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Definition of corporate report and how to write it

Definition of corporate report and how to write it



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Corporate Report (2) Corporate Report (2) Presentation Transcript

  • Corporate report
    Done by:
    Sarah Aliyan
    Supervised by:
    Mr. BayanAbuShabaan
  • Definition
    Corporate financial reporting is a series of activities that allows companies to record operating data and report accurate accounting statements at the end of each month and quarter.
  • Importance
    Corporate financial reporting is an important function because it enables organizations to present accurate accounting statements
    It helps firms conform to international financial reporting standards and U.S. generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Report types
    Balance Sheet
    A corporate balance sheet is also known as a statement of financial condition or statement of financial position. It provides information about a company's assets, liabilities and equity capital
  • Report types
    Income Statement
    An organization's income statement is an important report on which investors, financial analysts and corporate business partners rely to measure a company's economic health.
  • Report types
    Cash Flow Statement
    A cash flow statement indicates liquidity movements within a company's operations. In other words, the report tells the tale of the company's cash payments and receipts over a period of time.
  • Report types
    Equity Statement
    Also known as a statement of retained earnings, a corporate equity statement provides insight into the ownership of a company. In short, the report helps identify who owns the company.
  • SEC requirements
    Require companies to disclose specific details of securities offerings and operations.
    Form 10-K, is required annually from US public companies and contains extended financials and other details about company operations.
  • How to Write a Corporate Report
    Identify the audience for your report and its purpose.
    Find out if your organization has a required format for corporate reports and use it.
    Collect the data needed to write all sections of the report.
    Create a list of key points for each report section.
  • How to Write a Corporate Report
    Draft each section of the report.
    Write a summary or abstract and a conclusion.
    Read the entire report for clarity and consistency
    Ask someone to review the report for grammar and readability.
    Edit the corporate report using feedback from reviewers.
  • Users of corporate reports:
    Corporate report is relevant to the company's shareholders, whose concern is with profit figures
    Also its important for auditors
    External users like banks
  • Thank you 