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Since the birth of the internet, businesses have found new and inventive ways to market themselves online and drive visitors to their company website. Read our free guide to online marketing.

Since the birth of the internet, businesses have found new and inventive ways to market themselves online and drive visitors to their company website. Read our free guide to online marketing.



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Marketing on the Internet Marketing on the Internet Document Transcript

  • Directors’ Briefing Information technologyMarketing onthe InternetThe Internet gives you access to a number • Include information about your company toof powerful marketing techniques. build customer loyalty. • Send one-off messages containing specialMost of them involve driving visitors to your offers and voucher to help you win new customers. This • By collecting other information alongsidebriefing assumes you already have a company their email address, you can send morewebsite. targeted mailings. For example, email people who have notThis briefing covers: purchased from you in the last six months.• The opportunities for marketing online. 1.3 Target new customers by renting email• Online advertising and affiliate schemes. lists.• Other online channels. • Only use lists where people have specifically agreed to receive unsolicited emails about a1 Email marketing certain topic. These are called ‘opt-in lists’.Email is an effective way to reach new and • Use a reputable broker.existing customers at a low cost. 1.4 You may need to use specialist software1.1 You can build a list of email addresses to market to. Straightforward Business Banking• You can only send marketing emails to Our team of Local Business Managers are committed to people who have explicitly opted in to understanding your needs. We offer a range of simple, interest receive them. paying business accounts offering great value which are• Encourage customers to sign up to your straightforward and easy to use. mailing list by providing a prominent ‘sign Put it down to a whole new approach to business banking. up’ option on your website.• When customers order from you, ask if they Join the team that shares your drive. would be happy to receive your newsletter.• You could maintain a different list of supplier Apply online at email addresses. There are many ways you can use the Contact our UK call centre team on 0845 606 0873 email list(s) you build up. Lines open Mon to Fri 8am to 7pm• Send regular newsletters containing Or visit us in branch information about your latest products and offers. Santander Business Banking provides dedicated banking services for customers with an annual turnover of up to £250,000.England Updated 01/08/09
  • Directors’ Briefing 2 to send your marketing emails. design, content and sending of your emails. This will cost much more.• You can use standard email software for small mailing lists (fewer than 20 1.5 Think carefully about the design and addresses). content of your emails. Make sure you put the recipients in the blind carbon copy (bcc) field, so they • Make sure your subject line grabs the cannot see each others’ email addresses. readers attention.• For larger lists, use an online email • Personalised, highly targeted content gets marketing service. the best results. They are more effective at getting • Test your emails in common email systems messages through spam filters, and should like Microsoft Outlook and Hotmail. be able to manage your subscriber list(s) Make sure they look right and all the links and opt-out requests. work.• Some agencies can take care of the 2 Online advertising Tread carefully You can pay to have adverts on other websites If you do not know the rules, marketing on promoting your business. When users click the Internet can backfire. these adverts, they are taken to your company website. A Sending unsolicited emails to unwilling recipients can get you into serious 2.1 Display advertising involves showing trouble. banners or images which promote your “ website. • Regulations require that you obtain Regular email recipients’ prior consent before sending • Banners are eye-catching areas on the marketing is all commercial emails. screen which draw attention to your about building • You must also provide a clear and easy products or services. relationships over opt-out mechanism in your emails so that • They can include images, text, animation time. It’s about recipients can easily remove themselves and even sound and video. turning strangers from your list. • Adverts can have an interactive element into friends and which encourages users to engage with friends into B When creating web advertising apply the same rules and standards as you would for print media. them. For example, the ad could expand or reveal text when the mouse hovers over it. • Pop-ups are windows which open on the ” clients. Sean McPheat, MTD Sales Training • Your advertising must comply with user’s computer unprompted. Advertising Standards Authority rules. They can annoy people and are best avoided. C The use of blogs and discussion groups • Overlays are graphical adverts which appear is a sensitive area of Internet marketing. on top of the page. Rules of etiquette apply which rule out They are best used carefully, as they can heavy-handed commercialism. annoy users by obscuring content. • Display advertising is usually charged by • Always be genuine on blogs and the number of impressions, or views your discussion forums. advert get. The power of these tools is that they You could pay anything from £10 per 1,000 enable you to connect with people on views. a personal level, putting a face on your business. 2.2 You can advertise your website on search • Do not expect to see sales increase engines. This is called search marketing. overnight. Blogs and forums are soft-sell channels • The most common form of search which allow you to demonstrate your marketing involves displaying text adverts knowledge and credibility. on search engine result pages. • Spend some time reading forum • This is called ‘pay-per-click’ (PPC) messages before contributing yourself. advertising, because you pay each time If you are unsure of whether to post someone clicks one of your adverts. something, it is usually best not to. • PPC advertising is the most targeted form of online advertising, and therefore highly
  • Directors’ Briefing 3 effective. • Test different types of advertising online. For example, a Google search for ‘piano You can add tracking codes to your adverts lessons’ would return adverts for piano to see which ones work best. teachers. • Consider consulting a specialist online• The cost of PPC adverts is normally advertising agency. determined by a bidding system. Look for an agency which is a member of They could cost anything from 10p to the IAB. £10, depending on competition between advertisers. 2.6 There are some easy ways to get the most “• Costs are controllable because you can set out of your online advertising. a maximum amount to spend. People dont This means you can test PPC advertising at • Many advertising programmes allow you consume media in a relatively low cost. to run a few ads without any long-term single channels, so• The best PPC advertising campaigns target commitment. make sure you’re many search terms with specific ads for So you could sign up and see what sort of advertising across each one. response you get. multiple channels They can be time-consuming to manage. • Try out alternative banner designs and to get the most• The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has a measure the clickthrough rates to see which effective exposure. comprehensive guide to PPC advertising on work best. It’s vital to ensure its website ( • Be as targeted as you can. that, whatever Tailor adverts to the audience, and make mix of channels2.3 You may be able to sponsor pages or sure links lead to a relevant page. you use, your sections on other websites. • Bring in the experts. advertising creates An agency can help you put together an a consistent brand• Sponsorship allows you to customise a advertising plan so you spend your budget image and that page or section of a website with your wisely. your marketing branding and links. messages are• You could approach complementary relevant to the websites to your own. 3 Affiliate schemes specific target For instance, a piano teacher could sponsor a ‘how to play the piano’ section on a manufacturer’s website.• Your business may benefit from being An affiliate scheme rewards websites which send you new business. audience. ” Stuart Aplin, Steak associated with other prestigious brands. 3.1 Your affiliates will be anyone else who• Sponsorship is usually a set price for a set runs a website. amount of time.• As an alternative to paying for sponsorship, • This can include your existing customers, try and arrange a reciprocal deal. shopping comparison sites, bloggers and Offer to supply another website with more. interesting articles in return for credit and • Your affiliates place links to your site on links back to your website. theirs. • Each time somebody clicks the link to your2.4 New types of online advertising are being site and buys something, the affiliate earns a developed all the time. commission. • Commission levels vary, but are generally a• Users tend to filter out online adverts, so percentage of the order value. new ways to attract their attention are constantly being developed. 3.2 Benefits of an affiliate scheme include:• The IAB regularly updates its advertising guides. • You only pay when you make a sale, so• If you use a web-design agency, they may your return is guaranteed. be able to advise on the different types of • The additional links to your website can advertising available. improve your search engine ranking.2.5 It can be difficult to decide which methods 3.3 You can run an affiliate scheme through an of advertising to use. affiliate network.• A mix is often best. • Using a network means you do not have to For instance, you can use PPC adverts to develop your own affiliate system. target specific search terms, and banner This usually the easiest way to start an advertising to raise awareness of your affiliate programme. brand. • A network can track sales and View slide
  • Directors’ Briefing 4 commissions for you. ( Expert• Affiliate networks include TradeDoubler • There is a guide to business blogging on contributors ( and Commission the Movable Type website Junction ( ( Thanks to Sean business-blogging/checklist.html). McPheat (MTD Sales3.4 Some affiliate programmes may be targeted Good examples of business blogs include Training, 0800 849 by fraudsters. Moo ( and Avis 6732) and Stuart ( Aplin (Steak, 020• Ensure you have some way of tracking 7420 3500, www. unusual activity. 4.3 Take part in online conversations. For example, have you made a large number of sales through a particular • You can raise the profile of your business by affiliate? participating in online discussion forums.• Affiliate networks usually have checks in • Use search engines to find discussion place to protect against fraud. groups or forums relevant to your industry. • Unsolicited advertising on forums is usually See the IAB website ( to regarded as spam. download a comprehensive guide to affiliate Instead, get involved and answer queries. schemes. Your reputation will grow over time.4 Word-of-mouth marketing 5 Measuring responseWord-of-mouth marketing is as effective online The usual test of marketing is the numberas it is offline. Building a buzz of personal of sales that result. Measure and analyserecommendations may not cost much, but it customer response to your site.can bring in lots of new business. 5.1 Track visitors to your site.4.1 Generate positive online coverage for your business. • Online marketing is the most easily measured type of marketing.• Consider encouraging relevant bloggers, • You can see exactly where your visitors websites and online magazines to try out have come from, and what they do on your your products. site.• It is impossible to guarantee positive • Use web analytics to track visitors in detail. coverage and reviews, but if your products Google Analytics are good then the chance of negative ( is coverage is small. comprehensive and free.• However, always be upfront and genuine. • Examine which keywords visitors use Most bloggers can detect deception a mile to find your site and amend your site off, and will happily write about your efforts accordingly. to curry their favour. • Track how visitors find your site, so you can see which of your advertising methods is4.2 Start a blog of your own. working best.• A blog is like an online diary. 5.2 Monitor the number of website visitors who It allows you to put a human face on your convert to customers. business.• It can demonstrate what goes on in • It is relatively easy to create a large volume © BHP Information your business — with pictures of staff, of traffic, but it is better to create a smaller Solutions Ltd 2009. information about your processes and number of relevant visitors with a high ISSN 1369-1996. All rights reserved. No more. conversion-to-sale ratio. part of this publication• You can generate interest in forthcoming • You may wish to establish some other key may be reproduced or products by writing about them, or offer performance indicators. transmitted without the written permission of the tips on how to use your products in For example, the number of visitors per publisher. This publication different ways. week or average spend per visitor. is for general guidance• Allow readers to leave comments to create only. The publisher, expert contributors and distributor a real dialogue with your customers, and disclaim all liability for elicit valuable feedback. any errors or omissions.• You can set up a blog for free using a Consult your local business support organisation or your service like Wordpress (www.wordpress. professional adviser for help com) or Blogger and advice.Published by BHP Information Solutions Ltd, Althorp House, 4-6 Althorp Road, London SW17 7EDTel: 020 8672 6844, View slide