New Media Drivers License Final Presentation

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  • 1. New Media Drivers License Final Presentation
    Sara Makowski
  • 2. Social Media?
    Social media are the platforms and tools that allow people to share digital media with each other.
    Social media makes it easy to market or brand yourself.
    Examples of social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs such as WordPress
  • 3. Are you “findable”?
    Success in social media depends on your “findability”.
    How many people have the same name as you?
    A custom URL helps people find you more easily!
  • 4. Google yourself!
    May 30, 2009
  • 5. Google yourself!
    August 20, 2009
  • 6. Branding yourself
    In the current job market you must stand out from the crowd.
    The best way to stand out is to brand yourself.
    Your success in social media depends on your search rankings.
  • 7. Drawing the line between personal & professional
    Where do you draw the line between what stays personal and what is professional? 
    Around the world, colleges (and corporations) look for well rounded individuals to join their ranks.
    Lack of professionalism can ruin a person’s chances when they’re searching for a job.
  • 8. LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is a professional social networking website.
    LinkedIn is a way to connect to other professionals in your field.
    A recommendation on LinkedIn is just as good, if not better than a letter of recommendation.
  • 9. Facebook
    A socialnetworkingwebsite that lets people connect with each other with messages, pictures, video, etc.
    Be careful what you put on Facebook!
    Privacy settings exist for a reason.
  • 10. Blogging
    A blog’s focus is on promoting a single point of view for a subject the blogger is passionate about.
    Blogsallow for an open dialogue between the author and the readers.
    Blogs are a good way to make your online presence known.
  • 11. Networking!
    Networking on the Net is just as important as it is in everyday life.
    The more social media sites you and your connections share, the larger your online presence is.
    Networking can lead to job opportunities!
    Social media sites like LinkedIn are perfect for professional networking.
  • 12. Pros & Cons of Social Media
    • Findability
    • 13. Inexpensive
    • 14. Easy to communicate with audience
    • 15. Connect with friends/ acquaintances
    • Lack of privacy
    • 16. Time consuming
    • 17. Issues with credibility
  • Using social media to your advantage
    Social media can be used to promote yourself!
    The more connections you have, the larger presence you have online.
    Knowing how to use social media is a valuable skill to prospective employers.
  • 18. Overview
    Social media is valuable, but you have to know how much information you are comfortable sharing about yourself.
    Draw a line between what is personal and what is professional.
    Consider what you want to remain private to avoid embarrassing situations.
  • 19. Thank you!