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Social networking for bloggers
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Social networking for bloggers


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Slides about making social networking work better for your business blog

Slides about making social networking work better for your business blog

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. NETWORKINGTIPS FOR BLOGGERS Presented By Sarah Arrow
  • 2. #1: Have a Plan Know what you want to get out of social media before you jump in. Just having a social media presence will not guarantee you any kind of results.
  • 3. #2: Focus on a Few There are thousands of social sites out there, but you need to use your time strategically. Find the most important networks to your ideal readers and focus your time on those.
  • 4. #3: Conversations with Your Audience Don’t post and run. Always take time to answer questions and comments of your audience even if they are on another platform and not your blog. In other words, keep the social in social media.
  • 5. #4: Get Involved Outside Your Circle Social networking is an opportunity to expand your social circles. Reach out to meet new people, join conversations and more.
  • 6. #5: Be Consistent If you’re using social networking for business, convey a consistent message. If you are using a team to manage your social networking, make sure you’re all on the same page.
  • 7. Tip #6: Personal & Business While mixing personal with business on social is expected, be careful that you are conveying the right image you want for your business blog.
  • 8. #7: Analyse Your Competition You can learn a lot from others in the same niches as you. Observe what others are doing right and figure out how you might apply those strategies to your social networking.
  • 9. #8: Social Media Does Not Equal Marketing Social media and marketing go hand in hand. Social media does not replace marketing.
  • 10. #9: Care about Your ProfileYour profile isimportant, so alwaystake the time tocomplete it fully.Always use a profilepicture that conveys theimage you want for yourbusiness.
  • 11. #10: Give One of the keys to success in social networking or anywhere, is to give without expecting anything in return. Those who give, get back manifold in so many different ways.
  • 12. Want better social networking results?  Subscribe for the Zero to Blogger emails at 