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Sara Register's Online Resume

  1. 1. Hey there! I’m Sara Register… As you can tell, I’m a little unique. You can’t put someone like me on normal white paper with rulers and heading. So welcome…to my unconventional resume. Shall we…?
  2. 2. I AM A WRITER.
  3. 3. My main goal is to ply my skills in late night comedy writing.Either OrTalk/Variety Sketch Or both 
  4. 4. But I’ve got a goal to accept both Original and Adapted Screenplay Oscars. And go to the Golden Globes. And write a hilarious memoir in the style of David Sedaris.
  5. 5. And those are just my WRITING goals!
  6. 6. So…why comedy?
  7. 7. Because I honestly believe that in all the craziness of this world, we NEED comedy to keep us going. It helps to bring light to the darkness and make sense of it all. Sometimes it even helps us deal with things that we just couldn’t otherwise.I want tobe acandle.
  8. 8. And face it, I nevergraduated frombeing class clown.
  9. 9. Q: But, Sara, you’ve never had professional experience. Why should we put you in our writers’ room?A: Because I’ve been tested in the roughestcrucible known to man. For the past ten years Ihave had to think on my feet, present toughmaterial to an oftentimes unwilling audience,and get along with everyone. I was the mostbeaten-down creature on the planet. I was…
  10. 10. A HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH TEACHER (the horror!!!!)
  11. 11. Reasons why teachers are great in any other profession:• They have patience. In spades.• They are people people. That sounds weird but it can’t be people persons. I mean I was an English teacher for crying out loud.• To get back to that last one, we can get along with anybody.• No fear of public speaking. I made my class time the “Ms. Register Hour” with intro jokes and voices and dramatic gesticulations.• No fear of criticism. We receive that. In spades.• Educated! I’ve got three freakin’ degrees, only one of which I am paid extra for!• Communication skills on deck. I can write a memo that would make Shakespeare shed a tear.• I can read a room. Oh man, can I read a room.
  12. 12. B.A. in Film from Georgia State UniversityB.S. in Secondary EnglishEducation from Kennesaw State University M.A. in Professional Writing (Creative Writing) from KSU
  13. 13. I’m aLeo.
  14. 14. IMPROV TRAINING Chicago-Level 1 with Micah Philbrook & Rachael Mason Atlanta- Level 1 with Chris Rittelmeyer and Jon Carr
  15. 15. Sketch Writing The Second City Chicago- Level 1 with Tyler Dean-Kempf & Joe Janes Sketchworks Atlanta- Intro with Robin HenryAnd a day of improv and sketch writingand performance with Kevin McDonaldfrom The Kids in the Hall at Dad’s Garagein Atlanta.It. Was. Awesome.
  16. 16. I’ve also got three producedshort films, including thisone, RED, which has beenaccepted into the MaconFilm Festival. It also has abrief cameo by my daughter.
  17. 17. On-camera ExperienceOnly one so far, as an extra in Identity Thief starringJason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, and Eric Stonestreet.I was a redneck lady with a black eye and I had to dancein some hurty high heels for six hours to Mystikal’s“Shake Ya Ass”. But how can I NOT include that?
  18. 18. Here’s the bottom line(s):I was meant to be doing this. Writing, making people laugh. I live for it. I love the urgency of the live show. From what I can tell, comedians are my tribe. I’ll do what it takes. I will work my way up. I want to write for you.
  19. 19. Reach out and touch me! (in a way that doesn’t involve HR)Official Website: www.sararegister.comEmail: sarabregister@gmail.comTwitter: @sinsarateaFrom my website you can connect to my IMDB,LinkedIn, blog, etc.
  20. 20. If you made it this far, thank you.I would love to speak with you further. -Sara Register