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Secrets Of Body Language Promo Arif Anis

  1. 1. Secrets of Body Language arifanees@live.comSECRETS OF BODY LANGUAGE 1 Arif Anis
  2. 2. The Secrets of Body Language Arif Anis(This presentation is based on Arif Anis‟ upcoming book) Secrets of Body Language 2
  3. 3. Body language is a form ofnon-verbal communication, consisting of body pose, gestures, and eyemovements. Humans send and interpret such signals subconsciously Secrets of Body Language 3
  4. 4. The Cortico-Limbic Theory for targetedcommunication (CLTC) Secrets of Body Language 4
  5. 5. to educate the “thinking” brain, the neocortex, withinformation that is already inherited in our “emotional” part of the brain ( Amygdala) in the limbic system.. Secrets of Body Language 5
  6. 6. to better understand others,control our own body language to helpus improve our communication skills Secrets of Body Language 6
  7. 7. Three interrelated brain networks involved inEmotional Body Language (EBL) Secrets of Body Language 7
  8. 8. 8Secrets of Body Language
  9. 9. Mehrabians rule (1971)Three elements in any face-to-face communication Secrets of Body Language 9
  10. 10. 1. Actual words ( Verbal) 7%2. Tone, pitch, pace of voice( Vocal) 38%3. Facial Expression, gesture,posture (Visual) 55% Secrets of Body Language 10
  11. 11. Secrets of Body Language 11
  12. 12. Words are used primarilyfor conveying information, while body language is used for negotiating interpersonalattitudes and as a substitute for verbal messages Secrets of Body Language 12
  13. 13. Nonverbal SignalsVary from culture to culture Microsoft Photo Secrets of Body Language 13
  14. 14. This is good to Westerners, one to Italians, five to Japanese and up yours to the Greeks EveryoneSecrets of Body Language 14
  15. 15. Showing this American football gesture is a jailable offence in ItalySecrets of Body Language 15
  16. 16. OK to a Westerner, money to a Japanese, zero to the French and insulting to the Turks and BraziliansSecrets of Body Language 16
  17. 17. This can mean Good, One, Up yours or Sit on this depending where you liveSecrets of Body Language 17
  18. 18. 4 Basic positionsREFLECTIVE OPEN/BACK, people are interested and receptive, but not actively accepting. Trying to close the sale or asking for an agreement now may drive them away into fugitive mode. This is the time to present further facts and incentives. It may also be a good time to Body leaning forward keep quiet and let them think. Secrets of Body Language 18
  19. 19. 4 Basic positionsRESPONSIVE OPEN/FORWARD the person is actively accepting. This is the time to close the sale, ask for agreement, Body leaninga demand forward concession.Body leaning backwards Secrets of Body Language 19
  20. 20. 4 Basic positionsFUGITIVE CLOSED/BACK, people are trying to escape physically through the door or mentally into boredom. Body leaning forward This is the time to spark interest in any way you can,Body leaning backwards even irrelevant to the message. Secrets of Body Language 20
  21. 21. 4 Basic positionsCOMBATIVE CLOSED/FORWARD, there is active resistance. This is the time to defuse anger, avoid contradiction and outright Body leaning forward argument and to steer them into reflective mode.Body leaning backwards Secrets of Body Language 21
  22. 22. Universal GesturesShoulder Shrug •exposed palms to show nothing is being concealed in the hands •Hunched shoulders to protect the throat from Body leaning forward attack •Raised brow which is aBody leaning backwards universal, submissive greeting Secrets of Body Language 22
  23. 23. Three Rules for Accurate ReadingRule 1. Read Gestures in Clusters Scratching the head Scratching the head can mean uncertainty canitsmean ofuncertainty but also a sign dandruff but its also a sign of dandruff Secrets of Body Language 23
  24. 24. Critical evaluation • Legs tightly crossed and arm crosses body thus implicated listener is defensive • Head and chin are down implicate hostility • I don’t like what you are saying and I disagree with you Secrets of Body Language 24
  25. 25. Am I being critically evaluated now?Body leaning backwards Secrets of Body Language 25
  26. 26. Let me first evaluate you Secrets of Body Language 26
  27. 27. Hillary Clinton uses this cluster when shes not convincedBody leaning backwards Secrets of Body Language 27
  28. 28. Three Rules for Accurate ReadingRule 2. Look for Congruence When a persons words andits alsothesignlanguage are but body of can mean uncertainty Scratching a head dandruff in conflict, women ignore what is said Secrets of Body Language 28
  29. 29. Secrets of Body Language 29
  30. 30. Three Rules for Accurate ReadingRule 3. Read Gestures in Context All gestures should be Scratching the head can mean uncertainty considered dandruff but its also a sign of in the context in which they occur Secrets of Body Language 30
  31. 31. The man is cold, not defensiveSecrets of Body Language 31
  32. 32. Why Kids are Easier to Read Older people are harder to read than younger ones because they have less muscle tone in the face Secrets of Body Language 32
  33. 33. The child telling a lie Covers the mouth with one or both hands they have less muscle tone in the face Secrets of Body Language 33
  34. 34. The teenager telling a lie Rubs fingers lightly around the mouth Secrets of Body Language 34
  35. 35. The adult telling a lie Secrets of Body Language 35
  36. 36. The adult telling a lie ..or they can just bite lower lip, purse lips, or skew mouth from side to side Secrets of Body Language 36
  37. 37. The adult telling a lie Bill Clinton answering questions about Monica Lewinsky in front of the Grand Jury Secrets of Body Language 37
  38. 38. Modern humans are worse at readingbody signals than theirancestors because weare now distracted by words Secrets of Body Language 38
  39. 39. When men lie their bodylanguage can be obvious Women prefer to look busy as they lie Secrets of Body Language 39
  40. 40. Body language is easier to fake with men than with women because, overall, men arent good readers of body language Secrets of Body Language 40
  41. 41. Fakers can only pretendfor a short period of time Secrets of Body Language 41
  42. 42. How to Detect Openness The palms are intentionally used everywhere to infer an open, honest approach Secrets of Body Language 42
  43. 43. How to Detect Openness Trust me - Im a doctor Secrets of Body Language 43
  44. 44. Palm Power Palm up = non threatening Secrets of Body Language 44
  45. 45. Palm Power Palm down — authority Secrets of Body Language 45
  46. 46. Palm Power Adolf Hitler using one of historys most notable Palm-Down signals Secrets of Body Language 46
  47. 47. Palm Power The Palm-Closed- Finger-Pointed gesture is one of the most annoying gestures annoying gestures Secrets of Body Language 47
  48. 48. Palm Power The pointing finger creates negative feelings in most listeners But often it can inspire the listeners Secrets of Body Language 48
  49. 49. Palm Power ..even for the war of independence Secrets of Body Language 49
  50. 50. Palm PowerSqueezing the thumb against the fingertips avoids intimidating the audience Secrets of Body Language 50
  51. 51. Hand ShakesDominant submissive Secrets of Body Language 51
  52. 52. Hand Shakes Equal Secrets of Body Language 52
  53. 53. Hand ShakesThe Double-Hander Secrets of Body Language 53
  54. 54. Hand Shakes The Double-Hander is like a miniature hug And It may produce discomfort in unfamiliar recipient Secrets of Body Language 54
  55. 55. Hand Shakes Yasser Arafat plants a Double-Hander on Tony Blair, whose tight-lipped expression shows hes not impressed Secrets of Body Language 55
  56. 56. Hand Shakes thatinvades the personalspace of the recipient Secrets of Body Language 56
  57. 57. The Wrist Hold The Elbow Grasp The Double-Hander is like a miniature hug Secrets of Body Language 57
  58. 58. The Upper-Arm Grip The Shoulder Hold The Double-Hander is like a miniature hug Secrets of Body Language 58
  59. 59. Hand Shakes thatproduce discomfort in recipient Secrets of Body Language 59
  60. 60. The Wet Fish : The Vice :Hyperhydrosis A desire to dominate The Double-Hander is like a miniature hug Secrets of Body Language 60
  61. 61. Bone-Crusher: The Socket Wrencher :A desire to dominate Pulling the receiver into the initiators territory Secrets of Body Language 61
  62. 62. The Finger-Tip Grab: The Stiff-Arm Thrust : Personal space Aggression difference The Double-Hander is like a miniature hug Secrets of Body Language 62
  63. 63. The Pump Handle : The Dutch Treat : Lack of Giving a handshake like sophistication a bunch of carrots The Double-Hander is like a miniature hug Secrets of Body Language 63
  64. 64. The Magic of Smile and Laughter Secrets of Body Language 64
  65. 65. False smiles pull back only the mouth, realsmiles pull back both the mouth and eyes The Double-Hander is like a miniature hug Secrets of Body Language 65
  66. 66. „False Smile‟ signals fear and submission Secrets of Body Language 66
  67. 67. A primate fear face (left) and a primate play face’ ( Right)Secrets of Body Language 67
  68. 68. When liars lie, the left side of the smile isusually more pronounced than the right Secrets of Body Language 68
  69. 69. Five Common Types of Smiles Secrets of Body Language 69
  70. 70. 1.The Tight-Lipped Smile Secrets of Body Language 70
  71. 71. The Tight-Lipped Smile shows she has asecret and wont be sharing it with you Secrets of Body Language 71
  72. 72. Tony and Cherie Blair were tight lippedabout Cheries last pregnancy Secrets of Body Language 72
  73. 73. 2.The Twisted Smile Secrets of Body Language 73
  74. 74. The Twisted Smile means sarcasm ( Irony) Secrets of Body Language 74
  75. 75. 3. The Drop-Jaw Smile Secrets of Body Language 75
  76. 76. Drop-Jaw smile with an attempt to fake smiling eyes Secrets of Body Language 76
  77. 77. A Drop-Jaw smile is a practiced smile whereonly the jaw is lowered to feign enjoyment Secrets of Body Language 77
  78. 78. 4. Sideways-Looking-Up Smile Secrets of Body Language 78
  79. 79. Dianas Sideways-Looking-Up smile had apowerful effect on both men and women Secrets of Body Language 79
  80. 80. 5.The George W Bush Grin Secrets of Body Language 80
  81. 81. Secrets of Body Language 81
  82. 82. The Permanent Down- Mouth Secrets of Body Language 82
  83. 83. The Down-Mouth expression can become apermanent facial feature Secrets of Body Language 83
  84. 84. The Arm Signals Secrets of Body Language 84
  85. 85. Crossed-Arms-on-Chest: hes not coming out and youre not coming inSecrets of Body Language 85
  86. 86. Fists-Clenched-Arms- Crossed (Standard arm cross) : shows a hostile attitude existsSecrets of Body Language 86
  87. 87. The Double-Arm-Grip (Reinforced arm cross) : feeling insecure and not buying what youre sellingSecrets of Body Language 87
  88. 88. Thumbs-Up: defensive, but he still thinks hes pretty coolSecrets of Body Language 88
  89. 89. Holding-Hands-With- Yourself ::Holding herself like her mother held her when she was a childSecrets of Body Language 89
  90. 90. The Broken Zipper Position :Makes a man feel secure Secrets of Body Language 90
  91. 91. Holding the hands over the crotch makes men feel more secure when they feel threatenedSecrets of Body Language 91
  92. 92. Humans make a point of hiding the areas they think are their weakest or most vulnerableSecrets of Body Language 92
  93. 93. Famous people are just as nervous in public as the rest of usSecrets of Body Language 93
  94. 94. Prince Charles Cuff-Link- Adjust revealing his insecuritiesSecrets of Body Language 94
  95. 95. Handbag used to form a barrierSecrets of Body Language 95
  96. 96. Flower grasping shows self consciousness :an attempt to disguise nervousnessSecrets of Body Language 96
  97. 97. The arm barrier says noSecrets of Body Language 97
  98. 98. Shes now open to your ideasSecrets of Body Language 98
  99. 99. Hand and Thumb Gestures Secrets of Body Language 99
  100. 100. Rubbing the Palms Together Secrets of Body Language 100
  101. 101. Showing positive expectancySecrets of Body Language 101
  102. 102. Have I got a deal for you!Secrets of Body Language 102
  103. 103. Thumb and Finger Rub Secrets of Body Language 103
  104. 104. We can make money out of this!Secrets of Body Language 104
  105. 105. Hands Clenched Together Secrets of Body Language 105
  106. 106. Hands clenched in raised position reveals frustration, even when smilingSecrets of Body Language 106
  107. 107. Hands clenched in centre position : Moderate degree of frustrationSecrets of Body Language 107
  108. 108. Hands clenched in lower position : Mild degree of frustrationSecrets of Body Language 108
  109. 109. Hands clenched in lower position : Mild degree of frustrationSecrets of Body Language 109
  110. 110. The Steeple Secrets of Body Language 110
  111. 111. Confident he has the right answersSecrets of Body Language 111
  112. 112. Raised Steeple : Confident while talkingSecrets of Body Language 112
  113. 113. Lowered Steeple : Confident while listeningSecrets of Body Language 113
  114. 114. Women tend to use the Lowered Steeple position moreSecrets of Body Language 114
  115. 115. The Face Platter Secrets of Body Language 115
  116. 116. The Face Platter - Presenting her face for a man to admireSecrets of Body Language 116
  117. 117. Holding Hands Behind the Back Secrets of Body Language 117
  118. 118. Back and front views of the superiority- confidence gestureSecrets of Body Language 118
  119. 119. The Hand-Gripping-Wrist Gesture : Frustration and an attempt at self- controlSecrets of Body Language 119
  120. 120. The Upper Arm Grip: More frustrationSecrets of Body Language 120
  121. 121. Thumb Displays Secrets of Body Language 121
  122. 122. The Waistcoat Thruster : Thumbs are used to display dominance, assertiveness or sometimes aggressive attitudesSecrets of Body Language 122
  123. 123. Dominance / Superiority Secrets of Body Language 123
  124. 124. Thumbs-Protruding- from-Coat-Pocket: Prince Charles using his Thumb- Protruding-from- Coat-Pocket gestureSecrets of Body Language 124
  125. 125. Giving a contradictory verbal message: A lawyer pretending to be humbleSecrets of Body Language 125
  126. 126. Thumbs-Protruding- from-Back-Pocket: A person is trying to hide his dominant attitude.Secrets of Body Language 126
  127. 127. Closing himself off but still feeling superior.Secrets of Body Language 127
  128. 128. signal of ridicule or disrespect when it is used to point at another person.Secrets of Body Language 128
  129. 129. Hand-to-Face Gestures Secrets of Body Language 129
  130. 130. Deceit, Doubt, Lying Secrets of Body Language 130
  131. 131. The Three Wise Monkeys.: Hear no evil, see noevil, speak no evil Secrets of Body Language 131
  132. 132. Lying Gestures Secrets of Body Language 132
  133. 133. The Mouth Cover or a Fake Cough.Secrets of Body Language 133
  134. 134. The Nose Touch/ Scratch: Can be used both by the speaker and the listener.Secrets of Body Language 134
  135. 135. The Eye Rub: I just cant see itSecrets of Body Language 135
  136. 136. The Ear Grab : I dont want to hear it. Secrets of Body Language 136
  137. 137. The Neck Scratch: Showing doubt/ uncertainty Secrets of Body Language 137
  138. 138. The Collar Pull: Getting hot under the collar dueto tingling sensation or sweating Secrets of Body Language 138
  139. 139. Fingers-in-the-Mouth : Reassurance is neededhere Secrets of Body Language 139
  140. 140. Boredom Secrets of Body Language 140
  141. 141. The hand supporting the head to stop fromfalling asleep Secrets of Body Language 141
  142. 142. Evaluation Gestures Secrets of Body Language 142
  143. 143. Interested evaluation — the head supportsitself and the hand rests on the cheek/ chin Secrets of Body Language 143
  144. 144. Having negative thoughts Secrets of Body Language 144
  145. 145. Hes heard enough or is not impressedSecrets of Body Language 145
  146. 146. Rodins ‘The Thinker’ showeda thoughtful, evaluativeattitude, but the body postureand hand supporting the headalso reveal a dejected person Secrets of Body Language 146
  147. 147. Chin Stroking : Decision Making Secrets of Body Language 147
  148. 148. Female version of Chin Stroking Secrets of Body Language 148
  149. 149. Evaluation/decision- Evaluation, decision,making cluster boredom cluster Secrets of Body Language 149
  150. 150. Eye Signals Secrets of Body Language 150
  151. 151. The Dilating Pupils Secrets of Body Language 151
  152. 152. Which picture do you find more attractive? Secrets of Body Language 152
  153. 153. The Looking Up Cluster Secrets of Body Language 153
  154. 154. Princess Diana used the Looking Up cluster toevoke world empathy during her marital problems Secrets of Body Language 154
  155. 155. Extended Blinking Secrets of Body Language 155
  156. 156. Shutting you out Evaluation, decision, boredom cluster Secrets of Body Language 156
  157. 157. Types of Gazing Secrets of Body Language 157
  158. 158. The SocialGazing area Secrets of Body Language 158
  159. 159. The IntimateGaze zone Secrets of Body Language 159
  160. 160. Womens wider peripheral vision means never getting caught; Mens Tunnel Vision means always getting caughtSecrets of Body Language 160
  161. 161. The Power Gaze Secrets of Body Language 161
  162. 162. Eye Movements Secrets of Body Language 162
  163. 163. A. Recalling a pictureSecrets of Body Language 163
  164. 164. B. Recalling a soundSecrets of Body Language 164
  165. 165. C. Recalling a feelingSecrets of Body Language 165
  166. 166. D. Talking Mentally to oneselfSecrets of Body Language 166
  167. 167. The Power Lift — using the pen to controlwhere a person looks during a presentation Secrets of Body Language 167
  168. 168. Edwin T. Hall‟sPersonal Space or Zones Secrets of Body Language 168
  169. 169. Secrets of Body Language 169
  170. 170. Personal space —the portable bubblewe all carry aroundwith us Secrets of Body Language 170
  171. 171. Secrets of Body Language 171
  172. 172. Women stand slightly closer to one another, face each other more and touch morethan men do with other men Secrets of Body Language 172
  173. 173. Doctors and hairdressers are givenpermission to enter our Intimate Zones Secrets of Body Language 173
  174. 174. The people travelling on a crowded bus or in a lift arent unhappy; theyre just masking their emotionsSecrets of Body Language 174
  175. 175. Whether we are in a crowded lift, cinema or bus, people around us become non-personsSecrets of Body Language 175
  176. 176. Common lift-riding rules:1. There will be no talking to anyone, including a person you know.2. Avoid eye contact with others at all times.3. Maintain a poker face - no emotion ispermitted to be shown. Secrets of Body Language 176
  177. 177. 4. If you have a book or newspaper, pretend tobe deeply engrossed in it.5. In bigger crowds, no body movement isallowed.6. At all times, you must watch the floor numberschange at all times. Secrets of Body Language 177
  178. 178. The acceptable conversationaldistance for most Western,Northern European andScandinavian city dwellersSecrets of Body Language 178
  179. 179. A man with a smaller spatialneed forcing a woman to leanback to defend her spaceSecrets of Body Language 179
  180. 180. Two men from the city greet each other; their hands reaching to 18 inches (46cm)Secrets of Body Language 180
  181. 181. Two people from a country town reaching out to 36 inches (lm)Secrets of Body Language 181
  182. 182. People from a sparsely populated area keeping their distance Secrets of Body Language 182
  183. 183. Leg Signals Secrets of Body Language 183
  184. 184. The Attention Stance: Closed legs, UuncommunicativeSecrets of Body Language 184
  185. 185. Legs Apart: The CrotchDisplay - puttinghis masculinity on showSecrets of Body Language 185
  186. 186. The Foot-Forward Position -pointing at where the mind wantsto go Secrets of Body Language 186
  187. 187. The Standing-Leg-Cross:Defensive Secrets of Body Language 187
  188. 188. The Scissors - No comment‘ but hes not leaving; uncertainSecrets of Body Language 188
  189. 189. Shes more likely to be cold orjust looking for the rest room Secrets of Body Language 189
  190. 190. 1. Uncertain about each otherSecrets of Body Language 190
  191. 191. 2. Openness and acceptanceSecrets of Body Language 191
  192. 192. The European/British Leg CrossSecrets of Body Language 192
  193. 193. Not open to communicating on any levelSecrets of Body Language 193
  194. 194. Ready to argue the point - the American Figure FourSecrets of Body Language 194
  195. 195. The Leg Clamp - is a sign ofthe tough-minded, stubbornindividual who rejects anyopinion other than their ownSecrets of Body Language 195
  196. 196. The Ankle Lock: A woman minimizing her legspace and a man taking up more space Secrets of Body Language 196
  197. 197. Shy, timid people use the Leg Twine Secrets of Body Language 197
  198. 198. Men voted Parallel-Legs as their number one favorite position in women who are seatedSecrets of Body Language 198
  199. 199. Hes coming on strong withOne-Foot-Forward and CrotchDisplay; shes either undecidedor not keen Secrets of Body Language 199
  200. 200. Seating Positions Secrets of Body Language 200
  201. 201.  taking the whole seat  feet steady on the floor  sitting up straight  slightly leant forward  taking the seat before it has been offered to you  wiggling  nervous movementsSecrets of Body Language 201
  202. 202.  Sitting at the edge  to be in a hurrySecrets of Body Language 202
  203. 203.  to lean back  passivity  arrogance  disinterestSecrets of Body Language 203
  204. 204.  feet crossed under chair  not steady on floor  uncertaintySecrets of Body Language 204
  205. 205. “body barriers”  Secrets of Body Language 205
  206. 206.  not showing your hands  uncommunicative  “keeping secrets”Secrets of Body Language 206
  207. 207. Head Signals Secrets of Body Language 207
  208. 208. 1. Head Up: Neutral HeadPosition Secrets of Body Language 208
  209. 209. 2.The Head Tilt: displays thevulnerable neck and makes aperson appear smaller and moresubmissive Secrets of Body Language 209
  210. 210. Tilting the head to reveal the vulnerable neck appears to be intuitively understood by most peopleSecrets of Body Language 210
  211. 211. 3. Head Down: a negative, judgmental or aggressive attitudeSecrets of Body Language 211
  212. 212. The Head Duck — trying toappear smaller in ordernot to cause offence to othersSecrets of Body Language 212
  213. 213. the Hands-on-Hips gesture Secrets of Body Language 213
  214. 214. Hands-on-Hips makesyou look bigger and more noticeable because you take up more space. Secrets of Body Language 214
  215. 215. Elbows up and pointed showsreadiness to dominate Secrets of Body Language 215
  216. 216. Hands-on-Hips used bymodels to make clothingmore appealing Secrets of Body Language 216
  217. 217. The cowboy stance - his fingerspoint at what he wants you tonotice Secrets of Body Language 217
  218. 218. The sexually assertive female Secrets of Body Language 218
  219. 219. Gesture clusters showaggressive attitudes Secrets of Body Language 219
  220. 220. Contradictory signals: hisright arm shows pointedaggression while his lefthand attempts to protect hisfrontSecrets of Body Language 220
  221. 221. Leg-Over-the-Arm-of-Chair: Informality,aggressiveness, indifferenceand lack of concernSecrets of Body Language 221
  222. 222. Straddling a Chair: TheStraddler wants to dominate orcontrol while, at the same time,protecting his front Secrets of Body Language 222
  223. 223. The Catapult: This is a seated version of the Hands-on-Hips poseSecrets of Body Language 223
  224. 224. The classic positionshowing readinessfor action Secrets of Body Language 224
  225. 225. Mirroring Secrets of Body Language 225
  226. 226. Thinking alike Secrets of Body Language 226
  227. 227. Mirroring the other persons body language to gain acceptanceSecrets of Body Language 227
  228. 228. Mirroring the other persons body language to gain acceptanceSecrets of Body Language 228
  229. 229. A boss would perceive a subordinates mirroring behavior as arroganceSecrets of Body Language 229
  230. 230. SmokingSecrets of Body Language 230
  231. 231. Women use the cigarette as a social display to open the body and display the wrist; men close their bodies when they smoke and prefer secretive holdsSecrets of Body Language 231
  232. 232. Smoke blown up: confident, superior, positive;smoke blown down: negative, secretive,suspicious Secrets of Body Language 232
  233. 233. Eye Glasses Secrets of Body Language 233
  234. 234. Using the glasses to stall for timeSecrets of Body Language 234
  235. 235. Solid frame glasses can make you look moresincere and intelligent; over-the-top frames dont Secrets of Body Language 235
  236. 236. Peering-Over-the-Glasses intimidates everyone Secrets of Body Language 236
  237. 237. Creating the Four Eyeseffect of dilated pupils Secrets of Body Language 237
  238. 238. Body Angles Secrets of Body Language 238
  239. 239. Each standing at 45-degree angles to avoid coming across as aggressiveSecrets of Body Language 239
  240. 240. Open triangular position encouraging the entry of a third personSecrets of Body Language 240
  241. 241. Body Pointing Secrets of Body Language 241
  242. 242. Body Pointing is used to close off a couple and exclude the man on the rightSecrets of Body Language 242
  243. 243. Foot Pointing Secrets of Body Language 243
  244. 244. Feet signaling whats on the owners mindSecrets of Body Language 244
  245. 245. Body Lowering and Status Secrets of Body Language 245
  246. 246. We reduce our height to show subordination toothers and increase height to gain status Secrets of Body Language 246
  247. 247. Seating Arrangements Secrets of Body Language 247
  248. 248. The Corner Position: This is the most successful strategic position from which person B can deliver a presentation to person ASecrets of Body Language 248
  249. 249. The Co-operative PositionSecrets of Body Language 249
  250. 250. Competitive/Defensive positionSecrets of Body Language 250
  251. 251. The Independent Position tells others you dont want to get involvedSecrets of Body Language 251
  252. 252. Keeping both parties involved when answering a questionSecrets of Body Language 252
  253. 253. Power Positions at a rectangular tableSecrets of Body Language 253
  254. 254. Open„ families go forround tables, closedfamilies select squaretables and authoritativetypes select rectangulartables Secrets of Body Language 254
  255. 255. Secrets of Body Language 255
  256. 256. Thank You Please read the upcoming book of theauthor on the secrets of body language andemail you comments to Secrets of Body Language 256