10-interview-tips for Podcasting


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Podcasting is a powerful way to grow your audience. And you get to interview other people to and create something really valuable for your listeners.

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10-interview-tips for Podcasting

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  2. 2. Give your guestsample questionsand have a clearidea of the storyahead of time.
  3. 3. Unless you run a podcastthat regularly pushes thelimits, make sure youunderstand and respectyour guest’s limits.
  4. 4. For better qualityinterviewing, know as muchabout your guest and topicas possible…before youinterview.
  5. 5. Check and adjustthe sound beforeeach recording youmake.
  6. 6. You’ll produce better content and enjoy yourselfmore if you interview guests and choose topics that are truly of interest to you.
  7. 7. Get to the point quicklyand show your readerswhy they should listen toyour guest.
  8. 8. Make a more interesting interview by going deeperwith your interview questions. Just asking the easy questions makes for dull content.
  9. 9. Go with the flow with yourinterviews, but alwayshave a plan to get thingsmoving, when needed.
  10. 10. What do your listener’swant to know?You’ll always conductbetter interviews if youthink about what youraudience wants to knowabout.
  11. 11. Remember, interviews aren’t about you. Let your guests shine.
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