Effective Coordination
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Effective Coordination



Created by Sara Ansari. ...

Created by Sara Ansari.
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Presented to peers of ELI Women's Colleges in 2011



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Effective Coordination Effective Coordination Presentation Transcript

  • How do you gauge success? 2ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Planning: • First step • More time in planning, lesser hassles in execution, better productivity • The BIG picture • Interpret all information from viewpoint of team • predict • Select most suitable options • Plans B and even C 3ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Planning: contd• Identify and gauge Resources• Time lines• Standards of performance• Criteria: • Achievable • Measurable• Recording, documentation • (after reflection / evaluation)• Re-planning 4 ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Goals and Standards: • Goals: • What can be achieved? • What conditions will prevail once it is achieved? • A time frame for achieving this • Resources that will be used • Standards: • Ongoing performance criteria • Attendance, production, safety 5ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Open Communication:• Information that affects team should be shared• Use clear, unambiguous words• Give specific examples• Express ideas clearly• Keep eye contact• Do not rush into judgement• Be an efficient listener 6ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Delegation: • Why delegate? • More is accomplished • (Office) Time is utilized effectively (deadlines) • Team feels more involved • Better productivity • Control is easier • Specific responsibility & authority • Planned delegation • Effective use of HR 7ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Understanding Conflict : • Productive Conflict: • Sense of competition • More motivation • Exploration of new ideas • More creativity • Detrimental Conflict: • Performance is interrupted • Unhealthy work atmosphere 8ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Resolution of Conflict:• Avoiding: • Denial, minor issues• Accommodating: • Damage risk, cooperation at expense of goals• Compromising: • Aggressive, cooperative• Problem Solving • Needs of both sides addressed, mutual benefit 9ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Staff Development:• Trainers: • Attitude, Knowledge, Approach• Non-threatening opportunities• Well planned: • Use of Profiles• Implementation: • Focused learning (extend deadlines, cover, etc) • Apply training to specific tasks 10ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Staff Evaluation • Periodic review of performance against expectations • Purpose: constructive • Non-threatening / targetting • Compliment when new skills are incorporated. 11ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Effective Meetings: • Purposeful • Start and End on time • Time limits for discussion of each point • Agenda: • Draft for input • Communicate final agenda prior to meet • Info relevant to attendees • Announcement • Summary: Action taken • Meeting Minutes 12ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Time Management: • Team: • Different perceptions, so different strengths and preferences • Facilitate reaching of targets within time allotted 13ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Time Management: contd. • Self: • Explore own preferences first • Use short strategies • Use organizers • Collect feedback • Announce time of availability 14ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Soft Skills: • Perception • Analysis, decision making • Critical thinking • Commitment • Steady performance 15ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Own Development: • Belief in growth • Review of own practices • Updates • Attendance in seminars, etc • Participation in delivery of above 16ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12
  • Thank you! 17ELI-WC/PD/STA_sta/Co:strategies/2011-12