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Sanjoy Sen - Indonesia Lifestyle Magazine - April 2013


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Sanjoy Sen - Indonesia Lifestyle Magazine - April 2013

  1. 1. 25Title:BetterFutureWithANZFirstPriority04•IV•Apr-Jun2013introductionFirstPriority04•IV•Apr-Jun201324PhotographybyCourtesyofANZWe understand your need to expand as well as the time goes by. ANZ keeps you provides aroom to grow and significant support to ensure your financial freedom.BETTER FUTUREWITH ANZQ. What is your strategy to expand ANZ’s retail and wealthbusinesses in the region?Asia Pacific  is the fastest growing economic region inthe world and we are focused on catering to the rising numberof ­affluent and emerging affluent customers in this region. Weaim to be the preferred bank for these customers by deliver-ing superior relationship and service levels. Our retail bankingstrategy is built on four pillars: customer centricity, connecti­vity across Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, emergingaffluent and affluent customer  needs, and delivering the bestchannels for our customers.Q. What differentiates ANZ’s wealth proposition com-pared to its competitors?ANZ is among the highest-rated banks globally, with anAA band credit rating with all three major ratings agencies(S&P, Moody’s, Fitch). This is something only a handful of bankscan lay claim to. Our connectivity across Asia and the Pacificis our key competitive advantage. It allows us to support afflu-ent and emerging affluent clients customers, who are increas-ingly mobile within and across the region. Our strength in AUDand NZD products also makes us the bank of choice for these­sophisticated customers who wish to tap  into opportunities inAustralia and New Zealand.  Q. What financial advice do you find useful? It is important to understand one’s risk appetite and finan-cial goals, both in the short and long term.  These include edu-cation funds for children, retirement plans and lifestyle needs.There are numerous investment products in the market and itis important to select the appropriate solutions for one’s needs.In short - one should diversify their financial investments andcreate a balanced portfolio  with the right mix of risk and re-turns. When starting an investment portfolio, wealth planningtools such as ANZ’s A-Z Review can be helpful in providing acomprehensive analysis of one’s risk appetite and recommend-ing a suitable portfolio for one’s financial needs. Q. What’s your own philosophy in managing finances? I’m  an engineer by training and it has helped me to es­tablish  a discipline of fact-finding and data  analysis before­making any decisions. I adopt the same approach with financialmanagement. Following global macroeconomic, political and so-cial events helps me  to shape my financial views and outlook.Reviewing all relevant sources of information  allows me  tosharpen my instinct for sound financial decisions.  Q. What is your view regarding the potential of Indone-sia’s growing middle class and how it will impact your decisionmaking in your business in Indonesia?Indonesia  is an important growth market for us.  With athriving economy, relatively low credit card penetration andhigh interest rates, we see a large potential demand for wealthmanagement in Indonesia. It is a demand that we can supportwith a well-established franchise, backed by a strong brand anda full suite of products for affluent and emerging affluent cus-tomers here. Our Cards business in Indonesia is doing very well.Growth in our Wealth Management and Mortgage business isalso very healthy and we are well-positioned to be one of the topforeign banks in Indonesia. [fp]Exclusive interview with Sanjoy SenManaging Director, Retail Banking Asia Pacific