Sanjoy Sen - World Cards & Payments Summit - Key Note Opening Speaker - Feb 2012


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Sanjoy Sen - World Cards & Payments Summit - Key Note Opening Speaker - Feb 2012

  1. 1. visit our website:www.fleminggulf.comSupportingAssociation:SupportingSponsor:ConferenceExhibitor:SilverSponsors:BronzeSponsor:FIND YOUR REASONS TO ATTEND HOT SPOTS Sustain profitability and new business growth in your cards portfolio Identify growth opportunities within the new generation paymentsystems Explore the latest global regulatory developments in the payments space Update yourself with the latest trends, innovations and new paymentbusiness models from the payment operators Witness new technologies and alternate revenue solutions in electronic &mobile payments Generate a lucrative business proposition with a proactive remittancebusiness strategy Understand how non-financial entities, retailers and merchants haveexcelled in the payments space Benefit with state of the art payment security and eCommerce plan Meet and Network with global leaders in the cards and payments space REGULATORS PANEL – INTERNATIONAL REGULATORY UPDATE| Day 1 – 20th February 2012 GLOBAL PAYMENT OPERATOR PANEL – “Crafting an Ideal Cards &Payments Strategy in the New World Economy”| Day 1 – 20th February 2012 PANEL DISCUSSION – Driving Profitability: Enhancing CustomerExperience via Loyalty Strategies to grow the Cards & PaymentsBusiness | Day 1 – 20th February 2012 PANEL DISCUSSION – Capitalizing on eCommerce to Boost NewPayment Business Growth | Day 2 – 21st February 2012 PANEL DISCUSSION – The Future for Global Remittances: ProvidingEconomic Stability | Day 2 – 21st February 2012 PANEL DISCUSSION – The Future of Mobile Payments: RedefiningElectronic Commerce | Day 3 – 22nd February 2012 CONFERENCE MASTER CLASS WORKSHOP – “Leveraging the Cards SalesProcess: Increasing the Share of Wallet” | Day 3 – 22nd February 201220 till 22 February’ 2012, Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa, Dubai – United Arab Emirates Innovative & Emerging Trends in the Global Payment Space Ramzy Hamadeh, BanqueDu Liban, Lebanon, SeniorDirector: Head of Payment SystemsDepartmentEduardo Vergara, Barclays BankPlc, United Kingdom, ChiefExecutive Officer, Barclaycard GlobalBusiness SolutionsMartin Waldenstrom,, UAE, Chief Executive OfficerVictor Ye, China UnionPayChina, Chief Representative: MiddleEast, West Asia and North AfricaSanjoy Sen, Citibank NA, UAEManaging Director and ConsumerBank Head: Middle East, Pakistan andNorth Africa RegionAnand Kadakol, CIMBInvestment Bank Bhd, MalaysiaExecutive Vice President, Head ofGlobal Retail PaymentsGhanashyama MahantyCitibank NA, UAE, Senior VicePresident | Head of Marketing Analyticsand Insights: EuropeMiddle East and AfricaTim Rooney, Deutsche Bank AGGermany, Managing DirectorGlobal Head of Credit Products:Private & Business ClientsThomas Palloway, Diners ClubInternational, United KingdomDirector, Franchise RelationshipManagement: Europe, Middle Eastand AfricaVikram Chadha, du | EmiratesIntegrated TelecommunicationsCompany PJSC, UAE, SeniorDirector: SME (Enterprise Marketing)Samee Zafar, Edgar, Dunn &Company, United Kingdom, DirectorDr. Thaer Sabri, ElectronicMoney Association, UnitedKingdom, Chief ExecutivePrateek Vahie, Emirates NBDPJSC, UAE, Vice President and Headof Products: Cards BusinessEnrique Beza Rodriguez, EtisalatUAE, Senior Manager: mCommerceKevin Carty, FEXCO MerchantServices, UAE, BusinessDevelopment Manager: SouthernAsia, Middle East and AfricaAlfonso De Gaetano, Google Inc.UAE, Industry Head – Gulf RegionMir Rashedul HossainGrameenphone Ltd, BangladeshGeneral Manager: Head of BusinessDevelopment, Financial ServicesFaiq Sadiq, HBL (Habib Bank)Pakistan, Head of Payment ServicesPrashant KhattarInfinia Services and Solutions,UAE, Managing DirectorSyed Haider MehdiManagement ExcellencePresident and CEODanny S. Abla, Pin-Pay SALLebanon, Chief Executive OfficerYvonne West, PrepaidInternational Forum (PIF)United Kingdom, General ManagerMohamed Belarj, EPS, ElectronicPayment Solutions, SaudiArabia, Chief Operating OfficerHazem G. Elhagrasey, Al RajhiBank, Saudi Arabia, AGM | Head ofTahweel Al Rajhi Remittances DivisionSitoyo Lopokoiyit, SafaricomKenya, Head of Strategy: FinancialServicesFarshad Nowshadi (M.Phil)Saman Bank Corporation, IranVice President – Technology and StrategyRonaldo Mouchawar, Souq.comUAE, Chief Executive OfficerImdad Aslam, Standard CharteredBank, UAE, Regional Head of Proximity& Remote Channels: Africa, Middle EastNGLO, South Asia and IndiaSido Bestani, SWIFT, UAE, Head ofMiddle East & North AfricaSatyabhama R, Thinksoft GlobalServices, India, Principal ConsultantLuca Vanini, UniCredit GroupItaly, Head of Group PaymentsDevelopmentKrishna Kumar C, GlobalOperations and Payments SpecialistRaghav Prasad, Global CommercialCard & Payments SpecialistCONFIRMED SPEAKERS & PANELISTSThe 3rdAnnual World Cards& Payments Summit 2012
  2. 2. Chief Executive OffiGroup Managing DiHead of Payments RHead of Card BusineHead of Payment SyHead of Consumer CHead of Consumer FHead of WholesaleHead of Electronic DHead of Payment PoHead of Corporate BHead of Loyalty ProHead of Payment SeHead of Product DeHead of Fuel MarkeHead of Merchant SHead of Mobile MoHead of RemittanceChief Executive OfficersGroup Managing DirectorsHead of Payments RegulationHead of Card BusinessHead of Payment SystemsHead of Consumer Card ProductHead of Consumer FinanceHead of Wholesale Payment ProductsHead of Electronic Delivery ServicesHead of Payment Policies& ProceduresHead of Corporate BankingHead of Loyalty ProgrammesHead of Payment Security SystemsHead of Product DevelopmentHead of Fuel Marketing ProductsHead of Merchant ServicesHead of Mobile MoneyHead of RemittancesMiddle East - 43%Central Asia - 14%Sub-Saharan Africa - 29%Europe - 10%Asia-Pacific - 4%Middle East - 43%Central Asia - 14%Sub-Saharan Africa - 29%Europe - 10%Asia-Pacific - 4%Payment Operators - 8%Payment Regulators - 7%Commercial & Wholesale Banks - 24%Interbank Payment Settlement Departments - 6%Consumer Finance Companies - 10%Retailersand Merchants - 11%Third Party Payment Processors - 12%Remittance & Money Transfer Agencies - 8%Payment & Mobile Solution Providers - 14%Payment Operators - 8%Payment Regulators - 7%Commercial & Wholesale Banks - 24%Interbank Payment Settlement Departments - 6%Consumer Finance Companies - 10%Retailersand Merchants - 11%Third Party Payment Processors- 12%Remittance & Money Transfer Agencies - 8%Payment & Mobile Solution Providers - 14%Media Partners:Supporting Partners:Head of Cards, Head of Payments & SettlementSystems, Head of New Ventures, Head ofGroup Payment Products, Head of GlobalTransaction Services, Head of eCommerce,Head of mCommerce, Head of MobilePayments, Head of Electronic Payments, Headof Remittances, Head of Prepaid, Head of FuelCard, Group Treasurer, Payment Regulator,Head of Information Security, Head of Fraud& Investigations.Retail Banks, Commercial Banks, WholesaleBanks, Islamic Banks, Credit Card Issuers,Consumer Finance Houses, Payment &Settlement Companies, Third Party Processors,Mobile & Telecom Operators, Remittance& Money Transfers, Payment Regulators,Merchants, Retail Fuel Marketing, LocalCorporate and Multinational Corporate.Payment Operators, Card Operators, PaymentServices, Plastic Card Manufacturers, CardTechnology, Fraud & Information Security,Credit Risk Management, Credit Bureaus, CardChip / EMV, ATM, Vendors.WHO MUST ATTENDWCPS 2011 POST SHOW REPORTParticipant Profile | OrganizationParticipant Profile | Region Participant Profile | OrganizationAUDIENCE INDUSTRIESVENDOR & SOLUTIONPROVIDER INDUSTRIESBooking line: tel: + 971 4 609 1564, fax: + 971 4 6091589email:,
  3. 3. Day 1 – 20 February 20128:00 Registration and Morning Coffee8:50 Welcome Note from Fleming Gulf9:00 Opening Remarks from the ChairSyed Haider Mehdi, Management Excellence, President and CEOGLOBAL PAYMENTS OUTLOOK9:05 Keynote Next Generation Payment Systems– The New World OrderPayments and other transactional banking services were elastic during the economicdownturn. With the rapid change in the payments business banks will have to decideto what extent payments should be placed within their core business strategies. Itis time now for financial world to come up with a new world order for the nextgeneration payment systems.Eduardo Vergara, Barclays Bank Plc, United KingdomChief Executive Officer | Barclaycard Global Business Solutions9:30 REGULATORS PANEL – INTERNATIONAL REGULATORY UPDATEKeynote: Overview of the Global Payment Regulatory FrameworkDr. Thaer Sabri, Electronic Money Association, United Kingdom, Chief Executive9:45 Panel Discussion• Understanding the key role of regulation in terms of secured payment methodsand enhancing growth within the sector• Implication of globalization and regulatory mandates that will affect thefinancial world in the payment space• Easing complications within Real-time and Electronic payments to avoidfinancial crime and improve consumer confidence• Understanding how will emerging technologies, expanding channels andevolving fraud threats impact payment security today and beyond• Understanding the standards set by regional payment gateways: Europe,Middle East, Asia, Africa & Americas• Monitoring of the Cards Business Model• The future impact of international standards and regulatory mandatesFeatured Panelists:Ramzy Hamadeh, Banque Du Liban, LebanonSenior Director: Head of Payment Systems DepartmentDr. Thaer Sabri, Electronic Money Association, United Kingdom, Chief ExecutiveSamee Zafar, Edgar, Dunn & Company, United Kingdom, DirectorSido Bestani, SWIFT, UAE, Head of Middle East & North AfricaModerator:Krishna Kumar C, Global Operations and Payments Specialist10:30 Morning Coffee Break, Networking and Exhibition Viewing11:00 Mobile Payments• Highlights of the 2012 Advanced Payments Report which focus on mobilepayments• Mobile proximity payments• Mobile Value Bundles – combining payments with deals and offers• Stakeholders strategies for banks, mobile operators, merchants, and paymentproviders• The business model – where’s the money?Samee Zafar, Edgar, Dunn & Company, United Kingdom, Director11:30 Innovation in Cards & Growth Opportunities within the New GenerationPayment Systems• New platforms, new players, new challenges• Expanding Battlefied: Trends in Mobile and Online Payments• Exploring the future payment landscape• Payment innovations: From new products to disruptive / paradigm shiftingpropositions• Providing different customers with seamless access to their preferred transactionmediumSanjoy Sen, Citibank NA, UAE, Managing Director and Consumer Bank Head:Middle East, Pakistan and North Africa RegionTHE GLOBAL PAYMENT OPERATOR UPDATE ON NEW BUSINESSGROWTH12:00 UnionPay Presentation: The Chinese Payment Model & its Global OutreachVictor Ye, China UnionPay, ChinaChief Representative: Middle East, West Asia and North Africa12:15 Diners Club Presentation: New & Improved Card Payment Business ModelsThomas Palloway, Diners Club International, United KingdomDirector, Franchise Relationship Management: Europe, Middle East and Africa12:30 GLOBAL PAYMENT OPERATOR PANEL – “Crafting an Ideal Cards &Payments Strategy in the New World Economy”Panel Discussion:-• Fundamentals of Revenue Protection and Revenue Generation• Enhancing Total Quality & Service Excellence Standards• Driving Innovation as a Key in Generating New Payment Business• Looking at New Options to attract the Unbanked and the Youth Market• Latest developments in NFCs and Mobile Payment ProductsFeatured Panelists:Victor Ye, China UnionPay, ChinaChief Representative: Middle East, West Asia and North AfricaThomas Palloway, Diners Club International, United KingdomDirector, Franchise Relationship Management: Europe, Middle East and AfricaRaghav Prasad, Global Commercial Card & Payments SpecialistModerator:Krishna Kumar C, Global Operations and Payments Specialist13:00 Lunch and Prayer BreakSUSTAINING PROFITABILITY & GROWTH IN GLOBALCARDS & ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS14:00 “Card Selling... It’s Not a Gimmick... it’s Relationships!”Selling credit cards is not all about meeting your sales targets and being awardedwith top sales of the year. Financial institutions should regard card sales as amethod of maintaining and retaining customer relationships. This presentation willtake you through:-• What is the source of spoilt customer relationship during credit card sales?• Fundamentals of maintaining sales productivity without spoiling relations• Principals of Customer Relationship Management• Best Practices and Case StudiesSyed Haider Mehdi, Management Excellence, President and CEO14:30 Current and Future Technological Trends in Payments• Overview of the Global Payment Trends• Payment Risk Analysis• What’s next in eBanking sites?• Mobile Applications• Google Mobile NFC Payments• Case Study: Building the next Generation eBanking WebsitesFarshad Nowshadi (M.Phil), Saman Bank Corporation, IranVice President – Technology and Strategy15:00 Trends in Functional Testing for Mobile Payments• Difference between Mobile Banking & Mobile Payments• Testing approach to meet challenges of mobile payments• Using emulators or real devices for testing mobile paymentsSatyabhama R, Thinksoft Global Services, India, Principal Consultant15:30 Afternoon Coffee Break, Networking and Exhibition Viewing16:00 Building a Profitable Global Cards Business Proposition• Determining the key factors that define success• Learning from International Leaders to develop a Local Solution• People & Operational Excellence... Overcoming these challenges• Managing the Cards Business across Multiple Regional Locations• Ensuring profitability and dynamic expansion in a cross-border environmentTim Rooney, Deutsche Bank AG, GermanyManaging Director | Global Head of Credit Products: Private & Business Clients16:30 “How the Cards Payment Industry can Leverage the Opportunities ofInternational Tourism to the Middle East and Africa”Understanding the economic and business impacts of international travel on citiesand countries that are popular destinations of international travel, and howthese market forces create new opportunities for the Card Payments Industry –especially in the Middle East and Africa.• Tourism in The Middle East and Africa• Emerging Niche Markets• Opportunities for Card Payment ProvidersKevin Carty, FEXCO Merchant Services, UAEBusiness Development Manager: Southern Asia, Middle East and Africa17:00 Driving Profitability: Enhancing Customer Experience via LoyaltyStrategies to grow the Cards & Payments BusinessPanel Discussion:• Creating a balance between Growth and Sustainability to avoid prematuregrowth stress• Opportunity for New Products such as Mobile, Prepaid and NFCs within theBanking and Non-Banking space: Corporate and Consumer• New and improved Loyalty Strategies on all forms of card products: Bankingand other Retail Cards• Local Corporate vs. MNC in the Global Payment space• Effective Marketing Segmentation Strategies for Credit Cards: Wholesale andRetail• Combining NFCs with Mobile Payments to give customers a faster way to pay• Channel Optimization in Delivery Payments to CustomersFeatured Panelists:Tim Rooney, Deutsche Bank AG, Germany, Managing Director | Global Headof Credit Products: Private & Business ClientsPrateek Vahie, Emirates NBD PJSC, UAEVice President and Head of Products: Cards BusinessKevin Carty, FEXCO Merchant Services, UAEBusiness Development Manager: Southern Asia, Middle East and AfricaPrashant Khattar, Infinia Services and Solutions, UAE, Managing DirectorYvonne West, Prepaid International Forum (PIF), United KingdomGeneral ManagerModerator:Syed Haider Mehdi, Management Excellence, President and CEO17:30 Closing Remarks from the Chair17:40 End of Day 1Speakers & Delegates are cordially invited to a Networking Cocktail ReceptionBooking line: tel: + 971 4 609 1564, fax: + 971 4 6091589email:,
  4. 4. Day 2 – 21 February 20128:00 Registration and Morning Coffee8:50 Welcome Note from ChairmanSyed Haider Mehdi, Management Excellence, President and CEOEXPLORING NEW GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES9:00 Major Developments in the Asian Payment Market• Strategic Options aligned towards Asian Banks• Key Opportunities• New Technologies• Best Practices and take-awayAnand Kadakol, CIMB Investment Bank Bhd, MalaysiaExecutive Vice President, Head of Global Retail Payments9:40 Re-aligning Business Models to Meet SEPA Challenges• Focus on Value-added products and services• Outsourcing Payment related business to others• Opportunities in Revenue Generation• Decreasing complexity in Payment InfrastructuresLuca Vanini, UniCredit Group, Italy, Head of Group Payments Development10:20 Morning Coffee Break, Networking and Exhibition ViewingBEST PRACTICES & GROWTH DRIVERS IN ELECTRONICPAYMENTS10:50 Third Party Payment Opportunities• Global and Regional Overview• Trends in Emerging Payments• Bank and Third Party Partnerships• EPS Arabia’s take in Third Party Payments• Best Practices and the Way ForwardMohamed Belarj, EPS | Electronic Payment Solutions, Saudi ArabiaChief Operating Officer11:30 An eCommerce Growth StoryYour Payment Partner for eCommerce in the Middle East. The presentationfeatures:• Overview of in the Middle East• Initiatives towards enhancing eCommerce in the Region• Key Drivers for eCommerce & ePayments• Best Practices and the Client ExperienceMartin Waldenstrom,, UAE, Chief Executive Officer12:10 PANEL DISCUSSION – Capitalizing on eCommerce to Boost NewPayment Business GrowthThe growth of eCommerce on a global level has been tremendous in the past few years.Online retailers have opened doors to new markets and customers with customersfinding eCommerce as an effective way of researching and purchasing of products andother consumer goods. A similar phenomenon has come up in the shape of branchlessbanking where banks have now increased their consumer portfolio by allowing them toleverage with financial services online instead of visiting a bank. Still on a merchant’s andon a bank’s level there are several technological and business development challenges aschange generally occurs within the eCommerce space. The panel will touch upon:• Current trends in the eCommerce space from a merchant’s/retailer perspective• Opportunities in new business growth domestically and globally• Emerging technological challenges to improve the quality of eCommerce services• Improvising on Mobile Commerce to boost business growth especially withinthe small business domain• How financial institutions can allow customers to leverage with innovativeelectronic solutions in the current era?• Future trends in Web 2.0 and the way forward in the world of eCommerceFeatured Panelists:-Martin Waldenstrom,, UAE, Chief Executive OfficerVikram Chadha, du | Emirates Integrated Telecommunications CompanyPJSC, UAE, Senior Director: SME (Enterprise Marketing)Kevin Carty, FEXCO Merchant Services, UAE, Business DevelopmentManager: Southern Asia, Middle East and AfricaAlfonso De Gaetano, Google Inc., UAE, Industry Head – Gulf RegionPrashant Khattar, Infinia Services and Solutions, UAE, Managing DirectorRonaldo Mouchawar,, UAE, Chief Executive OfficerSatyabhama R, Thinksoft Global Services, India, Principal ConsultantRaghav Prasad, Global Commercial Card & Payments SpecialistModerator:Syed Haider Mehdi, Management Excellence, President and CEO13:00 Lunch and Prayer BreakBUILDING LUCRATIVE BUSINESS IN THE GLOBAL REMITTANCESPACE14:10 Latest Developments in the Global Remittance & Money TransferBusiness• Emerging trends in remittance service• Evolving business models in the industry and how your business can adapt• Protecting your business and market share by focusing on your customersHazem G. Elhagrasey, Al Rajhi Bank, Saudi ArabiaAGM | Head of Tahweel Al Rajhi Remittances Division14:50 CASE STUDY Global Remittances• Overview• Portfolio Size• Product & Service Innovation• Operational Excellence• Sender & Receiver Challenges and Opportunities• Key take-awayFaiq Sadiq, HBL (Habib Bank), Pakistan, Head of Payment Services15:30 Afternoon Coffee Break, Networking & Exhibition Viewing16:00 Establishing the Commercial Cards Business into Developing Markets• Opportunities in Commercial Cards• Potential Products and Services Offerings• Ideal Geographical Locations where the Business has Potential• Best Practices from the Developed WorldRaghav Prasad, Global Commercial Card & Payments Specialist16:40 PANEL DISCUSSION – The Future for Global Remittances: ProvidingEconomic Stability• Global Innovation & Collaboration• Trends in Total Government aid to Developing Countries• The Importance and Relevance of Building Partnerships in the current EconomicClimate• Overcoming challenges in Remittance Flows and Trends: Sender & Receiverperspective• Latest Developments in Electronic Trading• The Way Forward in Global RemittancesFeatured Panelists:-Hazem G. Elhagrasey, Al Rajhi Bank, Saudi ArabiaAGM | Head of Tahweel Al Rajhi Remittances DivisionAnand Kadakol, CIMB Investment Bank Bhd, MalaysiaExecutive Vice President | Head of Global Retail PaymentsFaiq Sadiq, HBL (Habib Bank), Pakistan, Head of Payment ServicesModerator:Krishna Kumar C, Global Operations and Payments Specialist17:20 Closing Remarks from the Chair17:30 End of Day 2Booking line: tel: + 971 4 609 1564, fax: + 971 4 6091589email:,
  5. 5. Day 3 – 22 February 20128:00 Registration and Morning Coffee8:50 Welcome Note from ChairmanSyed Haider Mehdi, Management Excellence, President and CEOINNOVATIVE MERCHANT PAYMENT SOLUTIONS & IMPROVEDSECURITY STRATEGIES9:00 Card Marketing Strategies – The New Order• What drives Sales?o Word of moutho Advertisingo Previous experienceo Narrowing gap between sales and serviceo Back room to the boardroom – for better decision making• Consumer Decision Journeyo Align sales and marketing activities to CDJo Analytics to combine pulse of the market to pulse of the customer toenhances purchasing funnel• Moving up the Analytics curveo Analytical novice to leadero Prospect targeting models to improve acquisitiono SoLoMo analytics – Right person, right time and right place for relationshipbuildingo Voice analytics for retentionGhanashyama Mahanty, Citibank NA, UAE, Senior Vice President | Head ofMarketing Analytics and Insights: Europe, Middle East and Africa9:40 Gift Card Malls Uncovered: The UK Experience• Current Trends in the UK Consumer Gift Card Market• Understanding Customer Attitudes to Gift Cards• Gift Card Sales & Marketing – Opportunities & Challenges:-o The In-Store ExperienceYvonne West, Prepaid International Forum (PIF), United KingdomGeneral Manager10:20 Morning Coffee Break, Networking and Exhibition Viewing10:50 The Lebanese Consumer Payments Experience• The Pin-Pay Experience• Positioning Consumer Payments as a Product not a Processor• Going Back to Basics• Future Trends & Best PracticesDanny S. Abla, Pin-Pay SAL, LebanonChief Executive Officer11:30 Driving Loyalty through Co-Brands & Partnerships• Co-Branding: A Powerful Tool to Build Loyalty in the Payments World• Win-Win Partnership• Building an Effective Programme• Case StudyPrashant Khattar, Infinia Services and Solutions, UAEManaging Director12:10 PANEL DISCUSSION – The Future of Mobile Payments: RedefiningElectronic Commerce• Mobile Payments has already submerged the international payments market• Determining the extent of developing a Global Cashless society• Global examples of mWallets and its Business Excellence• How Mobile Phones are Becoming the New Credit Card• How will Mobile improve Payment Systems in the Wholesale & MNC domain• Examining how NFCs will benefit from the growth of Mobile PaymentsFeatured Panelists:-Enrique Beza Rodriguez, Etisalat, UAE, Senior Manager: mCommerceKevin Carty, FEXCO Merchant Services, UAEBusiness Development Manager: Southern Asia, Middle East and AfricaDanny S. Abla, Pin-Pay SAL, Lebanon, Chief Executive OfficerSitoyo Lopokoiyit, Safaricom, Kenya, Head of Strategy: Financial ServicesImdad Aslam, Standard Chartered Bank, UAE, Regional Head of Proximity &Remote Channels: Africa, Middle East, NGLO, South Asia and IndiaSatyabhama R, Thinksoft Global Services, India, Principal ConsultantRaghav Prasad, Global Commercial Card & Payments SpecialistModerator:Krishna Kumar C, Global Operations and Payments Specialist13:00 Lunch and Prayer BreakCONFERENCE MASTER CLASS WORKSHOP14:00 “Leveraging the Cards Sales Process: Increasing the Share ofWallet”Workshop Overview:-The world of electronic payments is witnessing a diversified array of products andservices ranging from the traditional credit cards to debit cards, prepaid cards,online, electronic and mobile money where each product has its own set of features,competitive and innovative edge. The question is does the customer actually wantall of these services? From all of these products and services, the Card product isstill the ideal payment product a bank or any retail merchant outlet will offer totheir clients and likewise from the client’s perspective the card product still remainas their need of the hour particularly in today’s world due the loyalty the productdelivers. It becomes vital to maintain a “Balanced Scorecard” as it is a strategicmanagement approach in sales. It is also vital for the Cards Business Head to ensurethere is a robust, refined and improved sales process not only to increase revenuebut to increase the share of wallet.Workshop Highlights:-• Designing and Implementing the Cards Sales Management Strategy• Identifying the Ideal Approach to handle Multi-Channel Card sales• Significance of Cross Sell and Up Sell to ensure Client Retention and increase inSales: Techniques, Tools and Principles• Significance of Customer Segmentation in Managing Card Sales: Premium,Affluent, Commercial, SME, Retail• Improving the Relationship Management approach: Being more Client CentricWorkshop Methodology:-• Practical use of Concepts• Idea sharing and Networking• Case studies and Exercises• Presentation and Team BuildingWorkshop Leader:-Syed Haider Mehdi, Management Excellence, President and CEO16:00 Close of the Conference & Closing Remarks from the ChairFarewell Coffee and NetworkingI would like to thank everyone who has helped with the research and organization of thisevent, especially the speakers for their support and commitment.Fahd Ali Akmal, Senior Conference Producer, fahd.ali@fleminggulf.comVimal Kumar, Barclays Bank Plc, Regional Head of Credit Cards and Retail Assets: Barclays AfricaCatherine X. Luzio, J.P. Morgan, Managing Director, Head of MNC Corporate Banking: EMEASotiris Sirmakezis, Piraeus Bank Group, Deputy General Manager Group eBusiness SectorJoyseej Mukherjee, SAMBA Financial Group, Cards Business HeadChidi Okpala, United Bank for Africa Plc, Nigeria, Head of Group Retail Banking DivisionThe advisory council will aid in the quest for providing high quality education on the most significant topics to ever impact the global payments sector.THE ADVISORY COUNCILBooking line: tel: + 971 4 609 1564, fax: + 971 4 6091589email:,
  6. 6. Biographies – Speakers & Guest PanelistsSyed Haider Mehdi, Management Excellence, President and CEOHaider is the President and CEO of Management Excellence; a UAE basedtransformational sales and service change specialist consultancy, working in the RetailBanking Sector. He has also worked and consulted in organizations across a widerange of industries in areas of Business strategy, Marketing, Sales, Customer Servicesand Human Resources, specifically skills development and training. Specialist focusin Sales and Service Cultural change in RETAIL BANKING. Haider has worked asHead of Strategic Change Management at Mashreq, the largest private UAE bankand lead several very highly successful change programs for the organization. Haiderbelieves that organisations have become fortresses, where leadership has surroundedthemselves with unmanageable amount of data and information, far removed fromthe actual action in the field and an understanding how an organization really fulfils itssales and service experience with the Customers. He has clarion call to all leaders fromCEO’s down to get back to basics and understand what people are saying and doing atthe front end when engaging with Customers, as that is where the battles are won andlost and how their sales and service processes are being fulfilled. Haider is an MBA fromBoston University, married to Sheena, and they have three very happy children.Eduardo Vergara, Barclays Bank Plc, United KingdomChief Executive Officer | Barclaycard Global Business SolutionsEduardo Vergara is Chief Executive Officer of Global Business Solutions at Barclaycard.In this role Eduardo is responsible for leading and growing Barclaycard’s B2B paymentsbusinesses which include their merchant acquiring, commercial payments, point ofsale finance, small business card and loyalty management businesses. Before joiningBarclaycard Eduardo was Managing Director and Global Commercial Card Executiveat JPMorgan, prior to this, Eduardo was Senior Vice President of Product Managementand Marketing, for Global Commercial Card at American Express, and head of LatinAmerica and Canada for Global Treasury Services for Bank of America. Before this,Eduardo was a consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he advised global financialinstitutions on card and payments strategy. Eduardo started his career at Procter &Gamble. Eduardo holds Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Economics from Princeton University,an M.S. degree in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University, and a B.S.with Honors degree in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Mexico.Eduardo is married with 3 children.Dr. Thaer Sabri, Electronic Money Association, United Kingdom, ChiefExecutiveThaer has over 15 years experience in the electronic money and payments industry.This has been in a regulatory capacity as well product management and businessdevelopment. Thaer worked at Mondex International and before foundingFlawless Money in 2001. He is Chief Executive of the Electronic Money Association(, and leads industry regulatory interface with regulators in the EU andglobally. He has advised on EU and international regulatory regimes, and leads teamsthat oversee operational aspects of the payments business including risk management,AML & CTF, IT security and corporate governance. Thaer led industry representationin the review of the Electronic Money Directive 2007-2010 and represented theEMA in the development of the Payment Services Directive and the Third MoneyLaundering Directive. He is a member of the European Commission Market ExpertsGroup on payments, participated in the OFT Task Force on Payments, and the currentUK Stakeholders’ Group on the PSD and EMD. Thaer attended Sheffield University,Imperial College - University of London - Birkbeck College - University of London andqualified as a Solicitor in England and Wales in 2001.Samee Zafar, Edgar, Dunn & Company, United Kingdom, DirectorSamee is a director in the London office of Edgar, Dunn and Company, a globalmanagement consulting firm. Samee has advised some of the world’s largestorganisations in North America and Europe, working at the Board level. Sameeleads the firm’s advanced payments consulting practice which advises banks, mobileoperators, and payment service providers focusing on internet and mobile commerceand payments. His functional expertise extends from concept and new productdevelopment to strategy formulation, operations and technology implementationand improvement, product roll-out, and profitability enhancement. He previously heldleadership positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers and at Scient Consulting based in NewYork. He started his career with Visa International in London where he helped banksenhance their payment product profitability. Samee has published a number of articlesin leading industry journals and is a regular speaker at industry events. He has co-authored a book “Developing and Managing a Successful Payment Cards Business”published by Gower Publications. Samee holds an MBA from the Cass Business Schoolof the City University in London and is a fellow member of the Institute of CharteredAccountants of Pakistan.Sanjoy Sen, Citibank NA, UAEManaging Director and Consumer Bank Head: Middle East, Pakistan and NorthAfrica RegionSanjoy Sen is Citibank’s Consumer Banking Head for the Middle East Region andCountry Business Manager for Citibank’s Consumer Bank in UAE. His responsibilityincludes Credit Cards, Consumer Finance and Lending, Branches, Wealth Management,Insurance and Local Commercial Banking. Sanjoy is an experienced banker andconsumer finance professional with over 20 years of experience in emerging marketsincluding India, China and the Middle East. Prior to his current role, he was the ChiefOperating Officer and Retail Banking Head and for Citibank China. Before that he heldvarious senior management roles in Citibank India including as Retail Banking Headfor Citibank India and as CEO of Citicorp Maruti, a joint venture between Citibankand Suzuki which pioneered automobile finance in India. He has worked extensively instrategy and execution of M&A activities for Citigroup in various Asia Pacific markets.Sanjoy has a graduate degree in Electronics Engineering. He is a MBA and marketinggold medalist from the Indian Institute of Management and has management trainingfrom Harvard Business School. He is a guest speaker at various forums including theLondon Business School.Victor Ye, China UnionPay, China, Chief Representative: Middle East, WestAsia and North AfricaVictor Ye is the Chief Representative of China UnionPay Middle East, West Asia andNorth Africa office, also the member of Chinese Merchants Association in UAE. Mr. Ye isMA of Business Administration. From July, 2001 till now, he successively served in ChinaUnionPay in different positions, acquiring a thorough and profound understanding ofthe payment development in China, and also is the founder of China UnionPay MiddleEast, West Asia and North Africa regional head office.Thomas Palloway, Diners Club International, United KingdomDirector, Franchise Relationship Management: Europe, Middle East and AfricaTom Palloway is responsible for a number of existing franchise relationships across theEMEA region as well as developing additional markets through the establishment ofnew in country franchise businesses.Mr. Palloway joined Diners Club in 2009 from MasterCard International where he heldthe position of Vice President in the Global Accounts Team. Tom also spent a numberof years working for JP Morgan Chase in both the Asia Pacific Region and in the UnitedStates holding senior positions in their corporate cash management, payments andcard issuance businesses. Mr. Palloway is a Canadian citizen and attended MohawkCollege in Canada studying information technology. He has over 25 years experiencein the financial industry and is a resident of London, England.Farshad Nowshadi (M.Phil), Saman Bank Corporation, Iran, VicePresident – Technology and StrategyFarshad has over three decades of experience in technology with a proven track recordof successfully bringing technological solutions to large organizations. For 20 yearshe was one of the key consultants to Reuters Financial global services. Enabling thecompany to implement a series of Innovative Financial/Technical solutions for Banksand Dealing rooms worldwide. He has also been a consultant to a number of globalcompanies such as Microsoft-HQ at Seattle (US) working on enabling a number ofMicrosoft financial services for the global financial sector. Farshad has also beenthe author of a number of International Books and Management Technical courses,for Learning Tree International (One of the world’s largest Management trainingcompanies). Now the VP-Technology at Saman Bank, he is helping the Bank tocontinue to be the leading technological innovating Bank in Iran. Farshad Nowshadiis part of Microsoft Gold partner program and holds a degree of Master of Philosophy(M.Phil.) from Sussex University (UK) in Computing, Communications and Security.Satyabhama R, Thinksoft Global Services, India, Principal ConsultantSatyabhama R, works as Principal Consultant at Thinksoft Global Services since theyear 2000. She has managed several global testing projects for Fortune 100 Bankingand financial Services organizations. She has over 30 years of experience in the ITservices industry. Her domain knowledge in Retail banking, Treasury & Credit cardprocessing has helped in implementing many successful User acceptance test strategiesand delivering near-error free software to production. She passionately promotes useof Testing Tools for Test Automation and creation of reusable Test repositories especiallyin the areas of Core banking, Payment processing & switching systems and Credit Cardprocessing.Kevin Carty, FEXCO Merchant Services, UAEBusiness Development Manager: Southern Asia, Middle East and AfricaKevin is the Regional Business Development Manager of FEXCO based in Dubairesponsible for The Middle East, Africa and Southern Asia, promoting FEXCO’sTourism Related Financial Services –especially Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).His prior experience include being Director of Strategy at Raseen Mobile Technologiesin Abu Dhabi where his role was to provide payment solutions that leverage theconvergence between telecoms, banking and emerging digital life-styles. He has alsobeen the Regional Director for EuroCommerce in Dublin, Ireland (Now a DataCash/MasterCard Company). Card Not Present payment and risk solutions for e-commercefocusing on the airline and travel industry. He was Partner and Founder of GlobalHealth Services in Boston USA where the business was into Telemedicine and GlobalPatient Advocacy Services. He has also remained a Founder and Managing Director ofMercuri International (M.E.) Dubai – UAE. A Franchisee of Europe’s leading sales andmanagement training consultancyAnand Kadakol, CIMB Investment Bank Bhd, MalaysiaExecutive Vice President | Head of Global Retail PaymentsAnand has over 9 years of experience in Payments and an overall experience of closeto 19 years in various industries. Anand has managed businesses in various countriesacross APAC during these 9 years in the payments space. Anand’s experiences spanacross consumer products, B2B eCommerce and now banking. Currently Anand isworking as EVP and Head of Global Retail Payments based out of Kuala Lumpur forCIMB Investment Bank.Luca Vanini, UniCredit Group, Italy, Head of Group Payments DevelopmentLuca Vanini is Head of the international Group Payments Development team atUNICREDIT since 2007. He covers local and global payments solutions in Italy,Booking line: tel: + 971 4 609 1564, fax: + 971 4 6091589email:,
  7. 7. Germany and Austria, and global solutions in Eastern Europe. Born in Milan in 1962,had a degree in Economic and Social Sciences (D.E.S.) in Università Bocconi. He createdthe Futures & Options Desk at Credito Italiano in 1990, and became then head ofcorrespondent banking products in 1995, and head of Italian corporate internationalpayments in 1998. He developed with his team some proprietary product lines inareas like cross-border pension payments, international pooling, advanced pricing andpackage management, and services supporting corporate accounting, invoicing andadministration.Alfonso De Gaetano, Google Inc., UAE, Industry Head – Gulf RegionAlfonso de Gaetano works at Google as Industry Head for the Gulf Region. In his role,he is in charge of Sales activities and supporting business development activities forGoogle Gulf across all sectors (Telecom, Media, Technology, FMCG, Financial Services,Government) excluding Travel. Before Google, Alfonso was a Principal at Booz &Company in Dubai. He spent more than 7 years in Management Consulting and hewas part of the Telecom practice of Booz & Company, specialized in Corporate Finance,Investment Strategy, Business Development, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships.Alfonso also spent almost 2 years as Vice President of the SWF Dubai Group, mainlyfocusing on M&A and post acquisition activities for Financial Service companies. Heholds a Materials engineering degree from Federico II University in Napoli, and a MBAfrom Stoa’ Business School in NapoliHazem G. Elhagrasey, Al Rajhi Bank, Saudi Arabia, AGM | Head ofTahweel Al Rajhi Remittances DivisionHazem has nearly 9 years experience in the person-to-person remittance business. Hisexposure spans across several global markets, from the European Union to the MiddleEast to South and South-East Asia. He has experience in both operations managementas well as general management and as such has an in-depth understanding of theunderlying technologies and processes within the industry. Hazem has worked withboth the agent model cash-to-cash business and the correspondent bank modelaccount-credit business and has led initiatives to dramatically improve service levels inboth. He previously served as Director of Operations for Western Union International inDubai and currently heads Tahweel Al Rajhi, the remittance arm of Al Rajhi Bank andthe market leader in Saudi Arabia, the second largest remittance market in the world.Faiq Sadiq, HBL (Habib Bank), Pakistan, Head of Payment ServicesFaiq Sadiq is the Head of Payment Services at HBL and has been associated withthe Bank since 1998. Till recently Faiq was the country manager for HBL USA, wherehe restructured and streamlined the HBL payment systems by converting the manualoperations to fully automated systems, integrated with FRB Clearing systems andCHIPS. In May 2011 Faiq moved to HBL Pakistan to take on the role of Head – PaymentServices, where he is responsible for key business lines like Branchless Banking, Debit& Prepaid Cards, Cash Management, Remittances and the Alternative DistributionChannels for HBL. Holding a masters degree from Columbia University, New York andPunjab University, Faiq has brought forth with him more than 20 years of experience ininternational banking, predominantly in the US market in Payment and CorrespondentBanking business. Faiq has been on panels of multilateral agencies like UN, UNESCO& Brookings Institute on Innovative Financing Options, Education and Gender SpecificIssues. In addition to the above, he also sits on the board for international NGOs.Ghanashyama Mahanty, Citibank NA, UAESenior Vice President | Head of Marketing Analytics and Insights: Europe, MiddleEast and Africa(Ghana)shyama Mahanty is a Business Intelligence and Business Managementtechnician currently Head of Marketing Analytics and Insights for Citi‘s Europe, MiddleEast and Africa region. He is responsible for setting up analytic direction and strategiesfor the Consumer Bank covering Credit Cards, Consumer Lending and WealthManagement products. A dynamic and hands-on customer management, marketingand risk analytics, client experience and business strategist with over 12 years ofextensive experience in consumer banking. Prior to joining Citibank in 2004, he hada successful stint with American Express in managing fraud and credit risk analyticsfor international markets. Ghana holds a Masters degree in Applied Economics and anM.Phil in Development Economics. He has a large number of publications to his creditand has delivered lectures in different forums.Yvonne West, Prepaid International Forum (PIF), United Kingdom,General ManagerYvonne was appointed General Manager of PIF in June 2010. Previously Yvonne workedfor Sainsbury’s Supermarkets for 17 years heading up their prepaid department. She waspivotal in moving the Sainsbury’s product from paper to plastic as well as developinga business to business operation bringing in over £70 million a year. Yvonne’s roleexpanded dramatically when Sainsbury’s was first to market in 2006 with their giftcard mall which has become a leading mall in Europe and a shining example of its kind.Yvonne has been involved in the prepaid world for over 25 years, starting out at TheBurton Group, then to House of Fraser and became Managing Director of The VoucherShop, a start-up business aimed at salary sacrifice and voluntary benefit schemes. Shewas instrumental in the development of the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association(UKGCVA) where she served a term as Chairperson and she has also served on theBoard of the Prepaid International Forum. With her dedication and passion Yvonnebelieves in maintaining high quality standards in all areas of prepaid commerce.Prashant Khattar, Infinia Services and Solutions, UAE, Managing DirectorPrashant has over 12 years of experience in financial services with extensive hands onexperience across assets and liabilities products with a specialization in cards, corporateand consumer card cards spanning across P&L management, product management,marketing, operations, setting up distribution channels, strategic planning, corporatesales & retail sales, for brands such as American Express (across India, Singapore andAustralia) and MasterCard Worldwide. Prashant has experience as Head of cards,Head of retail products and as Head of product development and affluent platformsat MasterCard where he has been accountable for developing, sourcing & managingaffluent platforms and experiential products , features and benefits in these clusters, aswell as building the go-to-market strategy, to ensure usage and exemplary consumerexperience thereby building preference for MCW affluent products along with managingthe product life cycle of the existing affluent & core programs.Danny S. Abla, Pin-Pay SAL, Lebanon, Chief Executive OfficerDanny Abla is the Founder and CEO of Pin-Pay, a mobile payment service provider.Danny graduated from the American University of Beirut with a degree in Architectureand an MBA from the University of California. In 2005, amidst all the turmoil in hiscountry, Danny decided to come back home. Equipped with his fresh understandingof the power of ideas in our new world, and a deep appreciation for design, Dannywas determined to instill change in the payment industry using technology as a mainengine to create new and improved customer experiences. Hence, Pin-Pay was born. AsCEO, Danny is a promoter of customer centric approaches in designing new productsand services while pushing his team to always be dreaming about new ways of makingthe Pin-Pay experience… better.Imdad Aslam, Standard Chartered Bank, UAERegional Head of Proximity & Remote Channels: Africa, Middle East, NGLO,South Asia and IndiaImdad is a professional banker in the remote banking context. He is currently handlingStandard Chartered Bank’s remote channels portfolio for Middle East, Africa, Levantand South Asia as the regional head. Imdad overseas mobile and electronic paymentventures for the bank across these geographies. Imdad has also worked with UnitedBank Limited (UBL) one of Pakistan’s largest banks as their Remote Banking Head inearly 2000. Imdad is an expert in mobile payments and he is a graduate from theKarachi University.Krishna Kumar C, Global Operations and Payments SpecialistKrishna Kumar ( KK ) is presently based in Dubai. He has worked on various projectsrelating organization wide transformation program targeting a new operating modelcourtesy a Core banking system conversion as well as centralization of operations andleveraging on outsourcing as well as managed services opportunities. KK has recentlybeen the Chief Operating Officer with the National Bank of Egypt and prior to thathe has worked in markets across the GCC (Kuwait, Dubai & Qatar) and been part ofinitiatives in the Operational Excellence space by means of Automation and ProcessManagement to enhance service delivery. The exposure to a range of markets as wellas organization types – MNC, Local and now public sector – gives a unique perspectiveof achieving operating efficiency through change initiatives delivered by multiculturalworkforces. The training as an engineer is the foundation for productivity andeffectiveness programs whilst the customer focus has been enabled by his Marketingexposure in Management studies. A career Banker KK pursues his interests in reading,travelling, public speaking and broadcasting whilst living in Dubai with his family.Raghav Prasad, Global Commercial Card & Payments SpecialistRaghav is a senior banking industry leader with over 25 years of experience of buildingprofitable, high-growth businesses and has led and advised businesses in BranchBanking, Wealth Management, Consumer Cards, Merchant Acquiring and CommercialCards, across UK/Europe, Central Eastern Europe, Russia, USA, India, the Middle Eastand Africa. Raghav is an Advisor to the Board of Visa UK and a Member of the GlobalAdvisory Board of Commercial Payments International. He has held increasingly seniorStrategic, P&L and Functional roles at Country, Regional and Global level with CitibankNA, Royal Bank of Scotland and WorldPay. His expertise spans both Consumer and B2B(SME, Mid/Large Corporate, Government and Multinationals) segments. Previously hewas the Managing Director of Streamline, WorldPay the largest Merchant Acquirer/eCommerce business in Europe (processing in excess of GBP 75bn p.a.). In his last 18months he delivered over GBP 23m in incremental revenue across a portfolio of over200k SME businesses in the UK, implementing revenue enhancement and portfoliomanagement disciplines across the business. Formerly he was Managing Director,Global Commercial Cards, RBS, growing it from the second largest business in the UKto the largest in Europe and 10th largest globally, trebling spend to over GBP 6bn p.a.and raising margins by 30% across UK, Europe and the USA. He has expertise across thespectrum of SME Credit Cards and integrated small business loan products to complexProcurement and Supply Chain financing products. Critically, he built industry-leadingcapability in leveraging Retail Branch networks, increasing, by over 75%, the cross-sellof Commercial Cards and Merchant Acquiring within the 2500 strong RBS Branchnetworks in the UK and USA. Prior to RBS, Raghav spent 18 years at Citibank. Hislast role at Citibank was as Country Manager – Consumer Banking, Citibank Egyptwhere he had responsibility for the entire Consumer Product set - Credit Cards, BranchBanking, Consumer Lending, Wealth Management and Insurance. Raghav spent tenformative years with Citibank in Asia where his roles included Branch Banking ProductHead, India and Divisional Marketing Manager, Citi Cards Asia Pacific. He was part ofthe team that launched Credit Cards in India and pioneered the Direct Sales Agency(DSA) model in India, building from the ground-up, a 1300-person network to sellConsumer Cards and Merchant Acquiring services.Booking line: tel: + 971 4 609 1564, fax: + 971 4 6091589email:,
  8. 8. Silver Sponsor: OpenWay GroupOpenWay Group ( is a card management, channel banking and transactionswitching software vendor (rated as strong positive by Gartner in 2009 and 2010*). OpenWay’s WAY4 CardIssuing and Merchant Acquiring, Personalised Channel Banking, Loan Management, Payment Switch/Hub,Behaviour Loyalty and other customer-centric software solutions successfully operate at more than 100 banks,processing and telecom companies in Europe, Asia, North America, the Middle East and Africa.Silver Sponsor: EPS | Electronic Payment SolutionsElectronic Payment Solutions is incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. EPS is positioned to provide cardand payment solutions, in support of the banking and card industry in the Middle East and Africa. EPS providescard management services and related processing capability on behalf of its bank customers, focusing onPrepaid, Payroll and Merchant Acquiring. Tel: +96614635235; email: info@epsarabia.comBronze Sponsor: Thinksoft Global ServicesLike a well cut and flawless diamond that sparks your delight, running Defect Free and Business Ready softwareis the key towards creating “Customer Delight”. Just like you need an expert Gemologist’s deep knowledgeof diamonds to determine their attributes, you will need the help of Testing Specialists to assure you of thequality of the software applications you intend to deploy. Thinksoft Global Services Ltd. is an independentBusiness Assurance and Testing Specialist working entirely with Financial sector clients in APAC, the USA,Europe, Middle East and India. With a unique business model and a track record of over 12 million personhours, the company has a 750 strong work force with delivery centers in Chennai, Bengaluru and Mumbai,supported by local offices in New York, London, Dubai, Singapore, Brussels and Sydney. While the companyis ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 certified, its Chennai offshore test center is PCI:DSS and BITS-AUPcompliant. For more details, visit www.thinksoftglobal.comSupporting Sponsor: FEXCO Merchant ServicesEstablished in Ireland in 1981 FEXCO is an internationally focused organisation, employing over 1650 peopleacross its operations in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. FEXCO introduced the world’sfirst Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service in 1996 and today lead the market, providing solutions toover 45,000 merchants together with over 30 multi currency enabled acquiring banks worldwide. For moreinformation about FEXCO and our products, please visit Exhibitor: tOrange SofttOrange Soft provides payment products and services worldwide. We have enjoyed great success because ofour expertise and experience in large Electronic Financial Transactions processing. We continue to build andenhance our domain competencies in the financial services industry through end to end payment solutionswhich, on the front end are composed of vast Value Added Services for payments on POS, ATM, Web andMobile channels, EFT Switch in the middle and Card Management System at the back end. Our businessmodel is flexible to cater to the complex and growing needs of the Middle East and African region.Supporting Trade Association: Prepaid International ForumPrepaid International Forum (PIF) is a not-for-profit trade association established to represent all partiesparticipating on a commercial basis in the prepaid economy. It is dedicated to the progression of prepaidcommerce around the world and acts as a principal point of liaison between the prepaid economy andgovernment agencies, regulators, consumer bodies and the media. It is focused on the entire prepaid worldand facilitates the development of cross-industry guidelines and codes of practice.Supporting Partner: International Compliance AssociationInternational Compliance Association is a professional organisation dedicated to the pursuit of excellencein compliance, anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention. ICA offers internationally recognisedprofessional qualifications that help improve knowledge, enhance skills and minimise risk for firms. For noviceand experienced practitioners alike, ICA certificate and diploma programmes are a benchmark of competenceand excellence.Supporting Partner: Smart Card AllianceThe Smart Card Alliance is a not-for-profit, multi-industry association working to stimulate the understanding,adoption, use and widespread application of smart card technology. The Alliance invests heavily in educationon the appropriate uses of technology for identification, payment and other applications and stronglyadvocates the use of smart card technology in a way that protects privacy and enhances data security andintegrity. Through specific projects such as education programs, market research, advocacy, industry relationsand open forums, the Alliance keeps its members connected to industry leaders and innovative thought. TheAlliance is the single industry voice for smart card technology, leading industry discussion on the impact andvalue of smart cards in the U.S. and Latin America.Media Partners:Infobahn introduces as one of the youngest IT Company of Dubai enriched with experienced team membersin their respective fields. We are not an IT company that also happens to do websites. Our business is 100%website development and management services. We do not churn out dreary websites from off the shelftemplates. Each site we create is original and designed according to our customer’s requirements and thenature of their market. We do not follow the standard classical web design methods. Instead we devote muchtime to research and testing in order to offer the most effective results. This may not seem like an importantpoint, however it results to a slow website, could not be found in search engines. Our website developers designand build websites that will promote your company into the area of interactive business.Welcome to Emirates Page – Online Directory. It’s a pleasure to introduce our new blossomed division. Weall know the importance of an online directory and being a part of this, we are here to support your businessto grow. Emirates Page updates you with latest events, weather, gold rate, entertainment, valued customersand suppliers and much more. Emirates page has a lot of advantages as our privileged trade partners reachthe target market more easily, with the support of our search engine.Near Field Communications World is the international trade publication for those that design, supply,buy or use NFC-based products and services. NFC World also produces a weekly email newsletter which coversthe key developments in the global NFC business and is sent to thousands of subscribers all over the world.Read NFC World and sign up for the free email newsletter at www. is the global community for mobile content and commerce. It is the leading trade body for companieswishing to engage consumers and monetize their goods, services and digital products via the mobile connecteddevice. MEF provides competitive advantage to its diverse membership, shapes industry growth, connectsthought leaders and spearheads ground-breaking initiatives which explore and promote monetizationopportunities. With global headquarters in London and operational chapters and offices in Asia, EMEA,Latin America, Middle East and North America, MEF is a member network with global reach and stronglocal representation, ideally placed to drive market growth. Established in 2000, MEF provides an impartial,consistent and powerful voice for the foremost companies and entrepreneurs from across the mobile contentand commerce value chain. For further information and a full list of members please visit: www.mefmobile.orgABOUT THE SPONSORSBooking line: tel: + 971 4 609 1564, fax: + 971 4 6091589email:,