Road traffic digest 4


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An eye opener about an explosive growth of motorized vehicles in the recent time

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Road traffic digest 4

  1. 1. Road Traffic Hazard No. 3
  2. 2. Copy
  3. 3. In 1950 : There were only 3.5 lakhs motorized vehicles in India Copy
  4. 4. Today [March 2011] : There are 14.6 crores [14,69,25,740] vehicles On Indian roads i.e. 420 TIMES than that of 1950 Copy
  5. 5. While roads have increased only 2.8 times during last 60 years [from 11,88,728 km to 33.4 lakh km] Copy
  6. 6. In 1950 vehicle ownership was 0.1% Now 12% population has motorized vehicles in India i.e. ownership has increased 120 times In 1950 In 2011 90% vehicles belongs to personal category Copy
  7. 7. Every year 1 crore vehicles are coming on Indian Roads . . . . Copy
  8. 8. In next 4-5 years total sale is expected to double With such a ‘short doubling time' of vehicles, after a decade . . . . . . . . coming on to roads is going to be a terrible experience or nightmare! Copy
  9. 9. Give me two CAR SHWROOM Cars being sold like pizza or burgers - -
  10. 10. The attitude of the government appears to be that of a circus manager who keeps selling tickets ,knowing very well that there is no space inside, urging the public to ‘go and enjoy the show’ Copy
  11. 11. Copy
  12. 12. There is already a flood of vehicles on Indian roads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . the government is probably waiting for this flood to take the shape of a Tsunami Copy
  13. 13. Yes, an increased number of vehicles may be called a sign of prosperity or better growth of our country and it is also a basic right of all citizens to purchase a vehicle for their need. Provided This personal prosperity is not affecting safety of other road users and our environment!! . . . . But unfortunately this is not so Copy
  14. 14. “ Safety and a clean environment on the road” is a fundamental right of all citizens and an essential condition for safe and secure living and a sustainable development of society. In recent times, especially during the last two decades, it is being observed that weaker sections of commuters, like non motorized vehicle owners and pedestrians are losing their right to clean and safe roads. An explosive growth of vehicles is one of the major causes. Copy
  15. 16. We will send out one more such eye opener and after that we will start an active discussion on ‘How to overcome or minimize these traffic related hazards’. Copy
  16. 17. If you find merit in this message, please forward it to your contacts. People who are concerned about traffic congestion, pollution, road rage, etc and want to avoid road accidents in their & their beloved one’s life, should visit: Tsunami on Roads: Wake up India! http://
  17. 18. Jai Hind