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Plan de estudio avianca services bilingue

  2. 2. U Topics Grammar 1 Nice to meet you Nationalities Verb be, pronouns, afirmative, negative and interrogative sentences 2 Turn off your cellphones A, an article, possesives 3 Cappuccino and fries Simple present, 4 Relatively famous A, an plus jobs, posessive pronouns 5 Can’t dance, Shoppingwomen love it! Can/cant, llike, object pronouns me, you, him…
  3. 3. U Topic Gammar 1 Who were they? Murder in a mansion… Simple past of be: was/were, regular verbs, irregular verbs 2 New york, a house with history, a night in a haunted hotel. There is, there are, there was, there were, present continuous, 3 Hwo much water do we really need? It’s written in the cards… A, an, some, any, how much, how many, be going to predictions 4 The highest city in the world, they dress well but drive badly Comparative, superlative adjetives, would like to… 5 Before we met Present perfect
  4. 4. U Topic Grammar 1 A time to remember Past tense; used to for habitual actions 2 Cought in the rush Adverbs of quantity; too, many, much, less, more, fewer, not enough 3 Time for a change Evaluations and comparations 4 I’ve never heard of that Simple past Vs present perfect
  5. 5. U Topic Grammar 1 Going places Future with be, going, and will 2 Ok, no problem Tow-part verbs; will you, would you mind 3 What’s this for Infinitives and gerunds, imperatives for giving suggestions 4 Let’s celebrate Adverbial clauses of time; when, after, before.
  6. 6. U Topic Grammar 1 Back to the future Time contrasts; conditional sentences with if 2 I don’t like working on weekends Gerunds; sort responses; clauses with because 3 It’s really worth seeng! Passive with by (simple present) 4 It could happen to you Past contunuos vs simple present; present perfect
  7. 7. U Topic Gramma 1 Good book, terrible movie Participles and adjetives relative clauses 2 So that’s what it meas! Modal and adverbs; might, may, possibly, probably, definitely 3 What would you do? Unreal conditional sentenses with if clauses; past modals 4 What’s your excuse? Reported speech; request; statement
  8. 8. U Topic Grammar 1 That’s what friends are for Relative pronouns as subjects and objects 2 Career moves; Job skills Ground phrases as objects and subjects 3 Could you do me a favor? Request with modals; if clauses and gerunds 4 What a story Past continuous vs past simple; past perfect
  9. 9. U Topic Grammar 1 Crossing cultures Noun phases; suupposed to; expected to; acceptable to… 2 What’s wrong with it? Decribing problems with past participles as adjetives 3 The world we live in Passive in the present continuous 4 Lifelong learning Would rather and would prefer
  10. 10. U Topic Grammar 1 At your service Have or get something done; giving suggestions 2 The past and the futuure Refering to time in the past; during; ago; from; since… 3 Life’s little lessons Time cluses; before, after, once, at the moment, as soon as… 4 The right stuff Describing purpose; giving reasons with because, since, because of, due to…
  11. 11. U Topic Grammar 1 That’s a possibility Past modals; must have, may have, might have, should have, could have would have 2 Bihind the scenes Describing how something is done or made 3 There should be a law! Giving recommendations and opinions; should be, aought to be, must be, has to be… 4 Challenges and accomplishmentes Would like to have plus participles
  12. 12. Conclution • As you have seen before every unit has a topic that reffers to a real situation that will make our learning experience easier. • This english study program has been designed to be completed in a period of 2 months per level. • Every student will have his own workbook and student book. • Everyone will complete a total of 4 presential study ours per week followed with an electronic homework made by the teacher for the student.
  13. 13. More information • Schedule: Tuesdays from 10:00 to 12:00 and 12:00 to 14:00 Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:00 and 12:00 to 14:00 • Costs: There´s a price of 100,000 pesos per level that can be paid by paying 50,000 pesos every month.