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  • 1. Evolution of Cell Phones
    Image by CubaGallery
  • 2. Image by Arte aoAvesso
    Motorola brought out the first hand held phone in April of 1973
  • 3. In 1985, the US sold 10,000mobile phones and gathered 340,000 subscribers
    Image by Mark & Andrea Busse
  • 4. Simon, by IBM was the first Smartphone sold in 1992
    Image by Sevan Jan
  • 5. The iPhone came out more recently in 2007
    ... And has sold over 60 MILLION phones
    Image by Algami
  • 6. Apple launched the App Store in July 2008 with 500 apps
    Image by Icon Designer
  • 7. Image by offernandinhoon!
    And has grown to over 225,000 Apps to-date
    In 2013, an estimated 29.5 BILLION Apps will be purchased
  • 8. In 2010, the average iPhone user spent $80 on Apps
    Image by Blind Spot Jewellery
  • 9. In 2009, 1.2 BILLION phones were sold and over 4 BILLION subscribers were gathered worldwide
    Image by mobilyazilar
  • 10. 19%of the phones sold today are smartphones
    Image by jagelado
  • 11. 9 in 10
    Americans have a cell phone
    Image by auctionphotos1
  • 12. Of these, feature phones are more popular outnumbering smartphones 4:1
    Image by BiT.Photo
    Image by jagelado
  • 13. 70 MILLION phones are lost every year...
    Image by LisaNguyen
    ...with the average person having a phone less than 2 years
  • 14. Mobile phones are now a....
    Image by inajeep
  • 15. They quickly become PERSONALIZED and you can do almost anything on them
    Image by enola05
  • 16. ...SMS is the most common feature
    Image by Sarah Price
  • 17. Mobiles can help resolve...
    Image by Spencer, Najera
  • 18. Image by Sarah Price
    …productivity Cohesion
  • 19. This information abundance...
    ...results in a
    Image by offernandinhoon!
  • 20. ... Making them DISTRACTING
    Image by Expo AA 304
  • 21. Hierarchy of digital distractions
    Image by Sarah Price
  • 22. Image by Keren Leahy
    Mobile knowledge requires ample time and patience
  • 23. Image by JeremyHall
    Image by t.jancewicz
    So, at what AGE should we start to learn about mobile technology?
  • 24. “9 out of 10 parents believe their
    kids should be taught about mobile phones and internet safety in school”- a new study says
    Image by Microsoft Clipart
    Image by nikki.jane
  • 25. But the younger, the BETTER
    Image by SparkCBC
  • 26. Today’s digital natives are more likely to own a phone (85%) than a book (73%)
    Image by TechChuck2009
  • 27. "Kids...Our research shows that they use their mobile phones to talk, text, take pictures, play games and check Facebook," ~ MobileMustermanager Rose Read
    Image by MoHotta18
  • 28. Image by ansleyalvarez
    HowverANYONE can use a mobile phone...
  • 29. Image by eyepiphany
    ... Any PLACE...
  • 30. ... Any TIME ...
    Image by The Big Jiggety
  • 31. Image by GOODPEOPLE2010
    ... Any AGE...
  • 32. Image by mshoop10
    ... ANYWHERE!
  • 33. You will always know where you stand in the world with the new GPS-enabledgeo-technology
    Image by Sarah Price
  • 34. ... mobile phones
    How has...
    ... changed our...
    ... WORLD?
    Image by tonynetone
  • 35. They have increased chatter...
    Image by the bad pencil
    ...and changed our way of life
  • 36. Even
    in the
    93% of smartphone owners use their phones at HOME (digital cocooning)
    Image by beeesocks
  • 37. Mobile technology will continue to rise above it’s obstacles and surpass it’s goals
    Image by Sarah Price