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Phrasal verbs word order
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Phrasal verbs word order


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Based on New English File Pre-Intermediate Unit 8

Based on New English File Pre-Intermediate Unit 8

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  • 1. There are three types of phrasal verbs.<br />Learn each phrasal verb in a sentence to help you remember which type it is. <br />Type 1: No object<br /> I get up at 8.00.<br />subject + verb + particle (+ …)<br />For example:<br />Marysatdown.The matchwill beoverat 5:30pm.Westayupuntil midnight at weekends.<br />Other type 1 phrasal verbs include:<br />Choose three of the verbs and make your own sentences:<br />Type 2: Object, Separable<br />This is the biggest group of phrasal verbs. There are three possible combinations for type 2 phrasal verbs. They are:<br /> I put on my coat.<br />subject + verb + particle + object (+ …)<br /> I put my coat on.<br />subject + verb + object + particle (+ …)<br /> I put it on.<br />subject + verb + pronoun + particle (+ …)<br />The pronoun must be BETWEEN the verb and the particle. I put on it.<br />For example:<br />Iturnedonthe TV.Fredtriedona new suit.The receptionistwrotedownthe telephone number.<br />Iturnedthe TVon.Fredtrieda new suiton.The receptionistwrotethe telephone numberdown.<br />Iturnediton.Fredtriediton.The receptionistwroteitdown.<br />Other type 2 phrasal verbs include:<br />
    • give up (something you don’t want to do again)
    • 9. put away (your clothes)
    • 10. throw away (rubbish)
    • 11. turn down (the music)
    • 12. turn up (the music)
    • 13. look up (words in a dictionary)
    • 14. fill in (a form)
    • 15. find out (some information)
    • 16. pick up (a towel from the floor)
    • 17. turn on (the TV)
    • 18. turn off (the TV)
    • 19. put on (clothes)
    • 20. take off (clothes)
    • 21. try on (clothes)
    • 22. give back (something you’ve borrowed)
    • 23. take back (something to a shop)
    • 24. call back (later)
    • 25. pay back (money you’ve borrowed)
    • 26. write down (the words)
    Choose three of the verbs. Write the same sentences using all three combinations.<br />Type 3: Object, Inseparable<br />This is the smallest group.There are two possible combinations for type 3 phrasal verbs. They are:<br /> I looked for my keys.<br />subject + verb + particle + object (+ …)<br /> I looked for them.<br />subject + verb + particle + pronoun (+ …)<br />The pronoun must be AFTER the verb and the particle. I looked them for.<br />For example:<br />The babysitterlookedafterthe children.Iam lookingforward tomy holiday.Hedoesn’t geton withhis father.<br />The babysitterlookedafterthem.I‘m lookingforward toit.Hedoesn’t geton withhim.<br />Choose two of the verbs. Write sentences using both combinations.<br />