Business design portfolio: Santiago Peña Pacheco


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Hi! I'm Santiago, and this is my personal portfolio with a few samples of my work so far in the fields of Business design, design driven innovation, design thinking, design management and strategic design.

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Business design portfolio: Santiago Peña Pacheco

  1. 1. Portfolio Santiago Peña Pacheco
  2. 2. pa-pena +571 2744723 / +571 2164128 +57 310-3498117 Bogotá, Colombia Logos from The Noun Project
  3. 3. Hi! I’m Santiago! I’m an Industrial and Strategic Designer from Colombia. I design because it’s truly my passion and it’s the way I relate and express my ideas with the world. My ultimate goal is to create something radical, new, share my vision and change how others experience the world. I’m always seeking opportunities that teach and transform my way of thinking and allow me to reach a higher professional level, have a better understanding of my work and be on the cutting edge of world design. I’m always willing and ready to learn and challenge the way I look at the world to have a real impact as a creative thinker. Hope to see you in the future!
  4. 4. Work experience Freelance Strategic Designer 2013 - Present Bogota, Colombia Design work with different clients. Primarily in the area of branding, corporate image and implementation of communication strategies. Implementation of design thinking practices. One on one work and development with clients.. Ergos Collection S.A Designer 2010-2011 Bogota, Colombia Interior design and architectural work mainly in offices spaces. Exclusive high end interior designs for corporate areas. Architectural structure development and design. Bespoke furniture for exclusive homeowners. In charge of imports of several Italian luxury furniture brands such as Poltrona Frau, Cassina, Driade among many others. Fernando Garcia Diseño Interior Designer 2010 Bogota, Colombia Bespoke furniture design for exclusive homeowners. High end interior design projects. site and installation supervision and support. Trend research. Assistant in sales and showroom management. Education and languages SPANISH Domus Academy - Master in Business Design Certified by the University of Wales 2012 Milan, Italy ENGLISH ITALIAN Universidad de los Andes - Degree in Industrial Design 2004-2009 Bogotá, Colombia Uhh? Starting Beginner Ok PORTFOLIO Fluent Native Santiago Peña Pacheco
  5. 5. Awards Graduated with distinction Master of Business Design Domus Academy and Certified by the University of Wales Milan, Italy - 2012 Finalist “BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge” Local Motors and BMW Group Chosen Top ten finalists from over 400 global designs. Innovation in features and services for future BMW vehicles. Milan, Italy - 2012 Highest grade point average Universidad de los Andes Graduate class of 2009-2 in Industrial Design Bogotá, Colombia - 2009 Honourable mention for outstanding thesis project: Audi Tracer Grade 5 out of 5 Universidad de los Andes Bogotá, Colombia - 2009 Third Prize: “Taller global de General Motors” Quick design challenge awarded by Edward T. Welburn, VP General Motors Global Design Bogotá, Colombia - 2008 Award designed by David Lopez from The Noun Project PORTFOLIO Santiago Peña Pacheco
  6. 6. Professional skills HIGH Prototyping Product Design MEDIUM LOW Experience design Web design DESIGN SKILLS Concept generation User experience Interactive design Graphic design Sketching Photography PORTFOLIO Santiago Peña Pacheco
  7. 7. Professional skills Photoshop HIGH Muse MEDIUM Illustrator Dreamweaver LOW COMPUTER SKILLS InDesign Auto CAD 3DsMax Rhino Sketchup Vray Processing PORTFOLIO Santiago Peña Pacheco
  8. 8. Professional skills Leadership Teamwork HIGH MEDIUM Visual thinking Marketing LOW OTHER SKILLS Business management Strategy Project management Creative thinking Presentation PORTFOLIO Santiago Peña Pacheco
  9. 9. Work methodology Problem Pro Engage Solution S olu io n t ble m Test Ideat pathize Em Immerse If testing fails Understand Observe Prove Learn Em p athize Id e at T est Expose totype Pro Imagine Visualize Scope Synthesize Conceptualize Explore Pr ototype Interact Embody Focus Detail Scale Iterate Based on Institute of Design at Stanford: “Bootleg Bootcamp” / Icons from “The Noun Project” PORTFOLIO Santiago Peña Pacheco
  10. 10. Projects SAMPLE WORK PORTFOLIO Santiago Peña Pacheco
  11. 11. URBIS Project Type: Radical innovation Client: Car companies of the future Project Mentor: Carlo Borromeo from Borromeo/De Silva Design Key words: Autonomous vehicles, Service, Automotive, Urban Mobility, Rapid customizing Location: Milan, Italy Description: In the near future Urbis will be introduced as the next step in personal mobility. A simple and easy to use car sharing service built around a totally autonomous fleet of vehicles, intended to give the user on demand transportation. With just a few inputs, customers will be able to summon the perfect car for their needs and travel demands. Benefiting that the vehicles will be self-driven, users will now be able to take advantage of their travel time to relax, socialize or be productive. In coming years we will experiment a revolution within mobility pushed by new technologies and a shift in customer behaviour. The greatest change will come within the area of the personal vehicle, which has seen little true change in the way it is developed, manufactured and used over the last 100 years. Accidents, Pollution, severe traffic, ineffective use, dependence on nonrenewable energy sources and high costs of production are just some of the. The goal of Urbis was to face these problems and the stagnation within the current system, by finding key areas that yield great potential for innovation. PORTFOLIO Santiago Peña Pacheco
  12. 12. Urbis A radical new vision in urban mobility
  13. 13. The problem Exponential Growth Outdated Methods Inefficiency Cultural Attachment
  15. 15. nne Co ble Self-driving could reduce or eliminate accidents M a ll a 1.2 million die in car accidents a year Google Self-drive cte d Totally autonomous vehicles Co nverg e nt GM predicts auto-mode will be standard equipment 300,000 Miles Google cars have self driven - 2012 2020 Use time for other activities
  16. 16. Transportation revolution TODAY’S CARS THE CAR OF THE FUTURE
  17. 17. Convergence Exponential Growth Outdated Methods Autolib IStream Cultural Attachment Inefficiency Emotional gap Pivo Google self-drive
  18. 18. What is urbis Sea ml e Assisted by an artificial intelligence Co ble nne M a ll e a cte d y ntit Ide - ss Me ta A simple and easy to use car sharing service Totally autonomous fleet of vehicles C o nve rg e nt On demand transportation
  19. 19. Hi! I’m Urbis I’m an artificial intelligence and your main contact point throughout the service I’m like your very own private concierge I talk with you and learn form your habits
  20. 20. URBIS AT WORK 1 Suscribe Become a member and create your profile 2 Customize 3 Order 4 Get On 5 Share
  21. 21. OK! Let me find the perfect car for you Urbis I need a car to get to work 1- Person Distance 40 Km Traffic conditions Best route User demand Distance you are travelling
  22. 22. Dynamic payment options Digital Payment BASIC OFFERS - Subscription Model - On demand/Month / Year SECONDARY OFFERS Flexible and custom THIRD PARTY - Content Providers - Advertisement
  23. 23. Would you like to carpool today? Meet a friend and split the cost ? Maybe next time Urbis
  24. 24. Urbis is just the start The start of a new generation A platform that can grow Affect the lives of millions Advantage radical innovation Will build a service, not a feature
  25. 25. THE BLUE SPOT Project Type: Innovation through design Client: Procter and Gamble Project Mentor: Eric Ezechieli form The Natural Step Group members: Jasson Schrock (USA), Rainhard Budi Susanto (Indonesia), Sachu Gandotra (India), Shuang Wu (China) Key words: Radical Innovation, Sustainability, Innovation by design Location: Milan, Italy Description: Procter and Gamble asked for our help to find disruptive innovations that will help them make their consumer products more sustainable and in line with a proper use of our natural resources. By doing so P&G, the user and the environment will benefit for what is learned so that we can ensure that future generations are safe from what is being done to the environment today. The blue spots goal is through partnerships create a sustainable laundry center coupled to a public activity area in order to educate, entertain and integrate the community. It would benefit P&G as it will have the ability to gain community good will and trust. It would benefit the community by creating a social interaction between users and introduce them to a green lifestyle. Finally we would benefit the environment as we reduce the amount of harmful material being introduced into the environment reduce Co2 emissions and promote water conservation. PORTFOLIO Santiago Peña Pacheco
  26. 26. N OW
  27. 27. GREYWATER PRODUCED BY LAUNDRY POPULATION OF MILAN 1.300.000 people 17,7 Billion LITERS / YEAR 2 loads / week, 130 liters / wash Reference:
  29. 29. CO ON EDUCATION E SYSTE M BRAND EQUITY M AT A R O BL LAUND As the system evolves each activity will adapt to the particular needs of each region and community in order to reach the highest impact. ITY INTERA UN C M TI Through partnerships create a sustainable laundry center coupled to a public activity area in order to educate, entertain and integrate the community. M OUR VISION O U R VISIO N I SUSTA ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION N
  31. 31. BENEFITS COMM UNIT Y ENVIRONMENT Community good will Social life Reduce pollutants Cross Promotion Green lifestyle Lower carbon footprints Test area Fundamental needs Water conservation Trust Educate community
  32. 32. PHASE 1 PROJEC TIONS 500 10 PARTNERSHIPS CITIES 431.000 Customers Supported Water saved per year 3 4 Duomos 3 New York City London Toronto Los Angeles Montreal Berlin Madrid Chicago Rome Vancouver 250.000 Potential New Customers
  33. 33. FRES.CO Project Type: Brand design and retail design Client: Co.import Project Mentor: Silvia Barbieri form Future Brand Group members: Nada Abunema (Jordan), Laura Nuñez (Colombia) , Malika Ablataeva (Russia) Key words: Branding, Retail design, User experience Location: Milan, Italy Description: Co.import is a home accessories and furnishing retail store located in Italy. They asked us to analyse their current brand strategy and create a private label for the brand that would help them find a competitive edge over their main competitors. We had to understand the objectives and values in order to create a coherent concept that would then create more a compelling language for the client. We looked at a diverse range of retail experiences. From high-end stores to more low cost solutions and a problem that we kept coming back to was how to manage all the visual and product clutter. We realized that a retail experience that clearly tackled this product complexity was that of the supermarket. This gave us and insight and our first clear idea to create the concept. We saw that this alternative both incorporated a way to manage the complexity of the display areas and also gave a particular relationship with the client, as they would feel more comfortable buying in a well-established way. PORTFOLIO Santiago Peña Pacheco
  34. 34. The new ! day ery ion for fresh idea at tin se s v de
  35. 35. COMPETITORS Simple & Coherent Trendy & Elegant Fun & Friendly Convenient & Abundant Most complete offering of products & services. Style creation & clear packaging. Unique and amusing product offer. Varied promotions. Helpful staff. Large product range. Uniform style offering. Price does not match the quality. Less versatile product range. More informal style. Unorganized product range. Confusing layout. Too much on display.
  36. 36. RECOMMENDATIONS WHAT CO.IMPORT NEEDS? REINVENTION OF THE SHOP CO. Import might consider a holistic change to the shop. This change will reinforce their values. To be more attractive to the consumers and not just making them buy. Helping them recognize the brand and become loyal consumers
  37. 37. CONCEPT Were Buying Becomes As Familiar As Doing The Grocery & Shopping Experience Is Always Fresh And Enjoyable
  38. 38. FRESHNESS We want our products be FRESH AS the arrivals of fruits and vegetables in a supermarket “A fresh Idea everyday”
  39. 39. WHAT DO WE SELL? Straight out of the box New arrivals In the Know Trendy products ll “FRESH” idea se s We My sh Day oppin to da y pro Fresh this time of the year! Seasonal products g list duct s
  40. 40. Kitchen KITCHEN Tableware TABLEWARE GIFT IDEASGift Ideas PAYMENT POINT Pay point Best product island BATHROOM Decor Bathroom DECOR HOME Home LAYOUT & FLOW
  41. 41. FRESCO POINT
  42. 42. APE LAUNCH Create a vehicle that will introduce and promote Fresco by CO.import. It will travel to the markets within Milan to sell our “Fresh” products. Learning launch: 1. Pilot launch in 3 stores 2. Use user feedback 3. Adapt to comments 4. Scale up
  43. 43. MY DRIVE Project Type: Design competition Client: BMW Group, Local Motors Key words: Car sharing, Future car services, Rapid customizing Acknowledgements: Finalist “BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge” Local Motors and BMW Group (2012) Chosen Top ten finalists from over 400 global designs Location: Milan, Italy Description: As the amount of people in cities increases, so will the amount of vehicles on the road. In this expanding context, people will look for alternative methods of mobility to solve and fulfil their transportation needs. Car ownership will become less prevalent and services based, personal mobility models will be introduced. Car sharing will be a common sight on streets, as it will help reduce the amount of vehicles offering on demand transportation. By using a car sharing service instead of purchasing a car, users can efficiently manage their car usage. Because shared cars can be used by the entire community and are not solely personal objects, their use has been restrained to just a utilitarian function. Up until now, shared cars have not provided the personal relationship that so many people look for with their vehicle. What if you could introduce a level of rapid customizing, personalizing your shared vehicle to your specific taste as soon as you get in? This would make a shared vehicle as familiar as driving your own and elevate the driving experience. PORTFOLIO Santiago Peña Pacheco
  44. 44. AGORA VIRUS Project Type: Personal business idea Client: Coworking spaces Project Mentor: Giovanni Lanzone from Domus Academy Key words: Coworking spaces, Business idea, Innovation catalyst, co-creation Location: Milan, Italy Description: Agora virus is a new type of business organism aimed at empowering small businesses with tools for innovation. It will take advantage of the recent trend and viral expansion of Coworking spaces as a platform to form a collaborative relationship with these new ventures. It will inhabit these new work spaces, which have an ideal environment for open innovation, and offer a collaborative project creation process with the users of the space. Through this process Agora Virus will help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs gain the tools to develop new and perhaps ground breaking ideas. In the process it will become and added service for Coworking spaces helping them expand even more and have greater impact on the business stage. Our objective and work methodology then is to carry out project by implementing our DNA: D: Design thinking - A clear methodology to truly innovate by analysing the problem, ideating new solutions, prototyping and implementing into the real environment via a creative mind-set. N: Networking - We will leverage the power of our network to gain strategic and competitive advantages for our project. As it grow it will include experts, companies and investors. A: Assimilation - We will intake our clients into a truly collaborative experience. They will learn through this close relation and working on the project objective. PORTFOLIO Santiago Peña Pacheco
  45. 45. AGORA VIRUS AGORA VIRUS sample 13.07.12 AgORA VIRUS
  46. 46. The disease There is a disease which is affecting us all and has resulted in a global economic downturn. To survive this crisis we must. Creating new business organisms Evolve and grow through innovation sample 13.07.12 Have a greater connection with our ecosystem AgORA VIRUS
  47. 47. Most at risk New businesses are most vulnerable during this crisis Only 10% of new business are successful Some don't have the tools to survive in such a competitive environment. sample 13.07.12 AgORA VIRUS
  48. 48. A possible cure As a way to fight back, we have seen the emergence of coworkings and open innovation spaces Collaborative work Environment Ideal for open innovation sample 13.07.12 Dialogue Collective intelligence Reaching goals together AgORA VIRUS
  49. 49. Agora virus The solutions is a new business organism that creates a symbiotic relation with its host. Its mission is to... Empower innovation Symbiosis: Interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. sample 13.07.12 AgORA VIRUS
  50. 50. The transfer We inject into the host D Design thinking A clear methodology to truly innovate by analysing the problem, ideating new solutions, prototyping and implementing into the real environment via a creative mind-set. Network N We will leverage the power of our network to gain strategic and competitive advantages for our project. As it grow it will include experts, companies and investors. Assimilation We will intake our clients into a truly collaborative experience. They will learn through this close relation and working on the project objective sample 13.07.12 A AgORA VIRUS
  51. 51. Virus components It's key parts are: Logistics Participants Multi- disciplinary group of clients from the host. They will be the main recipients of the DNA for their professional work. Will help organize and schedule all the activities within the virus and ensure all participants have the tool they need. Mentors External Experts that will guide, advice and feed the creation process. Project assistants Will organize and assist in the activities of the projects and closely work with the participants. sample 13.07.12 Project directors Key decision makers within the virus. Will lead the process and help the virus recruits have a coherent and focused process. AgORA VIRUS
  52. 52. Key Projections Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 41% Capacity 71% Capacity 95% Capacity 6 projects in total 11 projects in total 13 projects in total 5: one month 5: Three month 1: Six month 5: one month 6: Three month 2: Six month Win one contest Win one contest 3: one month 2: Three month 1: Six month Win one contest sample 13.07.12 AgORA VIRUS
  53. 53. Hope to see you in the future! Santiago Peña Pacheco Bogotá, Colombia 2013 Email: Tel: (+571) 2744723 skype: pa-pena