 Year Later – Is it Working?• Do we have the right Ministry Teams?• Are we communicating successfully?• How do we recruit Team Leaders and Team Members?• Do we understand the roles and responsibilities related to the Ministry Team structure?• Are we addressing our 3 Year Objectives?• Do the teams feel empowered?• Is it making a difference?• Where do we need to go from here?
  • 10. Feedback Session • In your table group, discuss the current Ministry Team structure and capture any successes and opportunities identified • Debrief with group • Identify action items as needed