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  • The campaign kicked off on July 4th with 1,000 seats given to vets at a Dodgers-Padres game


  • 2. MillerCoors: Living the High Life• 300 years of brewing history• 2nd largest beer company in the United States— captures 30% of market• Portfolio that satisfies every major segment— premium light, premium beers, craft & import, and economy brands
  • 3. “The Champagne of Beers”: A History of Class • Founded in 1855 by Frederick Miller when he moved from Germany to Milwaukee, WI. • Referred to as ―champagne of beers‖ because of high carbonation • Sold in miniature champagne bottles and quickly became one of nation’s top premium beers • Miller’s oldest brand
  • 4. “It’s Miller time!”• 1971 advertisement campaign• Told workers to call it a day and relax (and drink a few Millers, of course).• Since ―Miller Time‖-- Miller High Life has ranked among the top 10 beer brands in the United States.
  • 5. A Crumbling Image• Miller High Life sank to low in 1993• Lost out to Anheuser- Busch’s premium line, Budweiser in sales• New rival brands were sub- premium lines• Miller Brewing bought by SAB PLC (South African Breweries) in 2002 to form SAB Miller PLC
  • 6. Brand Revitalization • Unsuccessful attempts at brand revitalization (hyper-masculine, moon maiden, ―the moments we savor‖) • 2007, partners with Saatchi & Saatchi & deploys ―Take Back the High Life Campaign‖ • Overhauls image with logo, icon, etc.
  • 7. Giving Veterans a Piece of the High Life • Campaign started in 2011 • Miller High Life will donate 10¢ toward High Life Experiences for returning vets for every High Life cap or tab you drop off • Bottle caps and beer can tabs were collected at participating retailers or customers could mail them in • Money raised went toward paying soldiers’ way into sporting events, concerts, outdoor adventures and more
  • 8. Reason for the Campaign• To help ease veterans back into civilian life• Helps support our troops while still promoting their product• ―Recognizing our troops is just common sense‖
  • 9. Miller Teams Up With IAVA • Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America • In order for the vets to be able to ―win a chance at the High Life,‖ they first had to register with the IAVA • IAVA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that supports vets of Iraq and Afghanistan – Benefits include: health, employment, education and community resources
  • 10. IAVA• Founded in 2004• Its mission is to improve the lives of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families• Benefits of joining the IAVA: – Health, employment, education and community resources• Over 200,000 member veterans and supporters in US• Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator, awarded IAVA 4 stars, its highest rating• IAVA is also partners with TriWest Healthcare Alliance, Southwest Airlines, Citi
  • 11. Advertising the Campaign• Saatchi & Saatchi• Multiple television commercials – v=OqKTdptr-c8• Linked commercials to Facebook• Large icon on Miller High Life’s website• Bottles had yellow ribbons on caps• In-store displays• Miller Girls
  • 12. Advertising the Campaign
  • 13. A Bubbling Success: Awards Effie Awards: • 2 Silvers in Goodworks – Brands and Beverages, Alcohol for MillerCoors and IAVA • 3 Golds for MillerCoors’ Miller High Life ―1-Second Ad‖ in the Alcoholic Beverage, David vs. Goliath, and Media Idea categories.
  • 14. A Bubbling Success: Quantitative Data• Gave over 4,000 veterans the ―high life‖ over the summer• Over $2 million donated over the past 2 years• $1 million raised in cash and experiences during 1st year• Campaign will be repeated for 3rd year• 21.9% increase in net income from 2009 (for MillerCoors; data not available or Miller High Life Specifically)
  • 15. Improvements & Critiques • Could have had a larger social media push • Quantitative data regarding effect on sales? • Discrepancy in numbers between the IAVA site and Miller High Life site ($1 miillion vs. $800,000) • Terms and Conditions for 2012 campaign limit maximum amount to be donated
  • 16. Conflicting Message? Alcoholism and the Military• Preexisting stigma for military personnel and veterans• Nearly 9,200 soldiers sought treatment for alcohol abuse in 2009, a 56 percent increase since the war in Iraq started.• ―"I always knew I drank too much. In retrospect, I was the poster boy.‖- former General Stanley Cherrie
  • 17. Is beer as american as apple pie? • Industry dominated by foreign companies • The largest American-owned company is North American Breweries, which controls 1.2% of the market share with Magic Hat and Genesee. • Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors collectively controlled 78.4% of the U.S. market in 2011.
  • 18. PATRIOTISM WITHIN THE INDUSTRY• ANHEUSER-BUSH • MILLERCOORS• Partnered with MLB VS.Partnered with IAVA • • Individual focused• Family centric • Utilized traditional ―support• Anheuser-Busch pledged our troops‖ rhetoric to donate $100 to the • Disassociates and deflects civic dissent Folds of Honor Foundation • rhetoric to persuade• To provide scholarships for consumers into buying military families of patriotic beer deceased or disabled • redefine war as a means to fight and save our troops. members.
  • 19. Conclusion/Overview• Very positive to donate a portion of sales to a cause such as helping veterans – Historically proven• Overall it was a successful campaign – Entering its 3rd year• Area of improvement – Transparency