Pitching to bloggers successfully


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Want to get better traction with bloggers for your company? Here's how to engage better with bloggers and get the kind of results that other PR companies dream about

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Pitching to bloggers successfully

  1. 1. * Your PR success strategy
  2. 2. * As the managing editor of several blogs I get contacted daily and asked to promote items on the blogs. I am not alone in this, any prominent blogger will tell you they get a lot of PR pitches. You send us a generic email and what it contains is of no benefit to the company or the blogger as it’s all Me! Me! Me! The blogger deletes the email and the Brand / PR Company get frustrated that they are not connecting with the influencers in a positive manner and they are not getting the online exposure that they want. There has to be a better way, and there is. *
  3. 3. * With these 6 simple tips your brand can engage with a blogger in a manner that benefits the both of you and get some awesome results* When contacting a blogger, it pays to be polite and outline your offering* Good bloggers do not publish your press releases verbatim* You want to increase sales, in your contact explain if you have an affiliate program* If you want them to review products, make sure they are suitable for the intended audience* Ask if the blog has an editorial calendar* Offer something of interest to the blog’s audience – simple yet effective! *
  4. 4. * Lets look at the first tip, contacting the blogger, think of your initial contact as writing a letter. Often you know their name; its on their blog. Personalise your email. If you are expecting a blogger to pay attention to detail, you must do it too when you start your relationship with them. Keep it brief. Remember some bloggers don’t blog full time. As Guy Kawasaki says in Enchantment – 6 lines or less per email.* Dont send them a press release and expect them to publish it. A good blogger will not compromise their reputation by doing this. It will just make their blog meaningless to have identical content as multiple other blogs.* Ask them if it can be included or referenced in an upcoming post. Add links to other articles that they might find useful. See editorial calendar tip below. It may take a little time to incorporate it, so give the blogger as much notice as possible *
  5. 5. * If you have an affiliate program the blogger can join, make it obvious by telling them where it is and including a link to it. Let the manager of your company’s affiliate scheme know that you are inviting bloggers to join. Be open to the idea of having a conversation with the affiliate company to making it easy for a blogger to become an affiliate, it benefits everyone to do this. Sometimes influential bloggers are rejected from an affiliate scheme and no reason stated. You wouldn’t want this to happen to you, so smooth the way for bloggers who reply back to you.* Online reviews like traditional media product reviews can significantly raise brand awareness and if done well increase sales. Make sure the product is suited to the blog, it saves you getting a flat out rejection or worse still a bad review. Think carefully and do a little research, doing so means your product is reviewed to the right audience and will boost visibility and sales significantly. Most bloggers will aim for a balanced review and will include negatives. Their integrity with their audience is important. It’s one of the reasons you got in touch in the first place. *
  6. 6. * Asking if the blog has an editorial calendar means you can work with the blogger for the right product and have books reviewed at the right time. Book reviews for Christmas book sales and launches need to be sent out in early September. Valentines products in January; seasonal product before the season starts. Ask about the editorial calendar as they may have things that suit your marketplace such as Ada Lovelace day, Towel day, Star Wars day... you never know if you dont ask!* Recently we were asked to review a medical item that normally would have no place on our blog but it did tie in with women’s health month so the item got a lot more attention than it normally would from us. The PR Company did a little research, it showed in their communication with us and they are thrilled with the result. They also helped promote the post on social media channels, which scores highly with the blogger. It’s hard work to promote a post and the help is appreciated. *
  7. 7. * Offering item of interest to the blogs community or audience is a great way for the blogger to gain more engagement, and is a terrific way to draw attention to your product. If you offer the blogger an item to review, offer them one to giveaway. The chances are that will result another link back to the product from the item winner’s blog.* Great result! Two blog reviews for the price of one. Your brand gets twice the exposure for a little bit of consideration. Make sure the blogger knows to declare they were given the item. For the best results make it so there is no obligation to review.* Most times you will get the review anyway but if they don’t like the product you won’t get a potentially harmful review. *
  8. 8. * This really is a case of making a scenario where everyone wins, and in doing that you will gain a lot more promotion of your items.* Remember to give it a try for more targeted, effective marketing to bloggers* Sarah Arrow (http://www.saraharrow.co.uk) is a UK blogger and the managing editor of Birds on the Blog (http://www.birdsontheblog.uk) a women’s blog with a cult international following.* *
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