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Published in: Education, Sports

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  • 1. By- group II
  • 2. Tenses are of three types which can be further subdivided into four types.These are:1. PRESENT TENSEIt can be further subdivided into…• Simple present• Present continuous• Present perfect• Present perfect continuous
  • 3. 2. PAST TENSEIt can be further divided into:• Simple past• Past continuous• Past perfect• Past perfect continuous3. FUTURE TENSEIt can be further divided into:
  • 4. • Simple future• Future continuous• Future perfect• Future perfect continuous
  • 5. TENSE USES SIGNAL WORDSa) Simple  Action in the present taking place once,  always, ever, never , never or several times. normally, often, usually, present  facts sometimes, seldom…etc  actions taking place one after another.  actions set by a time table or schedule.b) Present  action taking place in the moment of  at the moment, just , just speaking. now, listen, look!, now, rightcontinuous  action taking place only for a limited now…etc period of time.  action arranged for the future.c) Present  putting emphasis on the result.  already, never , just, ever,  action that is still going on. not yet, so far, till now, up toperfect  action that stopped recently. now….etc  finished action that has an influence on the present.d) Present  putting emphasis on the course of  all day, for 4 years, since duration ( not the result) 1993, how long?, the wholeperfect  action that recently stopped or is till week….etccontinuous going on.  finished action that influenced the present.
  • 6. 1. Simple present tense: The servant comes and opens the door.2. Present continuous tense: She is visiting the museum tomorrow.3. Present perfect tense: They have won the match.4. Present perfect continuous tense We have been living in this city for five years now.
  • 7. TENSE USES SIGNAL WORDSa) Simple past  action in past taking place once, never  yesterday, 2 mins ago, the or several times. other day, in 1990, last  actions taking place one after another. Friday….etc  actions taking place in middle of another action.b) Past  action going on at a certain time in ma  when, while, as long past. as…..etccontinuous  actions taking place at the same time.  action in the past interrupted by another action.c) Past perfect  action taking place before at a certain  already, just, never, not yet, time in the past. Once, until that day….etc  sometimes interchangeable with past perfect continuous.  putting emphasis only on the fact(not duration)d) Past perfect  action taking place before at a certain  for, since, the whole day, all time in the past. day….etccontinuous  sometimes interchangeable with past perfect simple.  putting emphasis on duration/course of an action.
  • 8. 1. Simple past tense: She worked hard last year.2. Past continuous tense: He was laughing at the beggar when I saw him.3. Past perfect tense: We had caught the thief before the arrival of the police.4. Past perfect continuous tense: I had been wading through water for half an hour.
  • 9. TENSE USES SIGNAL WORDa) Simple  action in the future which cannot be  in a year, next week, influenced. tomorrow, I think,future  action that will finish by a certain time probably, perhaps, by in the future. Monday, in a week….etc  decision made for the future.  conclusion for the future.b) Future  action that is going on I n a certain time  in one year, for, the last in the future. couple of hours, all daycontinuous  putting emphasis on the coarse of the ,long….etc action.  action taking place before a certain time.c) Future  denote an action that will be completed  shall have, will have….etc before some particular time in the future.perfectd) Future  denote an action that will be going on at  shall have been, will have or before some particular time in the been…..etcperfect future.continuous
  • 10. 1. Simple future tense: It will rain in the month of December this year.2. Future continuous tense: They will be discussing this matter in the afternoon.3. Future perfect tense: The teacher will have taught this lesson by the end of this period.4. Future perfect continuous tense: She will have been writing a book for two days when you meet her tomorrow.