April 2014 Ministry Teams' minutes
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April 2014 Ministry Teams' minutes






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April 2014 Ministry Teams' minutes Document Transcript

  • 1. Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes: 9 April 2014 Ministry Team: Outreach Members Present: Carl Sigel, Pete Crow, René Garcés Agenda Items Discussed: A. Pete led discussion, suggesting an Agenda to discuss: 1. Stop Hunger Now, o Carl will check with Stephanie to see if 9-11AM service could be used o assign a date between April and September, working around other activities being held at COTN o Carl may begin contacting person to take charge of program - Carl 2. Goals and Objectives o Increase participation of COTN members in Outreach activities and Outreach ministry team and leadership (see D) o Tie Outreach budget to activities in which COTN members are participants o Build relationships with other faith communities, identify community problems, and make plans to address problems 3. Budget o Scaled back individual dollar amounts originally requested for ministries, reducing total from $11.5K requested to $8K allocated; about $7850 was spread across ~10 ministries, with $150 remaining for additional ministry during the year. B. Discussed 2014 budget being $8000, and how Stop Hunger Now had an allocation of $2800 but cost/meal is going up. C. Discussed how Becky Christian will be explaining CODEP program to Outreach next month, whereby they supply trees to be planted in Haiti promoting communities to be self-reliant. D. Discussed how we need to get more folks whom have expressed interest in Outreach to attend monthly ministry meetings, possibly meeting at a separate date/time/place than regularly scheduled monthly ministry meetings, and recruit/encourage youth involvement with Outreach ministry.
  • 2. Ministry Team: Youth Members present: Jane Weinberger, Sally Bloom, Fran Kenney, Jon Showalter Agenda Items Discussed: 1. CORE VALUES FINAL SAY 7:00 to 7:10. Now Final, Thanks Dave! 2. Update on Job Applicants: Sally 7:10 to 7:15. Reviewed Applicant resumes (3); decided to extend deadline to hope for more applicants. Sally to ask Stephanie, Beth to help with posting the job. 3. Hiring Timeline Update: Sally 7:15-7:25. Did not discuss; will change with extension of application period. 4. Hiring Timeline Update. Proposed timeline: • TIMELINE FOR HIRING: Tuesday, March 18--post it on Diocesan website, Beth sends it out. Send to Karen Rideout for Nativity job bank, and ask Stephanie to distribute on her network. Decision NOT to post on FB or website until we see response. • Thursday, April 10, Distribution of Youth Applications via email and in SS on Sunday, April 13. • Friday, April 11--Deadline for resumes Friday, April 11. Snail mail to COTN; email submissions to a new nativity email address? Youth@Nativityonline.org? • Saturday, April 19--Fran and Sally complete initial review. Forward likely resumes (upload on Google Docs) (large number) to team. • Friday, April 25, Comments from YMT, using rubric (SALLY?), with recommendations of top 4 from each. • Saturday, April 26--Forward top 10-12 to Stephanie? • May 5 (week of) Stephanie schedule phone interviews with her choice of candidates. Selected YMT members make themselves available! • Week of May 12--In person interviews with Stephanie and YMT. Back-to-back interviews preferable. • Saturday, May 17--Interview final candidates with youth • Sunday, May 18--Showalter Social with final candidate and YMT families, interview youth, cross section of parish. • Week of May 19 Offer. Pray NEW BUSINESS: 1. Three-Year Goals: Review headed toward finalization, 7:25-7:40; Postponed to May 2. Youth Group for next year--discussion 7:40 to 7:50. Jon & Becky ready to step down. Decision to request new Youth Leaders, but if none found, youth group will disband for now. 3. Logistics for new hire: 7:50 to 8:00 pm Dave. In progress. 4. Fran: Suggestions to submit to the Vestry for objectives under any three of the following goals of the COTN parish: Faith: Provide an environment in which individuals explore and identify their sense of faith as part of the body of Christ, and practice their beliefs in the church and in the world. Worship: Create engaging worship opportunities to respond to the needs of diverse populations. • Possible “branding” of 9 am service to have unique identity--contemporary? • Maybe could meet in smaller venue if 9am attendance stays low? Parish Hall, like ye ole Nativity. • More time between services so that SS can be longer. Community: Nurture Christ-like servant leadership through a process of conversation, action, and reflection to equip each member of Nativity for ministry in the wider community. NOTES: By objectives, we mean specific, hopefully measurable actions that will contribute to realization of a goal. In brainstorming ideas, a ministry team does not need to confine itself to ideas relevant to that specific team, though we do expect that the final decisions on objectives will set some direction for ministry teams. THE TABLE BELOW REMAINS in effect--we will continue to work on 3-year goals, and Integrated Plan for Youth, etc. as we also devote time to youth hire. Dates may be stretched but plans, etc. should be in place before person begins job.
  • 3. ACTION ITEMS: TO DO: Goal Task Assigned To Due Date From Assessment Plan Done? Creating SPY Taking the input from above, write a narrative of these components to see how they fit into a plan to integrate youth and what else needs to be done Sally 3/10/14 based on discussions From Assessment: Christian Formation Plan: Define the purpose of the youth ministry and how the various components fulfill that purpose. Create an integrated template for connecting each component of the ministry: J to A, youth group and Confirmation. Visioning Draft Three Year Goal(s) and share for input on google docs (three years means beginning of academic year 2016-2017?) or do you prefer calendar years? I think this is academic year DM Jon 4/14 Visioning Revise and Complete 3 year goals Jon/Sally 4/14 Visioning Draft Benchmarks to reach 3 year goals, based on draft provided 1/6/14 and discussion on 1/8/14; share on google docs Fran and Sally 5/14 or... SPY Review/annotate Draft SPY on google docs All YMT Members 5/14 Visioning Complete Benchmarks based on Completed 3 year goals Fran/Sally 6/14 SPY Complete SPY Sally 6/14
  • 4. Ministry Team: Communications Members Present: Ben Huckaby, Emilie Sigel, Gail Christensen, Sarah Bernart, Jason Pace, Diane Reitman, David Cariss, Becky Christian, Nancy Reed Agenda/Items Discussed: 1. Becky reviewed the Team’s presentation to the Vestry a. Becky recapped the history of the brand guidelines effort and what its current status is. She presented a document of suggestions for the website. b. One thing we may have to look into is figuring out where to place this document on the website so that it can be easily found by others. c. The Communications Team discussed the libel issues brought up at a past Vestry meeting regarding libel suits as a consequence of something posted on Nativity's Facebook page or Twitter feeds. Sarah, our Facebook admin, follows the National Church guidelines for Facebook and Twitter. The Team feels that, if the Vestry feels this is a real concern (and the Team does not feel that way), the Vestry, not the Comms Team, should contact the NC Diocese to ask its legal team for advice. 2. Website usability and change suggestions . Becky emailed out a list of suggestions for revising the navigation verbiage, where pages are located, and a need to update some content. a. Should we change the site navigation to make it easier to locate areas of the site? i. We feel like we need an additional menu heading for the navigation, but there is not much room left for it. Would it be possible to combine Faith and Worship’s menus to free up space for a new heading? ii. The new heading would be “Stay Connected” iii. We may also need to create some sub-headings to make it easier to find some things, like liturgical resources (change to liturgical assignments for clarity?) b. Results of Jason’s usability study will be presented at the May team meeting 3. Discussion of how our team can address/respond/fulfill the new 3-year goals . Faith, Worship, and Community are the three new goals a. The Communications Team feels that these goals are perhaps too vague for the Team to address at this point. We would like to have more concrete examples and a better understanding of the intent or definition of some of these goals (for example, define "Christ-like servant leadership", define "diverse populations" and "their needs") so that we can offer the best feedback possible. We also feel that measurements are absolutely necessary to ensure the success of these goals. Action Items Discussed/Tracked: Action Item Assigned To Due Date Present results of website usability study Jason Pace 5/14/14 Create notices about new summer service schedule (roadside service banners, website slider, posters, etc.) Jason Pace (leading design team to produce these materials) 6/1/14
  • 5. Ministry Team: Worship Members present: Stephanie Allen, Charles Wehland, Waltye Rasulala, Jason Pace Agenda Items Discussed: Discussion centered on the date for the summer schedule to begin and the times for the services. Summer schedule will begin on June 15, 2014. Suggested times: 8:30am and a 10 am service . Final decision will be made by the Vestry. Feedback from the congregation re: the trial period new church services time changes established in January being completed. The schedule for the fall will be determined once the feedback has been evaluated. Report from the faciilators is pending.