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Questionnaire pie charts

  1. 1. Sara McGranaghan Questionnaire resultsI created a questionnaire for my market research in order to collect information about whatpeople want to find in a magazine. To do this I asked a variety of questions in which I thinkwould be useful when creating a music magazine and it also will help me decide the targetaudience I want to aim the magazine for. What is your gender? 40% Male Female 60%This pie chart shows that out of the 10 people that completed my questionnaire, 40% ofthese were female and 60% were male. This is quite an equal amount so it should not affectmy overall results drastically. How old are you? Under 16 0% 30% Under 16 16-19 20-25 60% Over 25 10%As you can see the majority of the people that completed my questionnaire were agedbetween 16 and 19. A total of 10% was aged 20-25 and 30% over 25. This will show throughmy results as the genres of music that people prefer to listen to will appeal more to theyounger generation rather than the older.
  2. 2. Sara McGranaghan What is your occupation? 30% Employed Unemployed 60% Student 10%This pie chart shows the occupations of the people that were participants in thequestionnaire. As you can see 60% were students and 10% were unemployed so the pricethey are willing to pay for a magazine is likely to be less than somebody who is employed. Iam going to target my magazine for a younger generation so this will not affect my resultsas a lot of this audience will be students. What attracts you to a magazine? 14% Cover star 7% 43% Competitions Articles Interviews 29% House style 7%There was a variety of responses to what attracts somebody to a magazine, 43% said that acover star is what would attract them which is the most popular answer. I will take this intoconsideration when creating my magazine because if it was to be successful then the coverstar would have to be an image to grab people’s attention. The next popular response wasthe articles so I will make the cover lines on my magazine be very eye catching so thatpeople know what to expect inside. The house style, interviews and competitions wereother responses from people so I will also take these into consideration and make sure thatan interview and competition are included in the magazine.
  3. 3. Sara McGranaghan How often do you purchase magazines? 10% 20% Daily Weekly 20% Monthly 50% Rarely/NeverThis pie chart shows that 50% of people purchase magazines on a monthly basis. As this isthe most popular choice I will make my magazine be a monthly issue rather than weekly asonly 20% chose that response. What is the most you would be willing to pay for a magazine? 10% 10% Under £1 10% £1-2 20% £2-3 10% £3-4 £4-5 40% Over £5As you can see there were many different prices that people would be willing to pay for themagazine. 40% which is a large percentage would pay £3-4 at the most so this is likely to bethe price range my magazine will cost. People wanting to pay £3 or less comes to 40% whichis also a large amount so I will have to take this into consideration also. However I will becreating a monthly magazine which means it will be larger and better quality so the price ofthe magazine will not be as cheap as a weekly one.
  4. 4. Sara McGranaghan How do you access music? 10% YouTube 25% 15% iTunes/Spotify Illegally CDs 15% TV/Radio 20% Other 15%This question finds the different ways in which people access music, as you can see there isno dominant response and the percentages are relatively even. This shows that there is noway of accessing music in particular which is more popular than the others. Therefore, in mymagazine I know to include information about all of the different methods of consumingmusic. How often do you use social networking websites? 10% Daily 40% Often 20% Weekly Rarely 20% Never 10%This pie chart shows that social networking sites are very popular, although 30% eitherrarely or never use them this is all people over the age of 25. 40% use them daily and 20%weekly which shows that younger people prefer using them than older. If I was to aim mymagazine at a younger audience then social networking websites would be a very good wayto advertise it and I could also discuss them in a magazine article.
  5. 5. Sara McGranaghan What genre of music do you prefer? 10% RNB/Hip hop 40% Rock 30% Pop Other 20%This pie chart shows the popularity of different genres of music. The most popular answerwas RNB/Hip-hop therefore this is the type of magazine I am going to create. Every personwho said RNB/Hip-hop was their favourite type of music was under 25 so my magazine willbe aimed at a young audience of 15-25. Pop was also a popular response as 30% of peoplechose this so in my magazine I will include aspects of pop music and also some rock. Would you prefer an online magazine or a paper copy? 20% Online Paper 80%Finally, the last question on my questionnaire asked if people would prefer an onlinemagazine or a paper copy. I asked this question because technology is becoming morepopular especially with the younger generation. However, the majority of people said theywould prefer a paper copy rather than online which was quite surprising considering howmuch the use of technology has increased so I will create a paper magazine.
  6. 6. Sara McGranaghanTo conclude, I have decided to create an RNB magazine which is aimed at both gendersbecause this is a music genre that both male and females are big fans of. However, mymagazine will still contain some articles on other genres such as pop and rock to attract awider target audience. It will be aimed at young people aged 15-25 as this is the age groupthat enjoy listening to RNB music and are more likely to have spare time to spend reading amagazine. As my target audience will probably be mostly students the price of my magazinewill be £3 as this is very affordable and the results from my questionnaire support that willbe a good price. Most people said that the cover star is what attracted them to a magazinetherefore I will take into consideration which image to put on the front and ensure that itwill appeal to the target audience. To do this I will make the model look glamorous andattractive to catch the target audience’s eye. I am also going to ensure that the articles areinteresting and the cover lines on the cover of the magazine are noticeable in order to makethe magazine successful. Other factors will need to be taking into consideration such ascompetitions, interviews and the house style which I will create to make the magazineappeal to the audience which it targets. To do this I will include music related competitions,interviews with popular RNB stars and make sure the house style reflects the genre that themusic is based on. As most people responded to my questionnaire saying that they purchasemagazines monthly I am going to make it a bi-monthly product because if it was releasedweekly not as many purchases would be made and it is likely I would lose profit. A lot ofyounger people do not buy magazines regularly and prefer to use technology like socialnetworking sites therefore I will use this to advertise my magazine and make it appeal to mytarget audience. Although 80% of people preferred a paper copy to an online magazine Icould make an online one also available for a cheaper price because I would not need to payfor printing charges and this will make the magazine appeal to more people.