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  • 1. SanghoYoo
    The Legalization of Marijuana in California:A Smoker’s Time Bomb
  • 2. Introduction
    The number of marijuana smokers
    Marijuana smokers
    Marijuana non-smokers
    Thesis Statement
    Legalization of marijuana will not be
    carried out in California
  • 3. Marijuana History in California
    • November 1996
    • 4. Marijuana was passed propositions
    • 5. 2005
    • 6. Supreme Court Objection
    • 7. March 2009
    • 8. The Federal Law Official Announcement
    • 9. The Present
    • 10. Using of marijuana is still illegal
  • Use of marijuana as medicine
    Pain relief
    Control of nausea and vomiting
    Appetite stimulation
    Supporters opinions
  • 11. Supporters Opinion
    • Medical experts: “The accumulated data indicate a potential therapeutic value for cannabinoid drugs, particularly for symptoms such as pain relief, control of nausea and vomiting, and appetite stimulation” (Rosenthal, Kubby, and Newhart 54)
  • Marijuana is not harmful
    Marijuana is safer than alcohol and
    Marijuana is a weak drug
    Supporters Opinion
  • 12. “The UN agency’s report had concluded that marijuana is safer than alcohol and tobacco. American officials at the National Institute on Drug Abuse called for the removal of those passages, claiming they would encourage groups campaigning to legalize marijuana” (Krassel 402).
    Supporters Opinions
  • 13. Marijuana damages to the body
    The risk of bronchitis
    Increased heart rate and blood pressure
    Depression of immune system function
    Opponents Opinions
  • 14. “Some of the possible health dangers of long-term marijuana use include the risk of bronchitis caused by marijuana smoke, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and possibly a slight depression of immune system functions. Marijuana smoke, like tobacco smoke, contains carcinogens” (Edlin and Golanty 383).
    Opponent Opinions
  • 15. Marijuana leads people to abuse drug
    Dependence on the drug
    Withdrawal symptoms
    Opponent Opinion
  • 16. “Clearly, heavy marijuana use can lead to dependence on the drug characterized by a combination of social, legal, financial, family, educational, and occupational problems; withdrawal symptoms when drug use is discontinued; and difficulty in controlling the use of marijuana in spite of the intention to do so” (Fisher and Roget 518).
    Opponent Opinions
  • 17.
    • Control marijuana apart from alcohol
    and tobacco
    • In order to the health of citizen
    • 18. California government must not to allow the legalization of marijuana
  • 19. Thank you!