Chapter 4

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  • 1. ICICI BANK & BANK OF MADURA – PRE MERGER<br />S.N0ParticularsICICIBank of Madura19992000199920001.Debt – Equity ratio1.190.581.270.852.Advances to total assets0.3020.3030.3230.3153.Capital adequacy ratio (%)11.0619.6414.2515.834.Current ratio6.576.364.934.345.Return on capital employed (%)11.919.449.6811.366.Total advances to deposits0.350.370.400.397.Return on total assets (%)10.749.329.068.818.Earnings per share3.725.2125.137.519.Price earnings ratio7.3749.902.312.6910.Liquid asset to total deposit0.2510.2540.380.4411.Liquid assets to total advances0.720.690.971.15<br />BANK OF BARODA AND BAREILLY CORPORATION BANK – PRE MERGER<br />S.N0ParticularsBank of BarodaBareilly Corporation Bank19971998199719981.Debt – Equity ratio0.70.420.330.022.Advances to total assets0.4030.4010.280.303.Capital adequacy ratio (%)11.812.052.953.564.Current ratio2.634.129.857.835.Return on capital employed (%)8.0614.317.9426.556.Total advances to deposits0.4720.4700.280.307.Return on total assets (%)7.57.877.37.148.Earnings per share10.6615.370.481.829.Price earnings ratio8.446.80010.Liquid asset to total deposit0.320.330.460.2811.Liquid assets to total advances0.670.701.670.92<br />STATE BANK OF SAURASTRA AND STATE BANK OF INDIA – PRE MERGER<br />S.N0ParticularsState Bank of IndiaState Bank of Saurastra20072008200720081.Debt – Equity ratio1.791.491.251.462.Advances to total assets0.600.580.5890.5733.Capital adequacy ratio (%)12.3413.5412.7812.344.Current ratio1.731.62.294.365.Return on capital employed (%)6.136.733.494.436.Total advances to deposits0.780.780.7010.7577.Return on total assets (%)6.0275.155.758.Earnings per share83.91103.9427.8510.839.Price earnings ratio11.8315.380010.Liquid asset to total deposit0.170.180.0790.15011.Liquid assets to total advances0.220.230.1120.199<br />ORIENTAL BANK OF COMMERCE AND GLOBAL TRUST BANK LTD – PRE MERGER<br />S.N0ParticularsOriental Bank of CommerceGlobal Trust Bank ltd20022003200220031.Debt – Equity ratio0.520.560.8123.292.Advances to total assets0.440.460.400.383.Capital adequacy ratio (%)10.9914.0411.2104.Current ratio4. on capital employed (%)15.6516.23-16.54-77.216.Total advances to deposits0.500.530.460.387.Return on total assets (%)8.98.535.771.718.Earnings per share16.6523.163.3209.Price earnings ratio2.332.777.94010.Liquid asset to total deposit0. assets to total advances0.310.230.440.56<br />CENTURION BANK AND BANK OF PUNJAB – PRE MERGER<br />S.N0ParticularsCenturion BankBank of Punjab20042005200420051.Debt – Equity ratio7.962.340.820.792.Advances to total assets0.460.490.460.473.Capital adequacy ratio (%)7.4921.4212.649.234.Current ratio3.633.63.594.475.Return on capital employed (%)-68.35.618.32-15.866.Total advances to deposits0.510.620.540.547.Return on total assets (%)4.634.895.632.98.Earnings per share00.253.4409.Price earnings ratio059.86.85010.Liquid asset to total deposit0. assets to total advances0.320.270.370.37<br />ICICI BANK – POST MERGER<br />S.N0ParticularsICICI200120021.Debt – Equity ratio0.928.942.Advances to total assets0.360.443.Capital adequacy ratio (%)11.5711.444.Current ratio3.311.835.Return on capital employed (%)8.70.86.Total advances to deposits0.431.447.Return on total assets (%)6.692.978.Earnings per share7.9611.529.Price earnings ratio20.7810.7610.Liquid asset to total deposit0.170.3411.Liquid assets to total advances0.390.24<br />BANK OF BARODA – POST MERGER<br />S.N0ParticularsBank of Baroda199920001.Debt – Equity ratio0.170.532.Advances to total assets0.380.423.Capital adequacy ratio (%)13.312.14.Current ratio3.765.75.Return on capital employed (%)9.7813.226.Total advances to deposits0.440.487.Return on total assets (%)0.70.918.Earnings per share1416.479.Price earnings ratio3.252.7510.Liquid asset to total deposit0.340.2711.Liquid assets to total advances0.760.56<br />STATE BANK OF INDIA – POST MERGER<br />S.N0ParticularsState Bank of India200920101.Debt – Equity ratio1.451.562.Advances to total assets0.560.603.Capital adequacy ratio (%)12.97124.Current ratio1.871.675.Return on capital employed (%)7.156.076.Total advances to deposits0.730.797.Return on total assets (%)7.216.68.Earnings per share139.76140.659.Price earnings ratio7.6314.7810.Liquid asset to total deposit0.200.1611.Liquid assets to total advances0.270.21<br />ORIENTAL BANK OF COMMERCE – POST MERGER<br />S.N0ParticularsOriental Bank of Commerce200420051.Debt – Equity ratio0.410.412.Advances to total assets0.480.473.Capital adequacy ratio (%)14.479.214.Current ratio3.226.325.Return on capital employed (%)19.5917.616.Total advances to deposits0.550.537.Return on total assets (%)9.015.548.Earnings per share34.9937.299.Price earnings ratio8.608.3410.Liquid asset to total deposit0.140.2011.Liquid assets to total advances0.240.37<br />CENTURION BANK OF PUNJAB – POST MERGER<br />S.N0ParticularsCenturion Bank of Punjab200620071.Debt – Equity ratio0.290.782.Advances to total assets0.580.603.Capital adequacy ratio (%)12.5211.054.Current ratio2.041.285.Return on capital employed (%)9.37.736.Total advances to deposits0.700.767.Return on total assets (%)6.25.858.Earnings per share0.620.779.Price earnings ratio42.8248.7710.Liquid asset to total deposit0.140.1011.Liquid assets to total advances0.200.13<br />