May ministry teams minutes
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May ministry teams minutes



from the May 9, 2012 meetings

from the May 9, 2012 meetings



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May ministry teams minutes May ministry teams minutes Document Transcript

  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012Ministry Team: Finance & StewardshipMembers Present:Tom McNally Dave McKinnonJohn OldhamDiscussion Items: Finance report for march Agenda for Saturday May 12th expanded team meeting Weekly giving is behind for March and April Streamlining processes for Financial reportingAction Items: Communicate actual to budget spending with Vestry liaison and Team leaders to confirm go forward spending – Tom McNally, 6/1 Ensure pledge statements are mailed quarterly – Dave McKinnon, 6/1 Define rules for privacy on stewardship campaign and pledges – John Oldham, 5/15
  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012Ministry Team – Buildings and GroundsAttendees – Ken Special, Jon Showalter, Susie HolmesAgenda Items – A/V Systems Broken Tree limb, sweetgum tree removal Dump Cleanup rd Leak in 3 grade classroom Cleaning of church Blinds for education building classroom Parking lot in old playground area Carpet repair in sanctuary Bulletin boards in education building Stair brick repair Nursery painting Coat rails in classroom Landscaping service budget Removal of trash pileAction itemsAction Items Assignee Due DateContact Randy Richardson to determine scope of work and Susieequipment requirements and budget for A/V in Corlett Hall andSanctuaryContact Ed Bldg Architectural firm about leak in 3rd grade SusieclassroomMeet with Dave McKinnon and Stephanie to discuss sweetgum Susie Mayremoval 14thCarpet Repair in sanctuary MarcCheck with teachers about Ed Bldg heat problem SusieContact cleaning firms to meet with Dave for church cleaning Jon andwhen Dave is on vacation Susie
  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012Communications Team Meeting5-9-12Team Members Present:Becky Christian, Sarah Bernart, Ben Huckaby, Emilie Sigel, Karen Ridout, Ailsa TessierVestry Liaison:Joel KamyaAgenda/Items Discussed:1) Update on Branding Effort, Design Work from Kreative Promotions (Stephanie) - Looked at round 5 changes from Kreative. Group consensus was to approve the logo designwith the text at diagonals, after very minor changes (dots in between Nurture and Inspire and Inspireand Grow, slight tweak to the dots in the is of Nativity in the main logo). - Brochures - part of what the contract with Kreative involves is the printing of a number ofbrochures. => Who designs these? We will definitely need to proofread first, content, layout, anddesign will most likely be in house. => Brochures needed: * General Brochure * Outreach Brochure * Stewardship * Youth/Christian Education * Spirituality and the Arts2) Website & Communication Channels - Idea from Stephanie: ability to blog would be great to have (either integrated into the site or asa peripheral site)--its important to try and create a community, too. Possible integration of Pinterest, aprayer board, forum, whatever can be done to tie people together and have ways to connect with thechurch both on and off campus (online). - What about people of the congregration that arent as comfortable with things like Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, etc.? There has been a suggestion that a class or something similar on using
  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012Facebook so that people can see what its all about and how to use it. It would be pretty easy to extendthis idea to other communication channels, too. - Important thing for us to keep in mind: we cant limit ourselves to any one or collection ofcommunication channels. Not everyone will be online, not everyone will read a printed mailer or insertin the bulletin, etc. - We decided on Wordpress for the new Nativity website. Ben will get together an emaildiscussion on site features, content, and pages so we can start planning a layout and deciding upon aWordpress theme.3) Facebook and Twitter Update - Where could we go to setup a training class for Facebook, Twitter, etc? - Can we look to NC State McKimmon Center and the Encore program to rent a computer lab fortraining? => Do you need to be an NC State employee to do this? (Ben can look into it) - What other options are there? We need to have computers available for people to work on, aPowerPoint alone is not enough.4) Adding a Youth Member to the Communication Team - Should we try to find a youth who would want to help out with church communications to jointhe team? - Responsibilities: => Attend team meetings and offer input and perspectives => Assist with the work of the Communications Team => Contribute to communication outlets (Glad Tidings, Facebook, etc)5) Fall Stewardship Campaign - We will most likely be involved in this. - The challenge: how do we make this personal and make people feel like they are involved inthe success of the church?6) Misc - Gail and Alfred will be in charge of signage - Joel will report back to the group on Saturdays finance meeting
  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012Open Action Items:Description (person assigned, due date)1) Start team discussion on new Nativity site features, areas, and content (Ben, May 16th)2) Investigate places where we could hold a Facebook training class (Karen, June 13th)3) Coordinate brochures (Ailsa, summer)
  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012Ministry Team Minutes - Adult FormationMay 9, 2012Attendees: Nancy Terry, Carl Terry, Ken Tessier, George DouglasAgenda items discussed: Deacon David Lynch has agreed to lead adult ed class on June 3 and 10 on the subject of sacred music. George Clifford and Carl Siegel will lead a discussion of environmental issues and religion on the last two Sundays in the month, June 17 and 24. Jesse Lowe will lead an adult education discussion on four Sunday evenings from July 1 through July 29. This will occur adjacent to the special Sunday evening programs now being planned by the worship committee All Sundays from July 1 through September 2 (Labor Day weekend) will feature a lectio divine discussion lead by various volunteers who are interested. There are nine Sundays total. Dates assigned at this point include: July 15- George Douglas; July 22- Carl and Nancy Terry; Harlan Hagge has agreed to lead at least one Sunday. Others to be asked include Jane Vella, Karen Ridout, Gail NcNally, Phyllis Barnwell and more as needed. Our objective will be to fill in all nine Sundays by the time of our June meeting. The fall adult education program for Sundays currently shows the following schedule: September 9 - Kickoff with preview of subjects to be covered (similar to last year) September 16 - Special outreach committee program (content TBD) September 23 - Five Languages of Love with Nancy and Carl Terry September 30 - Week two of the above October 7 - Church picnic October 14 - Visit by Bishop Curry October 21 - Stewardship program October 28 - Vestry discussion November 4 - George Clifford - religion and politics November 11 - Interfaith guest series November 18 - Interfaith guest series November 25 - Interfaith guest series December 2 - Annual meeting December 9 - Advent program (TBD) December 16 - Advent program
  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012 A week night series, Midlife Directions, will be held on Tuesday evening, September 18 - November 6, to be lead by Carl Terry Harlan Hagge has been trained to mentor EFM and Gail McNally will be trained within the next 60 days to serve as a co-mentor. Several people have expressed interest in participating. The list should be finalized by the time of our June meeting In preliminary discussion about 2013, we would like to schedule three more interfaith guests for three weeks prior to lent. We also discussed a possible book study based on the book Two Visions of Christ by Marcus Bork and N. T. Wright. Clay Stalmacher, a professor at NC State, has lead a class there in the Encore program for adults. It was mentioned that we might be able to have him come to kick off the discussion. It was agreed that we will need an alternative program for Lent as well.
  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012Ministry Team –Children’s FormationMembers Present – Becky Showalter, Megan Douglas, Lisa AveryAgenda Items Discussed – Nursery coverage – Nina and Kristen will communicate with each other re:schedule Sunday School curriculum – Kellum has info from one church VBS on track Need SS teachers Decide on curriculum for PS class for Fall 2012Action Items – Clock in nursery, check NVAC in PS room – Megan Send sheet for summer Sunday School, to Laura Cashion – Megan Ask for SS teachers for 2012-2013 through Yahoo group email– Lisa SS teachers survey – Becky Info into Google Docs - Becky
  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012Ministry Team: Youth EducationMembers Present:Sally BloomStephen HollisOlivia HerrickGail TillGroup reviewed comments from youth leaders about draft guidelines for youth group activities. It wasdecided that categories of commitments would be suggested by leaders at the beginning of each youthgroup next fall. Youth will decide actual amount of commitments needed for participation at certainevents. Parents will be made aware of these changes. Stephanie attended for part of the meeting anddiscussed upcoming confirmation plans and a general discussion about youth leaders and leader trainingwas held.Action items: brainstorm leader recruitment
  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012Ministry Team – Newcomers Ministry TeamAttendees - Geyer Longenecker, Sue Young, Kari MarottaAgenda Items Discussed – Re-organizing in Narthex and Estill House Greeters dinner – early September Guest register –follow up with scheduling callers by months Ways to show announcements/bulletin boards Coordinate with the office the input of completed formsAction Items – 1. Contact administrative office to coordinate newcomer registration –Geyer, 6/13 2. Schedule with administrative office to confirm a date for newcomer team dinner to recruit greeters and review procedures – Kari, 6/13 3. Re-visit narthex and draft plan changes for space – Sue, 6/13 4. Print additional copies of campus maps – Geyer, 6/13
  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012Outreach and Parish Life MinistriesTeams (Joint Meeting)Present: Fran Kenney and Sandy Entrup from Parish Life team; Carl Sigel, Harlan Hagge, Pete Crow, JaneHeyward from Outreach teamThe entire meeting focused on preparations for the Outreach Fiesta, Sunday, June 3, beginning at 5:30pm (a collaboration between the Parish Life team and the Outreach team).Goals: Parish Life’s goal is intergenerational fellowship; Outreach’s goal is a cross-cultural kickoff of thisyear’s outreach theme, Hunger and PovertyPlanning Team: those listed above as presentDecisions/Brainstorming:1. Program outline: 5:30 Dinner 6:30 music and dance (and dinner cont.)7:00 game—jeopardy2. There will be a concerted effort to include youth:Kid’s piñataServingDecorationsJeopardy3. Pamphlet—hunger/poverty information and link to COTN outreach programs4. Possible categories for jeopardy: (include some Latino leaning questions) Ministries at nativity World affairs Local and national Key nativity activities related to hunger and poverty Starts w letter “?” Surprising facts
  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012 Child’s play (youth activities)5. Food: cover dish w COTN cookbook recipes suggested but not necessary ; El Buen Pastor dishes(money? Pete find out)6. Next meeting: Wednesday, 5/23 7:00 pmNOTE FROM AFTER MEETING: Beth suggested we consider not having festive decorations but ratherreminders we might come up with of hunger and poverty. What are your thoughts on that?Areas of Responsibility/Action Items:1. Building preparation and cleanup: room(s) setup and audio-visual setup (Ken/Jesse): Carl, Harlan:have building layout sketch, consulting w food people, 5/23 deadline2. Decorations and pinata: Beth and kids: have plan and cost estimate, 5/23 deadline3, Food setup: Sandy and Fran; Sandy talk w Kerrs @ drinks; consult w Carl and Harlan @ buildinglayout, 5/23 deadline]4. Program MC: Pete check w Stephanie on her involvement and prepare an outline for next meeting,5/23 deadline5. Pamphlet on Hunger and Poverty: Jane 5/20 deadline6. Games (led by youth): Beth and unnamed youth 6/3 deadline7. Liaison with El BuenPastor (Irma, Victor, Salvador): Pete 5/23 deadline [find out about pa systemand if someone could teach some salsa]8. Promotion with kids and teens; and get kids to participate: Fran and Beth will consult with eachother , 5/23 deadline9. Publicity and promotion for all: Jane 5/10 deadline for beginning thisNOTE: By the 5/23 meeting, everyone should bring a list of any supplies they will need and estimatedcosts.
  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012Ministry Team: Worship (no meeting held in May)
  • COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2012Ministry team – Pastoral CareAttending: Chuck Till, David Lynch, Gail McNally, Susan Garrison, Carolyn Kerr, Annette Hughes1. There will be a meeting of Lay Eucharistic Visitors on Sunday May 20.2. Carolyn Kerr is well along in planning a transportation ministry. It will operate on Sunday mornings,and it will match those who desire transportation with those who have volunteered to provide it. Lookfor a launch in 30-60 days when she completes recruiting.3. Lets generalize the concept of a card ministry into a contact ministry and launch it in the autumn.4. The Memorial Garden is a target for 2013.Actions1. Chuck to visit Vestry and inform them about the transportation ministry (and ask about the surveyagain).2. Carolyn to write up the transportation ministry.