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  • 1. Author Biography
  • 2. Susan Glaspell• American Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright• Actress• Director• Novelist• Biographer• Poet
  • 3. Susan Glaspell Glaspell was born in 1876 even thoughthere was a fabricated birth date of 1882 floatingaround. She grew up in Davenport, Iowa andgraduated from Drake University in Des Moines.She graduated in 1899 with a Bachelor’s degree in1899. After that she worked for a Des Moinesnewspaper where she acted as the reporter whocovered the trial of the murder trial of JohnHossack. This trial later became the inspirationbehind her short story, “A Jury of Her Peers,” andher play Trifles.
  • 4. Susan Glaspell Glaspell took a part in the feministmovement. Her works “A Jury of Her Peers”and Trifles became common place inwomen’s studies texts in the United Statesand throughout the world.
  • 5. Susan GlaspellDrama Tickless Time (1918) co-written with George Cram CookSuppressed Desires (1915) co- Bernice (1919)written with George Cram Cook. Inheritors (1921)Trifles (1916) adapted into the shortstory A Jury of Her Peers (1917) The Verge (1921)Close the Book (1917) Chains of Dew (1922)The Outside (1917) The Comic Artist (1927) co-written with Norman MatsonThe People (1917) Alisons House (1930) Pulitzer Prize forWomans Honor (1918) Drama
  • 6. Susan GlaspellNovels Glaspell, Susan (1931). Ambrose Holt and Family. New York: Frederick A. StokesGlaspell, Susan (1909). The Glory of the Company.Conquered. New York: Frederick A. StokesCompany. Glaspell, Susan (1939). The Morning Is Near Us. New York: Frederick A. StokesGlaspell, Susan (1911). The Visioning. New Company.York: Frederick A. Stokes Company. Glaspell, Susan (1942). Norma Ashe.Glaspell, Susan (1915). Fidelity. Boston:Small, Maynard. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Co..Glaspell, Susan (1928). Brook Evans. Glaspell, Susan (1945). Judd RankinsLondon: Gollancz. Daughter. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Co..Glaspell, Susan (1929). Fugitives Return.London: Gollancz.
  • 7. Short story collections OtherGlaspell, Susan (1912). Lifted Masks: Glaspell, Susan (1926). The Road to theStories. London: F.A. Stokes. Temple. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Co. A biography George Cram CookGlaspell, Susan (1927). A Jury of Her Peers(First ed.). London: E. Benn. Glaspell, Susan (1926). Cherished and Shard of Old. New York: JulianHer America: "A Jury of Her Peers" and Messner, Inc.Other Stories by Susan Glaspell. Eds.Patricia L. Bryan and Martha C.Carpentier. University of Iowa Press, 2010.
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