Loving Beyond Miracles


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Loving Beyond Miracles

  1. 1. Loving Beyond MiraclesFrom :Magazine -‘Divine Grace India Today Special Edition on Sathya Sai Baba
  2. 2. http://www.srisathyasai.org.uk/event.php?eventid=129
  3. 3. “The codes of moral behavior and social conduct, or Dharma in short are as traffic lights (Automatic Lights ) fixed by the master to save human from conflict & clash, from violence to war. Baba also spoke about traffic regulation laid down by Providence to prevent galaxies, planets, comets,and constellations from behaving chaotically in their cosmic gyration. The Universe is My Mansion.”By Prof N Kasturi.
  4. 4. Grady Booch – OOA&DMankind, under the grace of God, Productivity hungers for spiritual peace, esthetic achievements, family security, justice, and liberty, none directly satisfied by industrial productivity. But productivityallows the sharing of the plentiful rather than fighting over scarcity; it provides time for spiritual, esthetic, and family matters. It allows society to delegate special skills to institutions of religion, justice, and the preservation of liberty. HARLAN MILLS DPMA and Human
  5. 5. Loving Beyond MiraclesDr. Mohan is the Chairman “If you take one step towards and Diabetologist, me, I shall take hundred steps Dr, Mohan’s Diabetes towards you.”Specialty Center, ChennaiAlthough I had seen Swamieven when I was a child, it wasonly in 1992 that I had thegood fortune of being called bySwami to enter his fold as adevotee. The joyful turningpoint in my life came almostsuddenly, during the first visitmy late wife Dr. Rema and Imade to Swami‟s Ashram atWhitefield, near Bangalore.Swami always says,
  6. 6. Transforming People His Providence and EfficacyTrue enough, ever sincethat momentous day, ourlives have never been thesame, we began toexperience Swami and hisalmost on a daily basis.Swami‟s greatest miracle ishow he transforms peoplewith his Infinite DivineLove. That love hasachieved things evenindeed no man or evenavatars has achievedduring their lifetime.
  7. 7. AltruismIndeed it is hisinfinite love tohumanity which ledto establishment ofinnumerablenumber of schools,colleges anduniversities thatprovide Somethingthat, to myknowledge, has notbeen doneanywherein the world.
  8. 8. AssuageComplete freeeducation tothousand ofstudents fromkindergartenlevel to the mostadvanced degreein Computers,Science,Humanities orManagementincluding Ph.D.sand MBA‟s.
  9. 9. Temples of HealingHis numerous free hospitals or„Temples of healing‟ as they arecalled, provide free treatment to tensof thousands of poor people. Theserange free coronary bypass surgeries,to orthopedic procedures, to eyesurgeries, and treatment forneurological and kidney disorders.
  10. 10. PragmaticBillions of rupees have been spent bySwami to treat countless patients withno distinction of cast. Creed andreligion. As a practicing medical doctorand a scientist, I have been amazedand privileged, to witness true medicalmiracles such as cancers which werecured, or „cancelled‟ as Swami solovingly puts it.
  11. 11. Swami‟s ManifestationI have also see seemingly surgery and had very severeincurable cases of multiple pain post operatively.myeloma, multiple sclerosis,incurable skin conditions,hopeless cases of advanceddiabetic foot infections andnumerous other illnessescompletely cured by his grace– another manifestation ofSwami‟s boundless love. Onepatient I want to write aboutwas a middle aged man whohad undergone a rectal
  12. 12. HaplessOn the first day, he had beengiven very powerful narcoticanalgesics like Pethidine andFortwin, but still could not sleepbecause of the pain. The nextnight I was doing my ward roundwhen he held my hand andbegged me to relieve him of hispain and help him get a goodnight‟s sleep. I did not know whatto do as I had already given himmost powerful drugs the previousnight and that did not seem tohave had any effect at all on him.
  13. 13. HallowedI asked him to close his eyes and prayed toSwami to relieve him of his pain and submittedto Swami that this was beyond me, and onlySwami‟s divine intervention could help thepatient. A few minutes I left the room, thepatient went to deep sleep. The nurse wentlater to give him the same medicine given theprevious day, but as he was fast sleep, she didnot give him any pain killers.
  14. 14. AdjuvantThe patient slept till 7.00 am thenext day and was amazed to hearhe had not been given anymedicine at all! He then asked mewhat I had done when I hadasked him to close his eyes theprevious night. I confessed to himthat I had prayed to Baba torelieve him of his pain. On hearingthis, the patient said “Doctor,Baba is God. How else can Herelieve me instantly of pain wheneven powerful narcotic drugscould not do so”.
  15. 15. AdjuvantNothings is impossible for Swami who is omnipresent, omniscientand omnipotent, and has all the attributes of a living God, we shouldconsider ourselves extremely fortunate to have been in Bhagwan‟sDivine presence in our lifetime and to be under Swami‟s constantprotection. Whatever little we have achieved in life, is entirely due toSwami‟s endless Grace.
  16. 16. Hands that Help are Holier than Lips that PraySwami‟s teachings are extremely simple, practicaland direct. His profound words „Love All Server All‟and „Help Ever, Hurt Never‟ are perhaps thequintessence of all his teachings. How glorious, howwonderful indeed, are his teachings . We humans,with all our weaknesses and foibles, find it sodifficult to follow even these simple commands inour daily lives. How many of us can honestly saythat we love all including our „enemies‟ or thosewho oppose us or criticise us?
  17. 17. Your life is My messageMore often than not, we hurt people knowing or unknowingly withour words or our actions. Swami had recently changed his earlierstatement of „My life is My Message ‟ to „Your life is My message‟ . Hehas therefore placed the onus on us to try to practice at least a smallpart of his teachings. If even a small percentage his pure, selflesslove percolates down to society, it would change the whole world.
  18. 18. PinnacleThere is no doubt that Baba will continue to inspire us irrespective ofwhether his physical form is present or not. All the wonderful workstarted by him will definitely continue. All of us in the organisationhave been personally taught by him and it is our duty to continue hisservice to society with renewed enthusiasm. Baba‟s mission will onlyintensify from here on.
  19. 19. Vibhuti – the sacred ashThere was an incident which I wanted to quoteones a team of Doctors came toPrashantinilyam after conducting Medical campin Africa. Baba had called them for interview.He asked when you were examining so and sopatient in the camp, why you had not given himany medicine. The Doctor told that I did nothad that medicine. The Baba asked him why hehad not given him Vibhuti, otherwise I wouldhave taken care.
  20. 20. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaA miracle is an event attributedto divine intervention. Alternatively, it may bean event attributed to a miracle worker, saint,or religious leader. A miracle is sometimesthought of as a perceptible interruption of thelaws of nature. Others suggest that God maywork with the laws of nature to perform whatpeople see as miracles.Theologians say that,with divine providence.
  21. 21. Divine Providence I want to share the miracle happened with me as photos. This happened on 5th Nov 2011 @ 4 a.m. IST. I was packing my luggage for coming back form my parent house at Panchkula to Delhi. The vibhuti box fall on floor of living room. I was about to ignore the incident after picking the box to clean the floor without seeing it. An intuition made me look on ground. I was amazed to see it was the Om.
  22. 22. Sharing …Just before the miraculous incident , I saw thefragrance light sticks which I brought a couple ofyears before and not used since long. Then theinner gesture was that you have to lit it- beforethe miracle happened. So I finally put flowersfrom our garden on to Om symbol - which yousee on cover photo and light the fragrancesticks. Then I called on mobile to one of the fourPrashantinilyam Security Officer Narsingh Raoand shared the miracle. He asked did you comefor the Group Service of NCR Delhi, I said „No‟.Then he told you might be doing service thereonly. I said yes actually I helped lot of DenguFiver patients that summer. He then told to takethe photograph and send it across. Then I called Neigh-borers, friends andrelatives and shown the Miracle. I also called theprofessional photographer. The photographs areshown in next few slides.
  23. 23. On the Picture Tools |Format tab, you can createyour own frames and makepicture corrections such asadjusting contrast andbrightness or cropping thepicture for just the right look.
  24. 24. Previous Divine Providence The earlier Miracle was at our house in Anantpur. When Gold Chariot was presented to Sathya Sai Baba on his 74th Birthday on 23 November. Then before that event the Vibhuti formed on another photo. Such miracle happens to root stronger faith in devotees. We could not attend the birthday celebrations because my son fall sick.
  25. 25. References …Magazine -‘Divine Grace India Today SpecialEdition on Sathya Sai BabaBibliographic informationTitle - Loving GodFifty-five Years Under the Watchful Eye of the LordAuthor - N. KasturiPublisher - Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications Trust, 1999ISBN - 8172081693, 9788172081690Length - 461 pagesSathyam Shivam Sundram and many books writtenby lot of Devotees and SSPN Staff Members.