The impact across the value chain for advertisers and marketers


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Jonathan thinks quietly, writes actively, speaks publicly and advises privately. He is a globally renowned businessman and entrepreneur with two decades of experience assisting over 100 companies globally in the creation and execution of commercial and digital strategies. He currently advises Boards of Directors at P&G, Unilever, Nestle and IKEA in business, marketing and innovation strategy. Much of this is operated through his business innovation company ‘this fluid world’ ( which he founded alongside Liri Andersson, an extremely talented businesswoman who created a number of global initiatives for WPP and Cisco.

During his career Jonathan has been responsible for creating the world-wide mobile strategy for Ogilvy, created Ministry of Sound’s digital strategy, launched a Sky TV channel, been an advisor to British Government and was the youngest ever Chairman of the British Music Industries Association.

Jonathan is the author of cited books, whitepapers and articles on communication, innovation, disruption and business strategy. He has over 100,000 monthly readers of his blog and c.70,000 twitter followers. He is currently writing a book called ‘De-Noise’ which will examine the effect that the distraction of connected technology has upon how we make decisions in our business and personal life.

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The impact across the value chain for advertisers and marketers

  1. 1. @jmacdonald
  2. 2. the signposts growth areas maximising opportunities
  3. 3. the signposts growth areas maximising opportunities
  4. 4. 1/3 Use how the public can create, edit, publish & share
  5. 5. the socialisation of all industries
  6. 6. the democratisation of all value chains
  7. 7. key message: innovation before today was just the start... there are billions of others involved
  8. 8. 2/3 Connection how devices enable people to work together for common goals
  9. 9. connected by weapons of mass communication
  10. 10. key message: people feel more empowered than ever... ...creating disintermediation, with or without authority
  11. 11. 3/3 Engagement how people interact with products and services
  12. 12. a) relevance: solutions that close gaps
  13. 13. b) ease of interaction: zero-friction
  14. 14. c) value of incentive: rewards in multiple ways
  15. 15. d) transparency
  16. 16. key message: engagement is human... ...meaning the biggest success factor is adding value to people’s lives
  17. 17. the signposts growth areas maximising opportunities
  18. 18. disruptive incremental today near future science fiction
  19. 19. Value Chain Disruption in 3D
  20. 20. skylar tibbits - 4D printing
  21. 21. if production is being dis-intermediated, where else can value be added using mobile?
  22. 22. the internet of things
  23. 23. smart pillboxes
  24. 24. computational clothing solar powered interactive electronic fabric
  25. 25. internet of living things the internet of things
  26. 26. if currently unconnected objects become connected, what opportunities are there in the translation between each object using mobile?
  27. 27. digital medicine
  28. 28. moto x sensors
  29. 29. nano tattoos
  30. 30. if people are able to analyse their own well-being in real-time, how can mobile facilitate expertise?
  31. 31. augmented reality contact lenses
  32. 32. how can we progress from the mobile experience of campaigns to the mobile experience of life?
  33. 33. mosquito nanodrones
  34. 34. flying vaccinators
  35. 35. squirm microbots
  36. 36. what ways will nano-robotics effect how information is communicated and how can our mobile offerings act as a courier?
  37. 37. the most advanced mobile device in the world
  38. 38. emotions analytics
  39. 39. what systems do we have in place for a public who are able to monitor our levels of honesty in real-time?
  40. 40. the signposts growth areas maximising opportunities
  41. 41. 1/3 Pro-activity: willingness to experiment
  42. 42. 2/3 Collaboration: with an empowered public
  43. 43. 3/3 Ethical Innovation: solution-based thinking
  44. 44.