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Don't read another google terminator review until you have read this. Exclusive TRUTH revealed!

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Google Terminator - Google Terminator Affiliate

  1. 1. Google Terminator - Does It Have Case? There's a familiar buzz sweeping the internet lately surrounding Google Terminator and Chris Fox's latest addition to the affiliate wars that are taking place. Hordes of affiliates will be scratching round, building websites , trying to gather every scrap of information they can, putting together fact less reviews in the hope of making some commission when it goes public on the 27th Nov. You can guarantee that 99.9% of these affiliates haven't even accessed Google Terminator, so really, all you will see is over hyped product reviews. I'm here to tell you the truth behind it.. not give you some fact-less review..I've accessed the product (see screen-shot above)..I'm implementing it at the moment.. and I'm going to reveal all unlike most other google terminator reviews. Let me start by telling you what you shouldn't expect when you buy google terminator. • 1- Don't expect instant results.. • 2- Don't expect some overnight success.. • 3- Don't expect some fast cash scheme.. • 4- Don't expect to make millions every month.. • 5- Don't expect to be making money in days (it can't happen) • 6- Don't expect to be using Adwords • 7- Don't expect to be using any software
  2. 2. If you come across a review telling you otherwise, they are lying..sorry but it's true. I stuck No.6 and No.7 in to prove my point, I've already seen reviews that say the system uses Adwords and some sort of software, it doesn't. What is Google Terminator? The whole Google Terminator system is based on researching new products that are announced to be released in the near future, creating a website, adding content and then concentrating on getting your website to the top of google in time for the launch. Result? Traffic and Commissions.. allegedly! I'm not going to bore you with details you can find on the sales page, you want to know if it works right? I can't comment on whether google terminator makes money because I am in the process of implementing the system and the product is weeks away from being released but what I can comment on is the fact that the methods as far as getting your site running and into google are indeed working. This a great opportunity to start building a subscriber list. Implementing the techniques in google terminator a little tedious and I do get a little bored with it.. but it's the results I'm expecting are what keeps me going. No one said it was going to be easy, it takes work and dedication. It's not hard work and once you are up and running and done the initial steps.. it does get easier. Chris isn't promising some magic formula and it certainly isn't but it is a proven formula and one that does appear to be working. I'm not going to tell you that the techniques are ground breaking or unique, what I will say is that they aren't something that would instantly come to mind if I was looking for a solution. The one thing that does stand our for me is the honesty comes with the google terminator system. There's no outlandish claims to making stupid amounts of money like on most sales pages. You know the ones, screen shots showing a billion dollar a month account, that's just not possible. With this system you are given a realistic assumption of what you could be earning. You are more likely to achieve a 4 figure income than some unrealistic amount.
  3. 3. There's a collection of videos and PDFs, which Chris keeps adding to but at last count there were 17 videos and 10 PDFs which include cheat sheets and additional promotional techniques which all add to strengthening your campaigns. The videos are short and straight to the point and give a live demonstration of each step in action which is a great help to assuring you get everything right from the start. Chris teaches this well and anyone who has google terminator access should have no problem following the steps set out. The one thing that does bother me is the template that's included. This is the exact template that Chris used in the commission blueprint 2 promotion which made him a cool $4000. I would expect that many of those who use this template will simply use it as it is without making the vital required adjustments. So we end up with the same template with just the product name changed.. I only wish that Chris could have provided different variations of it. Overall it is a very good system and for those who are looking for a different angle on their affiliate marketing, the google terminator sure provides that. I can't get over excited about it until the product launch of my latest project is over and the results are in and believe me, if they achieve the results I'm expecting then I will be back to sing about it. If you are going to download google terminator then I will issue this fair warning. It requires work, it requires input and dedication. If you are looking for an instant solution, don't waste your time with it. This is for serious people only who are willing to put in the time and effort and for those people, there are big rewards waiting. For a more in depth review and details on how to access google terminator you can find them by going here!