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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. No-56A.Ist FLOOR, WATER TANK BUILDING, PERIYAR NAGAR, MAMBHAZHA SALAI, TRICHY- 620 005. Contact numbers: +91-99522 97180, 91-96006 70675 E-mail : WEBSITE: INNOVATIVE ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGIES (Shaping Quality Engineers)
  • 2. No-56A.Ist FLOOR, WATER TANK BUILDING, PERIYAR NAGAR, MAMBHAZHA SALAI, TRICHY- 620 005. Contact numbers: +91-99522 97180, 91-96006 70675 E-mail : WEBSITE: ABOUT IET INNOVATIVE ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGIES, IET is one of the leading and emerging centre for the Electrical, Electronics And Instrumentation Engineers which leads to become a Quality engineers. IET moulds the engineers by offering and teaching the career development technical courses. Our centre and courses are registered and got approval from Government of Tamilnadu under the campus registration number 294/2012. IET is located in Mambazha salai, with an excellent infrastructure in the city of Tiruchirappalli district. IET offers suitable courses from the fields of Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering. IET provides a variety of stimulating environments for intellectual development, free thinking, and personal growth, challenging its students with dynamic learning opportunities and equipping them with the skills, insights, attitudes and practical experiences that are necessary to take up responsibilities in the society. The courses offered are  CADD DESIGN  PLC TRAINING  EMBEDDED SYSTEMS  SIMULATION TOOLS  PCB DESIGN  ELECTRICAL PANELLING AND WIRING  PRO-E & CATIA  PROJECTS  SOFT SKILLS The above courses and projects are fulfilled with separate classrooms and specialized laboratory for practical purpose. The Strength and uniqueness of our campus stems from its dedicated and committed faculties. OUR VISION "To offer the highest quality technical education to bring out engineers withstate of the art professional skills, to protect the safety, health and welfare of the society through IET." We aspires to be a premier institution offering quality coaching and training in Engineering & Technology thereby making vital contribution to the industrial development of the country by providing trained, competent engineer through an effective educational process.
  • 3. No-56A.Ist FLOOR, WATER TANK BUILDING, PERIYAR NAGAR, MAMBHAZHA SALAI, TRICHY- 620 005. Contact numbers: +91-99522 97180, 91-96006 70675 E-mail : WEBSITE: OUR MISSION # To be a renowned premier technical institution # To establish centre of excellence # To provide an efficient academic and research environment # To interact with corporates, industries and research institutions to work either on collaborative projects or sponsored research # To contribute more to the education and training industrial and societal obligation SALIENT FEATURES Good learning atmosphere # IET Campus is a Tamilnadu Government registered centre # Dedicated, Trained and Experienced faculties # Individual faculties for each courses # Providing two years valid Student membership card # ON-GOING TRAININGS # PLC & PCB DESIGN Training in SASTRA University, Kumbakonam. # Project & PLC Training in Sudharsan Engineering College. # PLC Training in Musiri Institute of Technology. # PLC Training in Imayam Polytechnic College. # Projects & courses undergoing on Seshasayee Institute of Technology. # PLC & Embedded Training classes going in our office from the students specially for Government Polytechnic college , Perambalur. # Students from various colleges are effectively learning the above mentioned courses in our office, which leads to do their final year projects successfully. SPECIAL MENTIONS Having experienced MBA qualified Trainers # Addressing various Arts, Science and Engg College Students in Trichy on Career Planning, Corporate # Expectation, Entrepreneurship Development and Soft Skills Handling LIFE SKILLS and Communication Skills training for school children in Trichy # Conducted many training programmes for IECD, Bharathidasan University on “Entrepreneurship # Development” Trained the Trichy Police Personnel on Personality Development # Addressed Rotary Club Trichy Mid town on “Recipe for SUCCESS” # Trained the employees of Susee bajaj in Trichy # Conducted Staff Development Programme for Kurinji Engineering college, Manaparai, Trichy # Pioneer # Utmost # Almost #
  • 4. No-56A.Ist FLOOR, WATER TANK BUILDING, PERIYAR NAGAR, MAMBHAZHA SALAI, TRICHY- 620 005. Contact numbers: +91-99522 97180, 91-96006 70675 E-mail : WEBSITE: EMBEDDED SYSTEM 1. OVERVIEW OF EMBEDDED SYSTEM 1.1 Evolution Of Embedded System 1.2 Real Time Application & Development Cycle Of Embedded System 1.3 Embedded Processor & Controller 2. HARDWARE DESIGNING 2.1 Study Of Electronic Data Sheets 2.2 Power Supply Section Designing 2.3 Control Circuit Design 2.4 Signal Generation With Speed Of Frequency 2.5 Embedded Chip Port Pin Description 2.6 Study Of Industrial Embedded System Products 3. C LANGUAGE 3.1 Introduction To C, Data types, Variable, Keywords & Operators 3.2 I/O Functions, Array, Branching & Looping. 3.3 Recursion, Memory Allocation, Structure. 3.4 Basics C Programming. 4. MICROCONTROLLER 8051 4.1 Pin diagram, Instruction Set, Addressing Modes & Registers 4.2 Interrupt, Timer, Counter. 4.3 Basics Of Assembly Level Programming 5. PIC 5.1 Introduction to PIC 5.2 Instruction set, 5.3 Pin diagram 5.4 Register, Timer & Alp Programming 6. BUS STANDARD 6.1 PGI 6.2 CAN 6.3 Inter Integrated Circuit Bus 7. RTOS BASICS 7.1 Introduction To RTOS 7.2 Semaphore 7.3 Priority Inheritance 8. ARM BASICS 8.1 Basics of Arm &Arm Versions. 8.2 Real Time Applications 9. EMBEDDED C 9.1 Introduction Of Embedded C 9.2 Embedded C Programming In Keil C Software 10. EMBEDDED PRACTICE LAB 11. HARDWARE LAB PLC SYLLABUS 1. Introduction to Automation 1.1 Definition 1.2 Role of Automation 1.3 Industrial Applications 1.4 History of Automation. 2. Automations Components 2.1 Relays 2.2 Switches and its types 2.3 Sensors 2.4 Control Actuators 3. PLC (Programmable logic controller) 3.1 Introduction
  • 5. No-56A.Ist FLOOR, WATER TANK BUILDING, PERIYAR NAGAR, MAMBHAZHA SALAI, TRICHY- 620 005. Contact numbers: +91-99522 97180, 91-96006 70675 E-mail : WEBSITE: 3.2 Advantages of PLC control Panel 3.3 Architecture of PLC 3.4 Functions of various Blocks that make PLC 3.5 Working principle of PLC 3.6 Memory types 3.7 Different types of Input/Output circuits 3.8 Concept of inputs and outputs 3.9 Concept of Digital inputs and outputs 3.10 Concept of Analog inputs and outputs 3.11 Concept of PLC scan cycle 3.12 Concept of sink and source input/ output cards 3.13 Programming Methods 3.14 Programming devices 3.15 Programming with PLC 3.16 Basic Instructions - NO and NC contacts 3.17 Boolean gates – symbols and truth tables 3.18 Ladder Logic 3.19 Concept of latching and unlatching 3.20 Timers and counters 3.21 Maintenance and Trouble Shooting of PLC 3.22 Selection of PLC 3.23 Applications 4. Siemens PLC 4.1 SIEMENS Pin configuration and technical specification 4.2 Introduction to RSLogox Software 4.3 Introduction to RSLogox 500 Software 4.4 Programming Instructions 4.5 User and Bit functions 4.6 Timer and Counters 4.7 Input/Output 4.8 Compare Instructions 4.9 Compute/math Instructions 4.10 Move and Logical Instructions 4.11 File Shift and sequencer Instructions POWER MATLAB SYLLABUS
  • 6. No-56A.Ist FLOOR, WATER TANK BUILDING, PERIYAR NAGAR, MAMBHAZHA SALAI, TRICHY- 620 005. Contact numbers: +91-99522 97180, 91-96006 70675 E-mail : WEBSITE: 1. INTRODUCTION TO MATLAB 1.1 Starting matlab , matlab windows 1.2 Working in the command window 1.3 Arithmetic operations with scalars 1.4 Elementary math built-in functions 1.5 Defining scalar variables 2. CREATING ARRAYS 2.1 Creating a one-dimensional array (vector) 2.2 Creating a two-dimensional array (matrix) 2.3 The transpose operator 2.4 Array addressing 2.5 Using a colon: in addressing arrays 2.6 Adding elements to existing variables 2.7 Built-in functions for handling arrays 2.8 Strings and strings as variables 3. MATHEMATICAL OPERATIONS WITH ARRAYS 3.1 Addition and subtraction 3.2 Array multiplication 3.3 Array division 3.4 Element-by-element operations 3.5 Using arrays in matlab built-in math functions 3.6 Examples of matlab applications 4. SCRIPT FILES 4.1 Notes about script files 4.2 Creating and saving a script file 4.3 Running a script file 4.4 Global variables 4.5 Output commands 4.6 Examples of matlab applications 5. FUNCTIONS AND FUNCTION FILES 5.1 Creating a function file 5.2 Structure of a function file 5.3 Local and global variables 5.4 Examples of simple function files 5.5 Comparison between script files and function files 5.6 Examples of matlab applications 6. PROGRAMMING IN MATLAB 6.1 RELATIONAL AND LOGICAL OPERATORS 6.2 CONDITIONAL STATEMENTS 6.3 THE if-end STRUCTURE
  • 7. No-56A.Ist FLOOR, WATER TANK BUILDING, PERIYAR NAGAR, MAMBHAZHA SALAI, TRICHY- 620 005. Contact numbers: +91-99522 97180, 91-96006 70675 E-mail : WEBSITE: 6.4 THE if-else-end STRUCTURE 6.5 THE if-elseif-else-end STRUCTURE 6.6 THE switch-case STATEMENT 6.7 LOOPS 6.8 For-end LOOPS 6.9 While-end LOOPS 6.10 NESTED LOOPS AND NESTED CONDITIONAL STATEMENTS 6.11 THE break AND continue COMMANDS 6.12 EXAMPLES OF MATLAB APPLICATIONS 7. POLYNOMIALS, CURVE FITTING, AND INTERPOLATION 7.1 Polynomials 7.2 Curve fitting 7.3 Interpolation 7.4 The basic fitting interface 7.5 Examples of matlab applications 8. TWO-DIMENSIONAL PLOTS 8.1 The plot command 8.2 The fplot command 8.3 Formatting a plot 8.4 Plots with logarithmic axes 8.5 Plots with special graphics 8.6 Histograms 8.7 Polar plots 8.8 Plotting multiple plots on the same page 9.1 Line plots 9.2 Mesh and surface plots 9.3 Plots with special graphics 9.4 Examples of matlab applications 9. APPLICATIONS IN NUMERICAL ANALYSIS 10.1 Solving an equation with one variable 10.2 Finding a minimum or a maximum of a function 10.3 Numerical integration 10.4 Ordinary differential equations 10.5 10.5 Examples of mat lab applications 10. MATLAB/ SIMULINK