Travel Insurance Policies


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Buy Travel Insurance Policies Online. Understand the importance of Travel Insurance. Learn about the different types of Travel Insurance Policies available & their features.

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Travel Insurance Policies

  1. 1. Stay Protected while you travel
  2. 2.  What is Travel Insurance  Types of Travel Insurance Policies  International Travel Insurance  Domestic Travel Insurance  Students Travel Insurance  Senior Citizen Travel Insurance  Family Travel Insurance  Schengen Travel Insurance  Travel Insurance Policies Online.
  3. 3. Damaged Luggage Lost documents Health & Medical Emergency Evacuation Accidental Death Flight Delays Lost Baggage Trip Cancellation
  4. 4. Travel Insurance Plans/ Policies intend to cover travelers from unforeseen emergencies during their travel. Various hazards covered include : •Medical emergency (accident or sickness) •Emergency evacuation •Lost or damaged baggage • Lost or misplaced documents •Flight Delay •Return of a minor •Trip cancellation •Trip interruption •Visitor health insurance •Accidental death, injury or disablement benefit
  5. 5. International Travel Insurance Family Travel Insurance Domestic Travel Insurance Senior Travel Insurance Types of Travel Insurance Policies provided by major General Insurance companies. Student Travel Insurance Schengen Travel Insurance
  6. 6. Hassle free International Travel During an international trip, there are many hazards that could grip a traveler. There are chances of him falling ill, requiring emergency medical help, losing his luggage or passport & many more. A International/ overseas travel insurance policy covers him against all unforeseen emergencies. Coverage of Medical Expenses: The policy takes care of your medical expenses due to accident and sickness while traveling so that you can concentrate on better things like enjoying the holiday. Checked Baggage Loss: Compensation for the loss of checked in baggage. Baggage delay: Compensation for reasonable expenses incurred for purchase of emergency personal effects due to delay in arrival of checked in baggage, whilst overseas. Loss of Passport: Compensation for expenses incurred in obtaining a duplicate or new passport. Personal Liability: Compensation for damages to be paid to a third party, resulting from death, bodily injury or damage to property; caused involuntarily by the insured. Hijacking: In an unfortunate event of your common carrier in which you are traveling; being hijacked, this product will pay a distress allowance to you. In-hospital Indemnity: Daily benefit for every day you are hospitalized.. Trip Delay: Reimbursement of additional expenses occurred due to trip delay (only if the trip has been delayed for more than 12 hours). Automatic-extension of the policy: The Policy allows you to extend your policy upto a period of 7 days from the policy expiry date. Personal Accident: Travel Guard gives you worldwide coverage against Accidental Death and Dismemberment while you're abroad anywhere in the world. Sickness Dental Relief: The policy pays for immediate Dental Treatment occurring due to sudden acute pain during the course of an overseas Insured Journey. Dental benefits will be provided for Medically Necessary filling of the tooth or surgical treatment, services, or supplies.
  7. 7. Primary features covered by a Domestic Travel Insurance Policy : • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit Holiday More & worry less A Domestic Travel Insurance Policy covers you against all hazards that could occurs while you travel or holiday in your own country. •Emergency Accident Medical Expenses Reimbursement. • Missed Departure - The actual cost of ticket will be reimbursed. • Accommodation charges due to trip delay • Loss of Tickets - Original Ticket charges are reimbursed. • 24 x 7 Assistance: Our assistance team will be available round the clock for any assistance or referral services. •Repatriation • Personal Liability
  8. 8. • Study Interruption: Provides reimbursement of un used tuition fees if Insured suffers any of the following condition and is not able to continue his/her studies for the remaining part of a school semester for which Tuition has been paid, if – 1. Insured is hospitalized for more than one consecutive month for covered. 2. Injury / sickness or in case of terminal illness or 3. in case medical repatriation or death of immediate family member. •Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses: Provides coverage for medical expenses incurred towards the treatment due to accidental injuries / sickness, up to a specified maximum limit. • Personal Accident: Worldwide coverage against Accidental Death and Dismemberment while you're abroad anywhere in the world. Study Safe & do well A Student Travel Insurance policy covers students against unexpected hurdles, while they purse their education abroad. • Maternity Benefits for Termination of Pregnancy: Medical expenses related to termination of pregnancy are covered subject to maximum limits provided in the schedule of benefits, subject to a waiting period of ten months, from the effective date of policy. • Cancer Screening and Mammography: Medical expenses related to cancer screening and Mammography examination on recommendation from a physician are covered subject to the maximum limits provided as per the schedule of benefits.
  9. 9. Senior Citizens Travel Insurance Policy are Specially designed for senior citizens in the age group 61-70 years. Important features of this policy include: • Sickness & Accident Medical expenses Retire in Comfort.…Travel in Peace Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policies from Major General Insurance Companies offers features specially designed for Citizens above the age of 60, in addition to normal policy features. • Emergency Medical Evacuation • Repatriation of remains • Hijack Benefit • Loss of Passport • Baggage Delay • Baggage Loss • Financial Emergency Assistance • Accidental Death & Permanent Total Disablement • Accidental Death (Common Carrier) • Personal Liability
  10. 10. Family Travel Insurance are designed for single as well as multi trips. They Cover: • Medical Expenses, Evacuation and Repatriation Enjoy your vacations with your loved ones Family Travel Insurance, covers you & your family against all kinds of inconvenience, while you & your loved ones holidays in peace. • Emergency dental pain relief included • Loss of Baggage (Checked) • Delay of Baggage • Personal Accident • Loss of Passport • Personal Liability • Financial Emergency Assistance • Emergency Cash Advance
  11. 11. The Schengen countries are based in Europe & has a lot of visitors for business & tourism. Due to mutual agreements, they don’t use immigration laws. Hence Special Insurance, termed Schengen Travel Insurance is provided while you travel there: Stay Insured While you travel to Schengen Countries The Schengen Area is the area comprising 26 European countries that have abolished passport and immigration controls at their common borders, also referred to as internal borders. It functions as a single country for international travel purposes, with a common visa policy. • In most cases it covers other European countries other than the Schengen Countries • Coverage and claim settlement in Euro. •Coverage of both medical and non medical expenses with facilities like cashless hospitalization, cover for loss of passport, loss of checked-in baggage, compassionate visit. • Coverage of pre-existing ailments and maternity – in case of life threatening situations. • Assistance in case of death
  12. 12. Major General Insurance Companies these days provide Travel Insurance Online. Fill in your trip requirements, calculate your premium & buy the Travel Insurance Policy Online.