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April Ministry Teams' minutes
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April Ministry Teams' minutes


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Monthly minutes from each of the ministry teams' meetings in April.

Monthly minutes from each of the ministry teams' meetings in April.

Published in: Spiritual, Business

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  • 1. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012Ministry Team: Finance & StewardshipDate : April 11, 2012Members Present:Tom McNally Dave McKinnonLucy Maloney John OldhamAction Items: Obtain Vestry liasion assignments and provide to team Lucy 4/30 Identify the households that did not renew their pledges for 2012 Kevin 4/30 o Determine reasons o Determine if now regular givers o Determine who is to make contact Transfer pledge data to Financial Secretary so financial reporting Kevin 4/22 can be more accurately portrayed Review financial processes and administrative accountability to Tom 5/30 better meet ministry goals Dave Identify Vestry member(s) to handle 2013 stewardship planning & Kevin 4/30 Campaign John 4/30 Complete research on best practices and metrics Nancy 5/30
  • 2. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012Ministry Team – Buildings and GroundsAttendees – Jack Spence, Marc Marotta, Jon Showalter, Alfred ChristensenAgenda Items – 1. Follow up from the March 14 meeting Set up a email address. – Alfred – We will instead use the newly created email address for this purpose. Need to inform about the use of this address in Glad Tidings. Who will write a small article for Glad Tidings? – Alfred. Present prioritized B&G focus areas to the Vestry at the next Vestry meeting. - Susie and Alfred – March Vestry meeting was very short and there wasn’t time to present these items to the Vestry. – Susie. Stripping, waxing and buffing the floor in Corlett Hall planned for March 26. – Jack – Done and the floor look great. Move some of the bulletin boards into the hall of the Education Building. – Alfred – Still unclear which bulletin boards to re-use and where to hang them. Megan Douglas suggested contacting Jane Weinberger and Gail Till for input. - Alfred Find out who ripped out some drywall in the electric/mechanical closet behind the parlor and arrange for repair. – Alfred – Not done yet. This has looked like this for a long time. We’ll let it be as it is for now, but will consider having the work included in some other future work effort by our general contractor. Repair of bricks along steps down from the parking lot to the Worship building. – Alfred – Not done yet – it appears difficult to find new bricks that match the old ones exactly; we may have to go with a best match. – Alfred – The team looked at the best match bricks we have now, and decided to use them. Investigate reported room temperature issue in Preschool-Kindergarten class room. – Jack – Will attempt to adjust the dampers above the rooms. Solicit input from Megan about color for the walls in the nursery and repaint it. – Jack – Megan Douglas responded that we can paint the nursery in any color that matches the existing color. We need to schedule a paint day - We have OK for the color (flat). Jack coordinates paint day. Solicit input from Megan about which rooms in the Education building coat hooks are needed and install them according to the way existing coat hooks are placed (high enough so children cannot get hurt by running into them). – Alfred – Megan Douglas responded that they want coat hooks in (all?) class rooms and that they prefer them to be at a height where the children can hang their coats themselves - Jack has found rounded metal hooks at Home Depot. We will build the rails ourselves based on a 1x4” board – Jack and Alfred will work together on this. Look into price for clocks in all Education building rooms. Preferably self-adjusting clocks, but these may be too expensive. – Jack – Done – all rooms now have clocks.
  • 3. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012 Install two solar spotlights; one on each side of the large sign at Ray Road. – Jack – Done (and they have not as of today been stolen!). Attempt to clean the two metal Episcopal Church signs. If cleaning doesn’t work, order replacement signs and have them installed. – Alfred – Attempted and didn’t work at all. We will likely have to replace those signs, but when we hang the new signs we should try and hang them with plastic “hardware” to avoid the rust bleeding onto the signs we have today. Stephanie has asked that we wait ordering new signs until the new church logo has been selected. However, the signs we have used so far are standard Episcopal Church signs that do not have any Nativity-specific logo on them, so unless we want Nativity-specific signs, we really do not need to wait for the Nativity logo decision – Alfred will follow up incl. query about new poles. – Talked with Stephanie: as part of creating the new logo, Kreative Promotions will install a new sign at Ray Road and matching new poles for the Episcopal Church signs. The poles will be of a non-rusting material. Solicit estimates for removing three sweet gum trees next to the parking lot and replant with Leland Cypress. - Jack and Alfred – All agree that they should be removed. i. Estimate 1: $2750 to remove the four Sweet Gums closest to the parking lot (assuming the work can be done by accessing the trees through the backyard of our neighbor on Sunridge Road). ii. Other estimates? We will wait for a second estimate before we will make a decision and plans for moving ahead with this. Tell Fetsko to start mowing the lawns. – Susie – Done. Request total cost estimate from Fetsko in order to better budget the annual cost of keeping up the green areas. – Susie – Done. Total annual cost is estimated to be around $4000. Budget says $1000 for landscaping in 2012, so we may have an issue here. Alfred to follow up with Susie. Upgrading the light bulb on the pole next to Estill House – (Marc) – Marc has met with representatives from Progress Energy and we have decided to upgrade that one bulb as a starting point. Based on the results we may go forward with upgrading more of the pole bulbs and/or install extra floodlights on the worship building pointing out to the parking lot and out towards the education building. Has the light been upgraded? Marc will check what the next step is with Progress Energy Continue research of what our impervious surface percentage currently is and how much more impervious surface we can add to our property without violating the county’s restrictions. – Jon – Status? Seems impossible to find out. Will let this rest until we are forced to look into it during a future permit process. Eagle Scout project status: i. Ian Hawkins is working on the playground project and it is very close to being finished – Ian has to move the playground equipment to the new area Alfred will follow up with Ian. ii. Dan Mungal built the arbor over the entrance to the trail and it is finished. iii. Paul Hughes has built and installed a cross and three bench areas. We had to re-route a section of the trail due to the County clearing an easement through the woods where a sewer line is located. Some final work is still needed on the new section of the trail – it needs to be cleared a little better and then mulched. The mulch is available; we just need to schedule the work to be done – Alfred will follow up with Paul if he will do that otherwise
  • 4. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012 we will schedule a work day. 2. Trailer renovation. Susie has a quote from Structure Elite to update the trailer. The cost is $7600 and includes new carpeting, removal of short wall (making two large class rooms), painting the interior and fixing the rotten wood. No decision made yet as to having this work done. Wait for further discussion until Susie is back mid-April. Suggestion to remove/clean up trees behind the trailer. 3. Removal of trash pile in the woods below the new Education Building. Susie obtained a quote from IDE’s Landscaping Inc. of $1350 to have the trash removed. B&G needs to decide on recommending this activity to the Vestry. Do it. We will recommend to the Vestry to have this done. Susie. 4. A door in one of the women’s bathroom in Estill House needs to be repaired – it is out of alignment and cannot be locked – Alfred will follow up. 5. The divider in the front pew row has been repaired. The oak pieces that are attached to the floor had cracked in three different locations. Jack and Alfred have repaired with glue and screws and we hope that will last. The design is prone to cracking and we may eventually have to come up with a better solution. The company that built the pews no longer exists. – No follow up for now; work has been done. 6. A/V equipment. The Buildings and Grounds tem has received input from the Communications Team (see below). First priority is Corlett Hall, but when contacting vendors, we should optimize the use of both their time and ours by including both Corlett Hall and the Worship Building. Ken Tessier last year created an inventory of A/V equipment at Nativity. Alfred updated that inventory recently after having tested some of the existing equipment in Corlett Hall with the objective of determining if any of the existing equipment could be part of the new solution for Corlett Hall. Most of the existing equipment is old and only a few elements of it seem to be in a state where it may be part of the new solution (see attached PDF file). The main activities for the B&G team moving forward with this item are: Determine the type of equipment needed in a) Corlett Hall and b) The Worship Building. We will likely need to work with an A/V specialist to make sure we identify the correct pieces of equipment (without going overboard – Simplicity and ease-of-use of use are major requirements). Create requests for proposals for Corlett Hall and Worship Building Obtain priced proposals from a number of vendors for each configuration (Corlett Hall and Worship Building) Work through the proposals and recommend the preferred solution and vendor to the Vestry for final decision Work with the vendor installing the equipment Develop customized Nativity User Guide for use of the equipment For now we need to determine who from the B&G team will be the primary people involved in these activities, and then work with the Junior Warden in setting up a time schedule for the above activities.
  • 5. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012 We may want to involve a consultant for step 1 and 2 above, and pay a consultancy fee. The consultant will work under the conditions that we can send the finished request for proposal to other companies as well as the company to which the consultant belongs. If we choose the company to which the consultant belongs, the consultancy fee should be waived. Randy Richardson will be a good person to try and involve. Marc will contact Randy and ask him to contact Alfred. Here is the input from the Communications Team with respect to A/V equipment: At the March 14 Ministry Teams meeting, the Communications Ministry Team discussed the requirements we envisioned for audio/visual systems for Corlett Hall and the nave. The team subsequently asked several recent presenters for their input on Corlett Hall, and that is included here. What the Communications Ministry Team requires in an a/v system in Corlett Hall: o It must be sound AND visual, not sound only. o Turnkey: It should be simple and easy to use, since many people with no knowledge of the system will need to use it without a knowledgeable person on-site to work it. o Robust: It should be able to stand up to use by many people who may not be careful with it. What is on the screen should be able to be seen in a day lit room. o Flexible: It must work for large groups AND small groups. The sound must be heard by attendees in the back but not blast the front row of attendees. What is shown on the screen must be visible in the back but not pixelate close up. o Recorded: It would be desirable if meetings/presentations could be recorded for our Web site (sound only, since a camera would require an operator). o Backup: Some kind of redundancy in case of a failure during the presentation (which has happened) is desirable, if achievable. o Written instructions: Presenters need to be given instructions before they arrive at Nativity (for example, bring your own laptop, not flash drive, because we do not want to provide a laptop - too easily tampered with, stolen or can have viruses introduced via random flash drives) 7. Elements of an a/v system the Communications Team suggests for Corlett Hall: o Speakers permanently mounted high on the wall, so they dont need to be dragged out with each use and wont blast the front row of attendees (and to avoid tampering). o Three wireless microphones (one for speaker, one for each side of the audience) that can be easily hooked up to speakers. o DVD player (VHS player probably not necessary, unless we already have one, and then it should be hooked up and available just in case). o Cart containing all the needed elements for a presentation, which can be rolled out and plugged in and everything should be ready to go. This would also provide portability to another room if needed, rather than having a permanent, lockable cabinet for the equipment installed under the projector screen. o A remote controller so that presenters do not have to go back to their laptop to move to the next screen/page. o Screen large enough to project a picture that can be seen from the back of the Hall. o No Nativity-owned laptop - too risky (see above). o A projector that can be easily hooked up to presenters laptop, robust enough for frequent use, bulb that is bright enough to project a clear picture in a daylit room. o Recording device(s) for placing on the Web site if possible.
  • 6. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012 o A podium - large enough to have a light, a mounted microphone, and surface for reference materials. o A whiteboard, easel and pad for writing comments from the audience. o TV set for viewing in classrooms. o A flat-screen TV for use with small groups. Since these are expensive, fragile, and if not locked could be easily tampered with or stolen, the ideal would be for the TV to be in a lockable cabinet or classroom. 8. Elements of an a/v system that Communications Team suggests in the nave: o Earbuds for the hearing-impaired. Three boxes of earbuds are in the Vestry (vesting room). o Wearable wireless microphones for clergy and readers (which can be turned off by clergy at will) - one for the person giving the sermon, one for the celebrant, one for the readers of the Scriptures (from lectern and from aisle). o Speakers to provide sound to the back of the nave. o Speakers to provide sound to the nursery and back hallway. o Recording device(s) for sermons and special events, so that sermons and special events could be put on the Web site. o A person/persons would probably have to be available to work the equipment in the nave when recording. Vestry reps are too busy; Communications Team suggests asking the Youth, if the equipment is not too "delicate". What do you think?Action itemsAction Items Description Assignee Due DateWrite article We will use the Alfred 4/18/2012about email addressmaintenance for this addressAddress heating Still a heat problem in two front rooms in Jack End ofproblem in education building. We’ll look into adjusting the AprilPreschool- dampers in the attic. Probably caused by theKindergarten class sun coming in through the windows. Blindsrooms in may be part of the solution. Start withEducation adjusting the dampers.BuildingInvestigate Potential reuse of the old playground area for parking Alfredpotential will give max 7 parking lots and remove 3 from the oldParking area for access into the area – net 4 parking lots – it justexpansion doesn’t seem worth the effort (and there may be issues with run off and drainage). There are also concerns with getting too close to the Memorial Garden. Alfred will ask Chuck Till about areas that in the past have been identified as potential extensions for parking.Repair carpet in Attempting to improve the area where the MarcWorship building advent wreath burned a few years ago. We plan to use existing carpet from the closet and then replace the carpet in the closet with something that may not look like the existing carpet (which should be OK in the closet).
  • 7. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012Action Items Description Assignee Due DateInstall bulletin Work with Jane Weinberger and Gail Till to Alfred End ofboards in determine which boards and where to hang AprilEducation themBuildingRepair brick We have bricks that look enough like the old Alfred End ofstairs down ones to go ahead. Aprilfrom theparking lotRepaint nursery We have OK from Megan Douglas to go ahead Jack with a color. Jack to coordinate a paint day.Build and install We will built the coat rails ourselves with hooks Jack and End ofcoat hooks in that have rounded ends to reduce risk of Alfred Aprilclass rooms children hurting themselves on the hooksReplace rusty This activity will be coordinated with Kreative Alfred UnknownEpiscopal Promotions installing the new poles.Church signsSweet Gum tree Waiting for a second estimate before a decision Susieremoval can be made.Fetsko annual Fetsko estimates a total annual cost of $4000 Susie 4/17/2012cost estimate for their landscaping services, but the budgetand 2012 currently only has $1000 for landscaping. Webudget need to adjust the budget or Fetsko’s activities,adjustmentOutdoor light Go ahead with Progress energy to upgrade one Marcupgrade outdoor bulb in the corner of the parking lot closest to Estill HouseEagle Scout Playground equipment to be moved. Re-routed Alfredproject follow section of trail to be finished with grading andup mulch.Removal of We have an estimate of $1350 from IDE’s Susietrash pile in the landscaping. Recommend having it done.woodsRepair of door in Identify which door and repair it. Alfred End ofwomen’s Aprilbathroom inEstill HouseStart process Will try initially to involve a consultant to help Alfred andfor AV us develop the request for proposal. Susieequipmentupgrade
  • 8. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012Communications Team MeetingTeam Members Present:Gail Christensen, Sarah Bernart, Ben Huckaby, Emilie SigelVestry Liaison:Joel KamyaAgenda/Items Discussed:1) Web Hosting Update - Our transition from Verio to Bluehost for web hosting went smoothly thanks to many people,hooray! - Our next step is to look at what we want out of the revised Nativity website and determinewhich technology (WordPress or Drupal are the leading choices) will be the best choice. We are leaningtowards WordPress. - We can even begin building the layout and features of the site before we get heavily intostyling it. - Ben Huckaby will be leading the site design and development, Nancy Difede will be the leadcontent manager2) Update on Branding Progress - Stephanie will pass on feedback to Kreative Promotions from the last round of comments.3) Update on Facebook, TWitter - Facebook page is slowly accumulating more likes, the Twitter following is still fairly low. - Ministry team minutes are being posted to Facebook - Possible plans to write Glad Tidings articles on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Are peopleunderstanding what these social media sites are (let alone how Nativity is using them)? What are theadvantages of these services?4) Newcomers Team Request - The Newcomers Team has asked if we should resume the ads in the N&O. Should we rethinkthis? - Were not sure how much value we would get out of the N&O, but we would like to organize ajoint meeting to discuss this with the Newcomers Team and brainstorm alternate options and materials
  • 9. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012 - Idea: Do churches hold Open Houses? Has Nativity ever done one? Something where weinvite people to come and meet us, but its just a social event outside of the normal services (so theresno perceived pressure).5) Note from Dave McKinnon - Good points are raised here about what our team can contribute towards the 3 year strategicplan and how we go about achieving these goals. - Website is definitely our #1 priority and will be implemented this year.Open Action Items:Description (person assigned, due date)1) Researching websites and features that we like and figuring out what we want out of our ownwebsite. (Whole team, May 9th)2) Start gathering photos, video, and other content that can be used on the website. Start thinkingabout what we want as the static pages (content that rarely changes and is always available via the sitenavigation) and the constantly updating content (news articles, recent events, outreach, etc.) (Wholeteam, May 9th)3) Social media article for Glad Tidings. (Sarah, May 9th)4) Start assembling content for site. (Nancy, May 9th)
  • 10. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012Ministry Team – Adult FormationAttendees –Karl TerryGeorge DouglasNancy TerryJesse LoweAgenda Items Discussed: Old Business – classes for this semester progress Carl Sigel – environmental presentation for 3rd or 4th weekend in June (2 sessions) (8/17 and 8/24) David Lynch – 2 part program in June 9 teachers for LectoDivino Pop theology will dovetail with Sunday summer pm worship Articles – format body of email 4/18 next deadline on Stephanie’s forum and blue candle EFM – Harlan took mentor training and is ready, need to follow up w/ David Stoller Priorities for fall – find out blocked dates for fall Brainstorm items (Fall Semester)– o EFM weeknights; Wed nights? o Fall Education kick off 9/9 o Midlife directions weak night Tues with Karl Terry 9/18 to 11/6 o My faith…my story sessions – Nov or Oct o Father George and politics – Oct? o 5 languages of love – 2 sessions with Nancy and Karl o Ask Stephanie what she wants to do in the fall o Vestry Sundays in Fall for Stewardship in Oct? o Michael Battle Book Study o Talk with Outreach to see if they need Forum time in Fall or help with Ministries ExpoAction Items: Carl Sigel - environmental presentation for 6/17 and 6/24 David Lynch – 6/3 and 6/10, music? LectoDivino – 7/1 to Labor Day weekend
  • 11. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012Ministry Team –Children’s FormationMembers Present – Becky Showalter, Megan Douglas, Judy Garces, Lisa AveryAgenda Items Discussed – Easter was successful Buildings and ground – painting and installing coat hooks Nursery cleaning Vacation Bible School Curriculum – will review questionnaireAction Items – Write up Easter Egg hunt with details, Lisa 5/12 Coat hooks and painting nursery, B&G, asap Vacation Bible School, July 13-15. Ask for volunteers for registration, email and Glad Tidings, Becky, 5/12 Nursery cleaning and toy cleaning, Megan, 5/12 Need person to coordinate summer Sunday School volunteers, Becky, 5/12 List of dates/Bible stories for summer Sunday School, Megan, 5/12
  • 12. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012Ministry Team: Youth EducationMembers Present:Jane WeinbergerSally BloomHeather RookGail TillAgenda Items discussed: Guidelines for Youth Participation in Education Youth Leader training Youth Leader ExpectationsAction Items: Contact Stephanie about J2A training Fall 2011 for leaders – Jane W, next meeting (Tentative Dates August 25 and week of Sept. 1-5.)(Diocesan training Sept. 29.) Develop guidelines for youth participation for trips/events – Sally, will email group to discuss online Pilgrim Trip preparation meetings—discuss concept/setup with Rene Garces and Pete Crow— Gail Till Develop Leader Expectations—Heather Rook, will email group to discuss online?
  • 13. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012Ministry Team: Parish LifeDate: April 12, 2012Members present:Sandy EntrupEd EntrupFran KenneyItems discussed:FellowshipFran has personally contacted all members of the fellowship teams either by phone or emailand is sending weekly reminders via email to teams to set up the schedule for covering allduties. Kitchen/fellowship supply checklist was discussed. Sandy has put together a“Fellowship Supplies” list that we will be posting in the kitchen for use in recording whenitems are needed for replenishment. We’ll be evaluating what “par levels” to purchase aswe monitor usage of various supplies.Outdoor Worship and Parish PicnicDate for this event is set for October 7, 2012. To be held at the same location as last year,Beaverdam at Falls Lake.Parish DinnerDetails for the “Summer Kick Off” Parish Dinner and Bingo game were discussed at length.Date and time have been set for Wednesday, June 6, 6:30 pm. Action items noted below.Action Description Assignee Due DateItemsParish Article for May GT, Sunday Tidings article, Nativity Fran April 18Dinner Yahoo group message, posters for church/parishPromotion hall/education buildingParish Confirm pricing and offerings for meal boxes from Ed April 13Dinner Jersey Mike’sMealBoxesParish Coordinate with Newcomer Ministry Team to invite Fran April 30Dinner all newcomers to parish dinnerNewcomerInvitationsParish Determine shopping list for parish dinner Sandy May 15DinnerShoppingParish Determine how to execute a fun and engaging Bingo Fran May 15Dinner game (supplies, callers, prizes)BingoGameDetailsParish Recruit 4-5 volunteers to help with set up and clean Fran May 15Dinner up at the eventParish Life
  • 14. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012TeamOutdoor Reserve the site at Falls Lake Fran May 15Worshipand ParishPicnic
  • 15. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012Ministry Team – Newcomers Ministry TeamAttendees - Geyer Longenecker, Ed Entrup, Babs Freeman (vestry rep), Tivey ClarkAgenda Items Discussed – Stephanie has approved followup mailing/welcome letter packet Schedule greeter dinner in late May; coordinate with Stephanie and Jennie, include ushers? At Stephanie’s request, will expand our scope to Estill House reception area Consider small lunch with Stephanie and small group of newcomers; on an as needed basis Ideas for the Narthex o Get rid of anything blocking view b/w Narthex and Altar o Push tables back to wall o Sign to clearly indicate NC area with NC materials or rack o Clearly label member area w/bulletin board o Get rid of plants o Small slanted wall-mounted ledger as only area for sign ups/handouts Ideas for Estill House o Remove or rework vookshelf; would want to have cabinet o Bulletin board w/what’s going on for members o Create NC center w/both COTN and Episcopal church materials o Better signage o Create area for distribution of things (like Sunday School books) to members that is out of sightAction Items – 1. Talk to Parish Life re: May Kickoff, Ed, Complete 2. Schedule greeters dinner, recruit new greeters (publicize), Geyer, 3. Review/revise greeter tips, Team, May 4. Reorganize Narthex, Team 5. Reorganize Estill House lobby/foyer, Team
  • 16. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012Outreach Ministry TeamMembers present: Jane Heyward, Harlan Hagge, Beth Crow, Carl Sigel, Pete CrowItems Discussed:How to begin dev. the topicGroups: Food Shuttle, Crop Walk (Oct), Honduras (Oct, Nov), Uganda, Daughters of the King, UrbanAdventure, Environmental Stewardship, Nativity Garden, Epis housing ministry; HaitiIdeas from Nativity bucks and team brainstorming: classes on neighborhood gardening (SR, F); offersamples from our garden; healing services; gas gift card/coupons; (SP)clothe and feed migrant workers;feeding at shelter or Moore’s square; working at Food Shuttle or Food Bank; collecting for needy;partner with a less affluent church; children in need (Angel tree, gift cards) (W); groups at church teamup to give for a specific program; field trips for youth to shelters, kitchens, etc.; poverty simulationexercise; speakers from Emaeus House, Church in the Woods, Urban Ministries of Wake County (GeorgeDouglas); Local Needs Projects through the Diocese; Sustainable Seafood; Mosquito nets; water wells;(Aug) shoes and basic school supplies for children; speaker on global improvements and needs relatedto hunger and poverty; DIVE movie and other movies Carl S. knows about related to feeding homeless,food, etc.; picnic together with orphanages; incorporate Peggy Wade or help her efforts; festival tosupport our plan (June); Vivian Keys and Meals on Wheels; Beth: do we want to focus on IFFS andmigrant workers for education? Carl; Daryl Johnson, Deacon for Agricultural Justice, would be goodresourceBreaking that out into months:May—preparatory programming for festivalJun --Festival near first of JuneJuly—VBS, backpack buddies;; Urban Adven.Aug—school suppliesSept—Speaker on global improvements (coordinate w adult formation/ kids Sunday School)Oct—Crop Walk; pill packing for HondurasNov—Coats for kidsDec—Angel tree; gift cardsJan—Feb—Mar—Community Supported Agriculture
  • 17. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012Apr--Action Items:GT article: Communicate final vote tally and winner; thanks everybody; all ages; # votes; wideparticipation, including email; lots of suggestions on programs/speakers; process of bringing themeideas to team members; reiterate the scripture and MDG for hunger/poverty; invite others to joinoutreach team; what we will be doing in the future—calendar; coordination w other ministries; events;speakers—Pete (within a week)Short version for Sunday bulletin-- Pete ( within a week)Yahoo message-- Pete (within a week)Date for Festival—Jane (right away) will find out from StephanieCheck with Adult Formation on September for Hunger and Poverty educational programs—Jane (alreadydone—George Douglas says September 16 available and will check on other nearby dates)Send out to team Budget Request and Outreach Proposal processes (draft)—Pete (within a week)Speaker ideas—Carl will check out possibilities this weekend in Winston-Salem
  • 18. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012Ministry Team: WorshipMembers Present:Anita KerrCharlie WehlandEvelyn JudsonStephanie AllenAlicia Lester-BodfordAgenda Items discussed:• Sound system is being worked on by the Buildings and Grounds Committee• Summer alternative services: Dates: June 24-July 29, Time: 4:30pm - Pop Theology,• 5:30pm - Compline or Evening Prayer Services, and Group dinner following at nearby restaurant.• Services may be with and without music. We are looking at a Taize service or a Celtic service aspossibilities.Action Items: Assigned: Date:• Promotion of Services in Glad Tidings and N&O Religious Event Page. CommitteeMay• Teaser article written for May Glad Tidings E.Judson5/18• Full article in June GT TBD May
  • 19. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012Ministry team – Pastoral CareAttending: Chuck Till, Annette Hughes, Randy Smith, David Lynch, Jane Wehland, Carolyn Kerr, SusanGarrison, Stephanie Allan and Gail McNally.Agenda Items Discussed:Prayer Chain, DOK Prayers, Prayers of the People—how people added; how long do we keep people onthe prayer lists?  Prayers of the People to be read from the altar on Sundays are compiled by Jennie Herrick.  The Daughters of the King prayer list is made up at the monthly meeting, with prayer requests submitted to Carolyn Kerr who puts the list together and sends out to all DOK members. Prayer requests are added throughout the month by sending the request to Carolyn Kerr who will then send the request to the DOK members.  The Prayer Chain coordinator is Anita Kerr. Prayer requests are submitted, confidentially, to Anita who then sends the request to the members of the prayer chain.The Daughters of the King and the Prayer Chain requests/lists are held in confidence by members ofeach group.Lay Eucharistic Ministers/ Visitors – How are they assigned, who are those who can and will takecommunion to members who are unable to attend services. Chuck Till, Larry Troan, Alicia Lester-Bodford, Gail McNally and Helen Armstrong are among this group. It has been that there are someparishioners who ask for communion to be brought on a continuing basis. A LEM/LEV usually keeps upwith the person to whom they are assigned and provide communion on a regular basis as suggested bythe rector.Monthly Pastoral Care Coordinators— Gail McNally compiled a list of names of those who might beinterested in serving as a monthly coordinator. However, the resource book that Stephanie Allen hadplanned to obtain is unavailable at this time. We should have it soon.The question was asked regarding which ministry team the Seniors’ Luncheons fall under—Pastoral Careor Parish Life. This will be discussed at a later time.For people in transition – to new housing or living arrangements – it is important to assist them instaying connected to Nativity, i.e. calls, having communion taken to them, cards, etc.Accountability is a very important part of pastoral care. How can we keep records of pastoral care visits,calls, cards as well as urgent needs. Different methods were discussed as well as how to keep maintainthis confidential information.David Lynch had met with the Rev. Jenny Brown who is Pastoral Care Coordinator at Christ Church.Jenny is on staff at Christ Church and is assisted with Pastoral Care by the Rev. Meg BerkelHunn and anentire team.Christ Church’s pastoral care program includes:  A Telecare ministry whose members make phone calls to those who need them.  The Pastoral Care Team makes sure that information is made readily available informing parishioners that they can call and who they can call to have pastoral care needs attended to.  Pastoral Visitors Program – members of the Pastoral Care Team visit shut-ins on a regular basis.
  • 20. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2012The system at Christ Church is that Jenny Brown and Meg BerkelHunn meet on a weekly basis to discussneeds and to go over what needs to be done. They maintain a spread sheet with a record of calls, visits,etc. It is also a vehicle to make note of and update the needs of the parish.It was decided that at present the Team should decide on a few things on which to focus:  Transitional Care  Intake and Record Keeping  Transportation process  Card MinistryUrgent Requests will be assigned by the rector to members of the team and others who haveparticipated in Pastoral Care at Nativity.Action Items:  Card Ministry-- Jane Wehland will be creating a card ministry. She will gather names of those who might like to receive cards as well as those who would be willing to write and send out cards.  Carolyn Kerr is concerned about those in our community who have do not have the ability to drive, and she is interested in a creating a Transportation Ministry to assist them. She will gather information as to who will be willing to drive and those who are already driving parishioners to Nativity events.  Chuck Till will meet with the current Lay Eucharistic Ministers/Visitors to discuss the procedure for taking communion to parishioners and will report back to the Pastoral Care Team.  The Team will continue to recruit. The Pastoral Care Team needs more members especially male members.