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  • You may be asking yourself why you should be using internet advertising. Why should you spend your money on something you are unsure about or have no experience in? Well, there is an age-old proverb that says, "It pays to advertise".Internet advertising actually dishes out 2 main functions. First is says the cyber-world that you actually HAVE a real product and what exactly it is. Therefore, it tells the world how to FIND you, your internet site and your product. The chances of an individual person who'd be curious enough to purchase whatever you're offering and marketing just by unintentionally stumbling across your website are believably approximately one billion to zero.Yes, you have got to advertise online if you have a commercial enterprise on the internet. There are, naturally, numerous internet adverting techniques by which one may promote their business online. There are paid-for ad (mainly PPC services) and there are as well ways of free advertising that in reality work out.Virtually all business people on the internet discover that a combination of some paid and free advertising is the most beneficial solution to successfully market online. The competition for business is generally strong on the internet, unless you find a special niche to market your product or service to. There are in all likelihood hundreds of millions of sites and many them are marketing products and services that are alike to the products and services that you're selling. Unless you promote effectively, your rivals will acquire all of the sales.Why use internet advertising? Advertising really does pay off but you'll be required to find out the accurate blend of paid and free promotion for your business that will benefit your, and your customers needs.
  • Hot wired was 1sr commercial magzine
  • Floating ads use a variety of technologies, such as a combination of Flash and dynamic HTML (DHTML), and may have the ability to display differently according to the user's browser capabilitiesRich media-Broad range of digital interactive media which includes all kinds of add like banner floating etc on internetA trick click-through is sometimes called a trick-through
  • Google AdSense is the program that can give you advertising revenue from each page on your website—with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources.AdSense delivers relevant text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content. And when you add a Google search box to your site, AdSense delivers relevant text ads that are targeted to the Google search results pages generated by your visitors’ search request.
  • The term "Web 2.0" refers to a perceived second generation of web development and design, that aims to facilitate communication, secure information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration on the World Wide Web. Web 2.0 concepts have led to the development and evolution of web-based communities, hosted services, and applications; such as social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies.The term was first used by Dale Dougherty and Craig Cline and shortly after became notable after the O'Reilly Media Web 2.0 conference in 2004.[1][2]Although the term suggests a new version of the World Wide Web, it does not refer to an update to any technical specifications, but rather to changes in the ways software developers and end-users utilize the Web. According to Tim O'Reilly:“Web 2.0 is the business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the Internet as a platform, and an attempt to understand the rules for success on that new platform.[3]
  • Web Log = BlogSelf publishing platform to publish content to the internet easily & quicklyItem posts are save or archived in reverse chronological order by dateDelivery platform for valued added content in a web based HTML and RSS/XML feed formatMarketing & Net communication & visibility toolInternet visibility platform for driving targeted traffic via search engines & multiple directories
  • Video is a complex, highly multidisciplinary art, and extracting the best out of it is not as simple and clear-cut as writing a news story or a blog post.But why is video the best way to go? Because, today, the average attention span of a web user today is measured in seconds. Once delivered to you on a red carpet by a major search engine search query, or by a recommendation link on a review blog, the new web visitor applies only a very limited effort and time to see whether she can make sense of what you are communicating/selling/proposing and to decide whether your content, style, look and approach are a good fit for what she was actually looking for. If you can engage her interest right there and then, and offer a fast, highly visual way to let her discover what your "message" is, you have done bingo.
  • While BJP’s official website is nothing but a brochure, Lal Krishna Advani’s website has several interesting features. Problem no Presence of BJP is Found only promoting LK Advani) Personal Web Site: The website as GauravMishra notes, was launched on November 8, 2008.  The site is much better than the kind of sites we’ve seen in the past . Not only does it look better, it is also well conceptualized(though there’s nothing out of the box yet).Things worth noting about the site area)  Comprehensive about and background page(s): This is very important for those who want to know more about the leader and/or the party. That said, the site offers a lot of relevant information.b) Forum: The site also has an active in house forum, with a couple of threads having more than 100 posts. Having a forum is very important to organize a loyal community around the social media object in question. If handled properly a forum like this could grow really big and attract lots of politics enthusiasts engaged in various sorts of discussions. What remains to be seen is if MrAdvani, himself takes part in this forum.e) Open to suggestions/feedback: There’s good enough and visible focus on asking for user feedback and suggestions. How they are dealt with it however is a separate issue.
  • Though this doesn’t come under social media per se but there is also an active Google adwords campaign, not just for keyword search but also contextual advertising. Smartly enough they’ve even bought ads for keyword “congress”. So if someone searches Google for “congress” they’ll be seeing an ad like thisSome other keywords and phrases bought are “l k advani”, “lkadvani” and bjp. Incidentally SBI folks are even smarter for they too bought ads for the keyword “l k advani”. Here’s what their contextual ad looks like
  • To begin with, LK Advani’s blog has been active since January 2009 and each of the ten odd posts have between 50 to 150 comments. Surprisingly, the Hindi version of LK Advani’s blog has very few comments. The forum on LK Advani’s website isn’t much to look at, but it’s doing well, with 6586 members, 2940 topics, and 9354 posts.
  • Advani has a presence in more then 20000 websites n haunts u whereever u go. God save us
  • You tube lacks the importance.Very few videos uploaded.Only sppech videos.Should try a bit morpersonalised stuff
  • The Presence of Advani on Orkut is only 4119!!!!!!While Rahul Gandhi is 8000+NarendraModi 20000+ Problem is lack of discussion on the communities
  • BJP as MrAdvani - The advertisements project LK Advani bigger than his part BJP. As voters we will be voting for BJP as a party and not for a single individual, the ads need to have BJP as hero. Such campaigns could have been effective for Barack Obama since United States has two party system, which is not the case in India. Hence the impact of BJP as a party lessens by projecting only Mr L K Advani.BJP achievements - Highlighting the past achievements of BJP can be done through ads and this kind of campaigning has been effective in the past. ShivrajChauhan won the Madhya pradesh elections by highlighting the policies and the change those policies brought along. BJP is in opposition but in the states where it is in power, it can highlight the policies that brought about change and the use of similar policies at national level. Congress won the 2004 elections by promising NREGA.Other BJP leaders - There has been no mention of other BJP leaders in the advertisements. It is only a MrAdvani campaign. There is no harm in copying the US presidential online campaign, but it has to be done smartly.Nationalistic image - It is no very clear that the congress government did not do enough after the 26th November attacks. BJP is a more nationalistic party and it has to highlight the victory of the Kargil war in thepast. I am not a pro-war person,but we need an aggressive stance today.Secular propaganda - The tag of a Hindu party is something that I believe has been a down puller for BJP in terms of the Muslim vote bank. It has to highlight that it is not the same the party anymore and can take digs at Kalyan Singh who has joined SP.Economic crisis reforms - The congress party has not done enough to counter recession leaving the country with a GDP growth of 5.3% in the Q3 of 2008-09 fiscal, the lowest in six years. Moreover its flagship schemes such a NREGA and other have not been effectively used. The Comptroller and Auditor General reported that about 51,000 crore that was used for flagship schemes has nto been accounted for properly. Kolkatta's Indian Statistical Institute reported that over 5.5 crore people have been pushed below the poverty line (BPL) during the tenure of UPA. BJP will have to propose solutions to the economic crisis that it will bring about if it comes to power.The online user is smart and has less time to read long blog entries that to political ones, hence the important points need to be conveyed boldly through the ads itself. Currently Prodyut Bora an IIM A alumnus is heading the BJP's IT cell and his idea for aggressive online marketing campaign has been good but it has not been well executed creating negative publicity too. BJP's think tank will need to do more on their online marketing campaign to make it more effective.
  • You tube lacks the importance.Very few videos uploaded.Only sppech videos.Should try a bit morpersonalised stuff
  • Internet advertising

    1. 1. Internet Marketing by Group No. 10
    2. 2. Why Internet Marketing • You may be asking yourself why you should be using internet marketing. • You could deliver the mankind's most extraordinary merchandise but if you do not advertise on the World Wide Web, nobody will be capable to discover you the least bit. • It tells the world how to FIND you, your internet site and your product.
    3. 3. Banner Advertisements • Banner ads used to be a very popular form of advertising in the past. Five years ago, in 1997, the average CTR for banner ads was as high as 2%. With today's CTR being a tenth of that and continuing to drop • In the beginning of targeted online advertising, there were banner ads • Advertisements were introduced on HotWired in October, 1994, for brands including Zima, Club Med and AT&T.
    4. 4. Pop Up Advertisement • Pop-up ads or pop-ups are a form of online advertising on the World Wide Web intended to attract web traffic or capture email addresses ,When certain web sites open a new web browser window to display advertisements . • The pop-up window containing an advertisement is usually generated by JavaScript, • A variation on the pop-up window is the popunder advertisement, which opens a new browser window hidden under the active window. • Pop-unders do not interrupt the user immediately and are not seen until the covering window is closed, making it more difficult to determine which web site opened them.
    5. 5. Floating ad: An ad which moves across the user's screen or floats above the content. • A floating ad is a type of rich media Web advertisement Trick banner: A banner ad that looks like a dialog box with buttons. It simulates an error message or an alert. • A banner ad that attempts to trick people into clicking, often by imitating an operating system message. • Trick banners seek to overcome "banner blindness" and "banner baggage" by disguising the fact that they are advertising devices
    6. 6. Floating ad World’s 1st banner ad
    7. 7. The Internet Has Changed The first ten years of commercial Internet were a warm-up act for what is about to happen.” – Morgan Stanley/Mary Meeker “Not only did we fail to imagine what the Web would become, we still don’t see it today!” – Chris Anderson, Wired magazine “If your target audience isn’t listening, it’s not their fault, it’s yours.” – Seth Godin, author
    8. 8. The Google Turn Around • In 2000, Google launched a keyword-targeted advertising program called AdWords, revolutionizing the online advertising industry. • AdWords showed ads on that were related to a person’s specific search • And Google disallowed pop-up and popunder ads of any kind.
    9. 9. What is Google Advertising? Your customers see your ad when they search Your ad reaches users at the moment they demonstrate interest
    10. 10. A Typical AdWords Ad • Ad Title (25 character limit) • Ad Text (35 character limit) • Display URL (35 character limit)
    11. 11. Google Adword Technology
    12. 12. Google AdSense • Google AdSense is the program that can give you advertising revenue from each page on your website— with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources. • AdSense delivers relevant text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site content • when you add a Google search box to your site, AdSense delivers relevant text ads that are targeted to the Google search results pages generated by your visitors’ search request.
    13. 13. Google Network Basics – Ad Distribution Other 20% network The Google Network reaches over 80% of Internet Users worldwide* 80% Content publishers, including: Google properties, including: Search partners, including:
    14. 14. Revolution of WEB 2.0
    15. 15. These are the five essential tools Social Networking blog Podcast video RSS & E- Zines
    16. 16. A blog demonstrates authority
    17. 17. The Rule of 1%, 10%, 89% • 1% Create original content • 10% add content: comments, rating, reviews, aggregation, taggi ng, embed, etc. • 89% Consume Content • Your Brand Lives Everywhere… Not just on Your Site • Experience Matters, Not Pageviews 18
    18. 18. An RSS & e-zine builds relationship
    19. 19. Blog RSS Data Flow 20
    20. 20. A podcast makes a personal connection
    21. 21. Social Networking helps in building a network
    22. 22. Social Network Marketing • • • • • • Applications Groups Paid Groups Targeted Ads News Feed Ad Buys Pages
    23. 23. Videos create an experience
    24. 24. Together, they lead people to you.
    25. 25. We are witnessing nothing less than the rise of a new economy ---- a digital economy ---- a new global medium that will be the single most important global driver of business, economic and social change in this century .
    26. 26. Getting Ready for The Digital Indian General Elections 2009!
    27. 27. Why Go Digital • Wired India today has evolved exponentially in comparison with India in 2004. • The Internet population of the country is at 49 Million users today. The mobile base of the country is almost at a whopping 300 Million. • The Internet has become a dominant medium in the daily lives of regular users. • Juxt Consult reports 41% of Internet users log on to the net everyday for twohours or more.
    28. 28. Why Youth? Why Digital? Voters 18-29 36% rest 64% 36% of all eligible voters in India are YOUTH! Youth can be influenced: if they can be engaged and listened to! 30% of the electorate is reportedly going to be first time voters, it’s hard to ignore the potential of both Internet and Mobile media.
    29. 29. LK Advani Tries to do a Obama
    30. 30. Google Search
    31. 31. BLOG
    32. 32. Banner Advertisements
    33. 33. Videos on You Tube
    34. 34. Advani’s Presence on Orkut
    35. 35. Major Mistakes • BJP as Mr Advani • BJP achievements • Other BJP leaders • Economic crisis reforms • Not the right candidate to target the Youth (Internet Audience).
    36. 36. Peoples Take on this Campaign • Pranav, an active blogger, posted this comment, "It irritates when you visit any website with Indian content and see a photo of LK Advani. Had it been Angelina Jolie I would not have typed this post." • Sharad Natani, an MBA student from Delhi, said, "I don't know from where they got my email address but I am receiving emails from Advani's office inviting me to visit his website. I don't want so many mails from the BJP office in my inbox." • Another blogger expressed his anger, "I came. I saw. I saw. I saw. I saw. I saw. I saw. I saw. I saw. I kept seeing. And all I saw were LK Advani's ads. [sic] Advaniji, I hereby urge you to take immediate steps to reduce the number of advertisements in the Internet space.
    37. 37. A couple of interesting and simple things they can do are • Have videos of his speeches & Rally uploaded under an official youtube channel, so that more people can see them and know more about him and his viewss. • Have an option to vote for or against his stands on various issues. This could help them understand what’s the popular opinion for netizens about his stands. • Even if they decide to focus on just the site without doing anything fancy, they can get a lot of attention and earn goodwill by just spending more time conversing with the users/visitors.