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A slideshow on confidence, hope it helps! If you have any queries or thoughts do not hesitate to leave them below!

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  2. 2. WHO IS CONFIDENT?Maria Abigail
  3. 3. I SUPPOSE MOST OF YOU SAID MARIA You may have picked Maria because outwardly she has a more confident stance. We cannot judge a persons confidence by simply focusing on outward appearance. Sometimes those who look most confident are really quite timid inside.
  4. 4. SOMETIMES… Sometimes people make themselves appear confident through the way that they talk, dress or act to hide deeper insecurities that they face. Sometimes those who sit quietly, dress plainly and talk on rare occasions have an inner confidence that they are afraid to show. They might be afraid because… They feel that their opinions will be laughed at Being themselves in the past has landed them in bad situations They do not believe in their own abilitiesSometimes people become shy in certain situations, like whenthey talk to strangers or have to read aloud.
  5. 5. ABIGAIL When I am with my family and friends I have a lot of confidence because they know and understand me, even if they do make fun of me I know that they do not really mean it, they do not want to see me hurt.
  6. 6. ABIGAIL However, at school I prefer to just blend in and sit quietly during lesson times. I do not think it is good stand out, people judge you and everything that you do is taken note of. I am also afraid that if I say or do something silly I will be laughed at. I loved to paint when I was younger, but during class one day my teacher said my work looked a mess. Since then, I have chosen not to be adventurous with my work.
  7. 7. MARIA At college, I consider myself to be popular. I made sure of it, in high school I was bullied because I read a lot and dressed simply. I didn’t want the same thing to happen again so I thought being mean was the way to go.
  8. 8. MARIA Now that I have popularity, I feel that I can no longer be myself. I can no longer get lost in a book because I do not want to be considered geeky. I have to spend a lot of money on clothes so that my friends consider me cool. The new me is just an act, the real me is ebbing.
  9. 9. CONFIDENCE OR SHYNESS? So which is it better to be? A confident person or a shy person? There is only one answer to the question you must be yourself, and if that means that you are assertive and poised then so be it, if it means you are softly spoken and prefer to go unnoticed then so be it. FINAL ADVICENever try to be someone you are not in order to fit in.Do not be too confident, listen to the thoughts and opinions ofother people.Do not let other peoples opinions of you shape who youare/become.Do not be afraid to say what you think is right
  10. 10. GOOD LUCK ;)