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Baking SharePoint Governance


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Presentation delivered at SharePoint Saturday Redmond on Sep.22.2012.

Presentation delivered at SharePoint Saturday Redmond on Sep.22.2012.

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  • Great Presentation, thank you. SharePoint Governance is a complex topic to say the least. After many thousands of hours there is a simple solution to SharePoint Governance. Research suggests that people don't know what they need to know and that makes it a difficult and daunting task. There is a ready to go SharePoint Governance solution at, it's not free but it's well worth a look for businesses that are serious about governance without becoming SharePoint gurus.
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  • 1. ‘Baking’ SharePoint Governance SharePoint Saturday Redmond 2012.09.22
  • 2. Section 1 Introduction| Slide 2 |
  • 3. Introduction Speaker Introduction Saguenay ( Sag ) Baruss Based in Calgary, Alberta TSP Manager with AvePoint Canada** ** This presentation was developed independently of AvePoint. For additional information on AvePoint products and services please visit| Slide 3 |
  • 4. Introduction Session Overview This is a 200-level session intended for the IT managers and senior IT professionals responsible for the governance and long-term management of SharePoint.| Slide 4 |
  • 5. Introduction Session Objectives To discuss what governance means to organizations with SharePoint. To examine the key elements of an effective governance strategy. Provide a roadmap of practical initial steps for developing and implementing a governance policy.| Slide 5 |
  • 6. Introduction Agenda Introduction 5 min What Governance Means 15 min Baking SharePoint Governance 25 min Looking Forward 5 min Closing Thoughts 10 min| Slide 6 |
  • 7. Section 2 What Governance Means| Slide 7 |
  • 8. What Governance Means Defining Governance “Governance defines the people, processes, policies, and technologies that deliver a service.” -- Dan HolmeReference:| Slide 8 |
  • 9. What Governance Means Where Governance Fits Governance LayerReference:| Slide 9 |
  • 10. What Governance Means Approaching Governance| Slide 10 |
  • 11. What Governance Means Governance Advice Start small. Consider the organization’s readiness. Form a governance board. Make sure to answer common questions. Can you enforce it? Keep your governance plan fresh.Reference:| Slide 11 |
  • 12. What Governance Means The Challenge of Getting Started SharePoint governance can be a daunting task. There is no step-by-step guide to SharePoint Governance. The reference material you do find is either too high level or not specific to your challenges. ‘It depends’ on the requirements of your organization.| Slide 12 |
  • 13. What Governance Means Slicing the Governance Pie Governance is a large and complex topic – most of the pie is being deliberately excluded. To simplify the ‘recipe’, several assumptions around the topology and usage of SharePoint are implied.| Slide 13 |
  • 14. Section 3 Baking SharePoint Governance| Slide 14 |
  • 15. Baking SharePoint Governance A Recipe for SharePoint Governance What we need to get started. The outputs and results we want Ingredients from combining our ingredients. Mix Tackling our first Bake set of governance topics. Frost and Serve Implementing and Lick Fingers enforcing our governance policies. Measuring our results and reporting on success.| Slide 15 |
  • 16. Baking SharePoint Governance The Ingredients SharePoint vision and direction: What SharePoint will be used for. How SharePoint will fit into the overall services landscape. Business commitment: The resources and support to take on this project. Leadership: Technical. Strategic. Operational.| Slide 16 |
  • 17. Baking SharePoint Governance Mixing Business and Service Requirements. Service Level Agreement(s). Governance Boards. Specific Governance Policies. Documentation.| Slide 17 |
  • 18. Baking SharePoint Governance Aside :: Missing Ingredients SharePoint governance won’t ‘bake’ properly if you don’t have the right ingredients. If you don’t have them, you need to reconsider whether you should be proceeding.| Slide 18 |
  • 19. Baking SharePoint Governance Aside :: Unable to Mix all Items First, please refer to Missing Ingredients slide. Although business involvement is strongly recommended and not having it adds significant risk to the project, all items on the ‘Mixing’ slide can be achieved without it.| Slide 19 |
  • 20. Baking SharePoint Governance What a Governance Policy Looks Like Individual policies should be: Tied to a business and / or technical requirement. Contain a concise, specific statement of the actual policy. Identify responsibility, key implications, and measures of success but without specifying how the result is achieved.| Slide 20 |
  • 21. Baking SharePoint Governance A Governance Policy Visually Business Governance Policy Requirement Objective Technical Requirement Policy Statement Implications Implementation Responsibility Measurement| Slide 21 |
  • 22. Baking SharePoint Governance Baking Content ownership. Site / site collection creation. Permissions management. Release management. Information lifecycle.| Slide 22 |
  • 23. Baking SharePoint Governance Content Ownership Governing content ownership assigns clear responsibility for all SharePoint content to business users.| Slide 23 |
  • 24. Baking SharePoint Governance Sample Content Ownership Policy| Slide 24 |
  • 25. Baking SharePoint Governance Site / Site Collection Creation Governing the creation of SharePoint structure allows for the enforcement of standards and appropriate usage of SharePoint.| Slide 25 |
  • 26. Baking SharePoint Governance Sample Site Creation Policy| Slide 26 |
  • 27. Baking SharePoint Governance Permissions Management Governing SharePoint permissions ensures security is set consistently and conforms with corporate and industry standards.| Slide 27 |
  • 28. Baking SharePoint Governance Sample Permissions Management Policy| Slide 28 |
  • 29. Baking SharePoint Governance Release Management Governing SharePoint changes reduces the risk to SharePoint and ensures all significant changes are tested prior to implementation. It also provides a mechanism for review and approval of changes, ensuring they align with the corporate SharePoint strategy.| Slide 29 |
  • 30. Baking SharePoint Governance Sample Release Management Policy| Slide 30 |
  • 31. Baking SharePoint Governance Information Lifecycle Management Governing content within SharePoint prevents SharePoint from becoming inefficient over time. It also reduces cost and increases overall system capacity.| Slide 31 |
  • 32. Baking SharePoint Governance Sample Information Lifecycle Policy| Slide 32 |
  • 33. Baking SharePoint Governance Frosting and Serving For success: Processes need to be tested … and easy. Documentation needs to be in place and easily accessible. Responsibility for specific tasks needs to be assigned. Training and / or education needs to be provided for key individuals. Appropriate tools for automation need to be in place. Flexibility and adaptability need to be accounted for.| Slide 33 |
  • 34. Baking SharePoint Governance Licking Your Fingers Make the process iterative by periodically reviewing progress, assessing results, and celebrating success. Acknowledge the contributions of team members. Measure and publish results.| Slide 34 |
  • 35. Section 4 Looking Forward| Slide 35 |
  • 36. Looking Forward What’s Next? The rest of the pie. Addressing SharePoint ‘erosion’. Scaling up and scaling out.| Slide 36 |
  • 37. Section 5 Closing Thoughts| Slide 37 |
  • 38. Closing Thoughts Common Pitfalls Underestimating the complexity of SharePoint governance. Missing ingredients. Becoming overwhelmed. Thinking of governance as a technology problem. Inability to focus on the ‘real’ targets. Picking the biggest, toughest one first.| Slide 38 |
  • 39. Closing Thoughts Governance Automation Tool Kit Workflow tools. SharePoint Designer. Visual Studio. Consulting services. Third-party software.| Slide 39 |
  • 40. Closing Thoughts Recommended Next Steps Go back to basics. Identify existing resources you already have that can help. Look for low-hanging fruit, both in terms of simplicity and impact. Keep it simple and effective.| Slide 40 |
  • 41. Closing Thoughts Additional Reading KMWorld_Governance_White_Paper.pdf| Slide 41 |
  • 42. Closing Thoughts Questions?| Slide 42 |